Bench Clerk I

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  ROYAL GOVERNMENT OF BHUTAN ROYAL CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSIONPOSITION DESCRIPTION 1.JOB IDENTIFICATION:1.1Position Title:Bench Cle! I1. Position Le#el: S1 1.$ M%&o 'o(): Le*%l + J(,ici%- Se#ices 'o()1. S(/0*o()s:J(,ici%- S())ot Se#ices1.Jo/ Co,e No. 1$.233.311.2Jo/ Loc%tion: 4 Complete as appropriate 5 Minist- 6 A*enc-J(,ici%-1.7Title o8 Fist Le#el S()e#iso: 4 Official Title of Supervisor  5 D%n*)ons  ______________________________________________________________________________________  . D9TIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (   Describe the main duties and responsibilities, indicating what is done and how it is done. Duties should be presented in decreasing order of percentage of time spent on them, or in order of relative importance.  P()ose: Case administration and assist judges in rendering justie! D(ties %n, Res)onsi/ilities o8 Ti;e  Assist t e immediate su#erior in ta$ing t e statements and dra%ting  judgements!  &ra%t summon orders' #re#are t e earing a(endar' on)ition order! **   Transri+e de#ositions and ot er su+missions!  Reording and transri+ing t e arguments during o#ening statement' re+utta(' ,itness' -nde#endent testimon.' ross   e/amination' C(osing statement' et!  Carr. out jo+ as and , en neessar. and instruted!  Attend a(( t e earings o% t e da. ,it t e %i(es under t eir ustod.!  Aom#an. 0udges %or judiia( in)estigation to sites' Us er in (itigants +e%ore 0udges in aordane ,it t e s edu(e o% t e da.!  Co1ordinate +en (er$s in #re#aring t e #roeedings o% t e da. and -n%orm t e judges aording(.  &ra%ting 0udgments' attend t e earings' reading t e #etitions' ta$ing o% &e#osition' reording o% arguments  Ensure (itigants a##ear +e%ore t e +en aording to t eir s edu(e  -n%orm stages o% earing to t e (itigants!  Carr. out jo+ as and , en neessar. and instruted! $.<NO=LED'E + S<ILLS RE>9IREMENTS: 2  Minimum requirement for  performance of work described (Level of Knowledge, Skill and bilit! . $.1 E,(c%tion: C(! 3-- ,it &i#(oma 2Nationa( (ega( Course4 5 -nser)ie ,it &i#(oma $. T%inin*: $.$ Len*th %n, t-)e o8 )%ctic%l e?)eience e@(ie,: Minimum o%    6 Yearse/#eriene as Ben C(er$ -- OR e7ui)a(ent e/#eriene! $. <nole,*e o8 l%n*(%*e4s5 %n, othe s)eci%lie, e@(ie;ents:  8 ou(d a)e good ommand o)er ,ritten and s#o$en  D#ongkha !  9no,(edge o% Eng(is and ot er dia(ets o% t e ountr. ,i(( +e onsideredas additiona( ad)antage!  Com#uter o#eration s$i((s! *:  .COMPLEITY OF =OR<: 2  Describe the intricac! of tasks, steps process or methods involved in work, difficult! and srcinalit! involved in work .  Com#(iated jo+ sine it dea(s ,it )arious t.#es o% ases' t e jo+i re7uires #atiene and understanding in interating ,it t e (itigants!  Re7uired to inter#ret t e statements and 0udgments!  Case ana(.tia( a+i(it.! .SCOPE AND EFFECT OF =OR<: (Describe the purpose, breadth of work  performance, and the effect the work has on the work of others or the functions of organi#ation .  T e jo+ as a so#e to +ui(t trust and on%idene amongst t e genera( #u+(i in justie s.stem and %ai(itates %air tria( ,it out de(a.!  En ane judiia( #er%ormane!  T e #osition %ai(itates (itigants and t e #u+(i in e/#editing t e ases! 2.INSTR9CTIONS AND '9IDELINES AVAILABLE:2.1 Inst(ctions:  2  Describe controls e$ercised over the work b! the Superior,how work is assigned, reviewed and evaluated .  T e #osition reei)es ma/imum su#er)ision as #er t e ode #roedure!  T e ,or$s are assigned on dai(. +asis and t e ases t at are assignedare re)ie,ed regu(ar(.!  T ere is a mandate to om#(ete ases assigned ,it in *; mont s andaording(. e)a(uated!  Regu(ar instrutions %rom 0udges and Registrars o% t e ourt! 2. '(i,elines:   (%ndicate, which written or unwritten guidelines are available,and the e$tent to which the emplo!ees  ma. inter#ret' ada#t or de)ise ne,guide(ines4!  T e guide(ines are Court <roedure and re(ated ats o% B utan!  0udiia( %orms and reso(utions   Nationa( Assem+(. Reso(utions! *=  7. =OR< RELATIONSIPS:   (%ndicate the frequenc!, nature and purpose of contacts with others within an outside the assigned organi#ation (other thancontacts with superiors &  &ai(. ontat ,it 0udges and registrars!  -nterations ,it (itigants!  Fre7uent disussions ,it +en (er$s and assistants! . S9PERVISION OVER OTERS:   (Describe responsibilit! for supervision of other emplo!ees, including the nature of supervisor! responsibilities and categories and number of sub'ordinates .  Being 8enior' e as su#er)isor. ro(es o)er ot er +en (er$s!  Case su#er)ision! . JOB ENVIRONMENT:   (Describe ph!sical e$ertion required, such as walking, standing, lifting heav! obects, etc., and ) or an! risks or discomforts likee$posure to ha#ards such as e$posure to chemicals, infections, radiation,e$treme whether and other hostile working conditions .  < .sia( e/ertions during t e ase #roeedings and %ie(d in)estigations  More menta( e/ertions , i(e dra%ting judgments! *6
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