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Beneath a Steel Sky - Walkthrough
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   The Complete Beneath A Steel Sky Walkthrough - Spoiler 3.21.94 Solvers: FOURTYoz, Hitiek, Red, OLiVER jS Release!|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=- | |In the beginning .... Get metal rod on left of screen. Use rod (crow bar) to open the door onright. Go through door. After ditching the cop go back downstairs andexit to the right. Put the circuit board in the robot shell (the middlepiece of junk at the bottom of the screen). Look at the transporter robot.Step on lift and quickly go to the room on the right. Open the cabinet andget the spanner before the man comes back. Talk to the man and talk toJoey. Go back to left. Talk to Joey and have him give the transporterrobot a jump start. When the transport robot brings a barrel and activatesthe lift go down the hole. Look at the lock next to the door. Talk toJoey and have him open the door. That camera sure was helpful. Search thebody and get his ID. Go through the door. Go down the walkway to the right. Go in the door onthe right. Talk to the girl (Anita). If Lamb kicks you out, just go backin. Go to the right. Put the spanner in the cogs. Take the spanner back.Go back to the left. Use the spanner to loosen the welder shell. Talk toJoey to give him a new shell. Go right again. Try to go in the room onthe upper left. Talk to Joey and send him in the store room. You canwatch him through the window if you want to. Talk to Joey and have himweld the fuse box. When Joey comes back, go into the storeroom and open thegangway. The WD-40 and key are not needed. Get the putty from the floorwhere the gangway was. Leave the storeroom. Go to the electric plant(left, left, left, left, left door) Use the spanner to loosen both buttonson the right control panel. Have Joey help you push both buttons at once.Shut the switch off on the left section of control panel. Take the lightbulb and put the putty (plastic explosive) in the socket and turn powerback on. Make sure both switches are down! Go back to the lift (right, right, right) Look at the red cable and haveJoey weld it. Use the id in the slot on the lift to go down a level.Congrats. You're now getting somewhere. First thing to do is pick up thatcable you just cut. Then go to Reich's room (left, green door, id in leftslot) and get the magazine under his pillow. Go to the travel agency(down, right, right, up) and talk to the man. Give him the magazine and hewill trade it for a ticket. Go find Lamb. Outside the apartments is agood place. (exit left, bottom left, left, green door) Talk to Lamb. Givehim the ticket. He will give you a tour of the factory as a reward. Go tothe factory (down, right, lift, upper right door). Wait for Lamb, talk tohim and get your tour from him. Go to the reactor area (right) and talk toAnita. Give her your id card and she will give you the jammer. You cannow get more information from the terminals. You must also get Anita totell you about the Schriebmann port. The next stop is the implant office. (left, left, left, lift (make sureJoey comes along), left, left, left) Talk to the projector. Have Joey talkto the hologram so you can get in. Go left and see the doctor and barterfor your port implant. Talk to the doc again until he tells you to go seehis friend and this time go see Anchor (right, right, right, right, right,right). When you ask for the special insurance tell him the doctor sentyou. When anchor goes out back to make a phone call have Joey weld off theanchor. Combine the anchor and the cable and you have a grappling hook. Go  back up to the fire escape (left, left, lift, left, left, upper right,stairs, right) and attach the grappling hook onto the Security sign. Forgetthe lockers and go right to the interface in the next room. Put your idthrough the slot and use the interface. Welcome to VR. Pick up the ball. Exit right. Open the carpet bag (usethe doorknob in your inventory). Pick up the magnifying glass and thebirthday surprise. Use the decompress program on the compressed data. (inyour inventory) Exit right. Use the passwords you obtained on the floorspots. It shouldn't be much trouble. Just basically put one in the closesthole and then pick up the other. Eventually exit up. Get the bust and thebook. Use the magnifying glass on the three documents. Now disconnect and use the terminal (with your id card). Activate phoenixso you have unlimited access and screw over Lamb by taking his credit andaccess. Also, be sure to read the first two documents in the securityservices. Go talk to Lamb again (he should be next to the elevator goingdown) (lift, left, right) (if he isn't there wander around and come back,he will show up). Talk to him and get access to his apartment. Go down tothe next level and go to Lamb's apartment. (lift, left, green door, id inright slot, right door) Feed his cat if you feel like it and get the videotape off the bookshelf. Now you can go down to the next level. (exit left,down, lift) First thing you should do is go talk to the doorman. (left)You are then going to need a sponsor so go find Mrs Pierdman and talk toher. When she goes back to her apartment buzz her so you can get in.(private lift on rightmost screen) Ask her about sponsorship again and shewill go use the phone. Go play the video tape you got from Lamb's apartment to distract the dog.Take the dog biscuits and leave. Go back the the elevator and the bricks.(exit lift, left) When Miss P and her mutt come around again put the dogbiscuits on the plank and pull the rope. Time for the mutt to take a bath.You can now get into the cathedral. There isn't much to do in there butyou will find that Anita is dead. (exit upper right(where the guard wasstanding), up through middle door, open middle locker) Time to go back tothe reactor and investigate. (left, left, lift, right, lift, upper right,right) Open the middle locker and put on the radiation suit. Go right.Use the control panel to open the reactor and go get Anita's card from thereactor. Leave the reactor. Exit left. Put your clothes back on. Go back to the Security building. (left, left, left, left, upper right,lift) Use the interface with Anita's card. This part is time dependant,you may want to slow down the speed. Use blind on the first eye, go right,use blind on the second eye and go up immediately. Go up, right, and pickup the tuning fork. Did you make it in time? Go left again. Use theplayback on the well. Disconnect. Go down to the park. (lift, left, right,lift, left, lift, right) Talk to the gardener/Eduardo. Talk to the boy.Talk to Eduardo again. Head to the courthouse next to the club. (left,left) Defend Hobbins.BAfter you help him out, go to the club (exit right by the doorman) and playthe first song on the jukebox. When the owner gets up take his glass fromthe table and head to the implant doctor. (exit left, upper right, lift,left, left, left) Give the glass to him and he will copy the fingerprintsonto you. Time to pick up something before you go to the wine cellar. Goto the shed. (exit right, right, lower right, lift, right, lower left) Lookat the door. Use an id card on the lock. Go in and get the clippers(secateurs). Head back to the club (exit left, left, club door) Put yourthumb on the metal plate next to the door in the upper right corner. Usethe crow bar to pry open the lid of the packing case and place it on the  smaller box. Climb up on the box and use your crow bar on the grill. Afteryou make the hole use the clippers to gain entrance. Go through the narrow passage. Go right. Follow the diagonal track. Rightagain. Now put the light bulb in the socket on the left side of the hole.Make sure you don't get in front of the hole or a monster will get you. Goright. Right again. You might want to slow the game down again. Run downthe tunnel or the ceiling will fall on you. Use the metal bar on theplaster above the swelling in the vein. Use the bar on the bricks you justexposed. Pick up the brick. Use the metal bar on the swelling, then hitthe bar with the brick. Pull the bar out again. Go through the door when the repair robot comes. Go through the door inthe center of the screen. Use the control unit to decrease thetemperature. Pull the metal bar in the ceiling before the cover opensagain. Go back upstairs. Go to the right. Go through the door. PutJoey's circuit board in the slot in the back of the medical robot. Have acomplete conversation. Exit through the lower left door. Go to the left.Look through the grill on the wall. Tell Joey to check out the tank room.You can watch him through the grill. Wait for Joey to come back. Talk toJoey until you can tell him to open the tap on the nutrient tank. You canwatch him through the grill again. Once he opens the tap, go to the right,through the door, and through the upper left door. The android will fallthrough the grate. Exit to the upper right. Go through the door to the upper right. Use yourid card in the terminal to open the access door. Leave the room. Search thecorpse and take Joey's board. Go back through the upper right door. Usethe red link card to access the interface. Go right, blind the eye and goup. Use the devine wrath to knock out the crusader. Disconnect. UseAnita's card to access the interface. Go back to where the crusader wasand go right. Use the oscillator to break the crystal. Pick up the helixand disconnect. Exit the room. Go through the lower right door. UseAnita's card on the console. Use the tongs (next to the right door) to get a piece of tissue out of therectangular huge tank. Quickly, use the tongs on the frozen huge tank. Youshould end up with a piece of frozen tissue. Exit to the right. Open thecabinet under the console for the middle android. Put Joey's board in thecabinet. Use the console to download the character data. Run the startupprogram. Have a complete conversation. Go to the right. Tell Ken to puthis hand on the sensor. Put your hand on the other sensor at the same time.Joey will get stuck. Go through the door. Go to the right. Tie the cable tothe pipe support. Go down the rungs. Use the tongs on the orifice. Grabthe cable. When your father falls out of the chair you will regain controlfor a short time. Tell Ken to sit in the chair. Now wasn't that fun? -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=Greetz go out to: FOURTYoz: PHOENiX for cracking the game, TheMack, OS for getting me started Barnabus, Hacker, CP, Midiman, RetsaM, Jizmak, Snkeyes, Megafork, Eveso, etcOLiVER: The jS Crew, Enforcer, and the rest of the channel of courseHitiek - he's still catatonic after typing the solveRed: Major thanks to Schmoo, Sup to Paco, Smellferd, Ratt, and Shubey


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