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  Benefits of Inclined Columns Reinforcement As compared to concrete columns, Inclined steel columns can be built with following some easy process. In Inclined steel columns, the joints contain various stirrups as it is considered as the most vital section.   Here, analysis of inclined columns is made on the concept of a beam for this situation. Generally columns set as vertical , beams can slope and the analysis of a sloped column should be made considering it as a beam. For this reason columns can bear vertical loads ( compression ) in excess of flexural forces. How to design Inclined Steel Columns:  Inclined columns are based on axial compression besides bending (supplementary moments may happen because of self weight as well as supplementary shear forces because of the inclination). Generally examine the frame with inclined columns and attain forces in such members. Then design the column for the combined axial force and bending moments. Detailing at the places where inclination starts is vital (in concrete, stirrups at closer spacing is necessary and in steel, gussets may be created). It is recommended that the inclination must not surpass 30% to the vertical. It is also required to fasten the columns at top and bottom to bear the horizontal loads.      
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