Benefits of Kalonji oil

Benefits of Kalonji oil 1) Hazrat Abu Hurerah (R.A) says “ I have heard Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) saying that the black granules (Kalonji) is the remedy for all diseases except death.” Black Granuels are shoneez. (Bukhari Muslim –Ibne Maja, Masnade Ahmed). (Mafhoom-e-Hadees). In Persian shoneez means kalonji and Habatul Sauda in Arabic. 2) Salim Bin Abdullah writes that Huzur (S.A.W) said – “If you make compulsory these black granules in use there is remedy for all diseases except death. The sam
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  Benefits of Kalonji oil 1) Hazrat Abu Hurerah (R.A) says “ I have heard HazratMuhammad (S.A.W) saying that the black granules (Kalonji) isthe remedy for all diseases except death.” Black Granuels areshoneez. (Bukhari Muslim –Ibne Maja, Masnade Ahmed).(Mafhoom-e-Hadees).InPersian shoneez means kalonji and Habatul Sauda in Arabic.2)Salim Bin Abdullah writes that Huzur (S.A.W) said – “If youmake compulsory these black granules in use there is remedyfor all diseases except death. The same thing in mentioned inMasnade Ahmed Hazrat Aisha (R.A) and in Ibnul Jozi andTarmazi from Abu Hurerah (R.A) (Meanings of Hadees)3)Hazrat Badreeh (R.A) writes that Huzoor (S.A.W) said –“Inshoneez (Kalonji) there is remedy for all diseases except death.(Mafhoom-e-Hadees) 4) The same thing Abdullah Bin Badreeh introducing Kalonji oil thatthis is mentioned in Masnad-e-Ahmad Hazrat Abu Hurerah R.(S.A.W) said- “There is the only remedy for all diseases inexcept death” (Muslim).5)In Kutub – Seerat it is written that Nabee (S.A.W) him self usedto eat Kalonji making in necessary. He (S.A.W) used Kalonji withhoney. 1  What is kalonji? It’s Effectiveness & Benefits. Kalonji is the harvest plant. In Botany it is classified as Renunculcea family. Its stem iserect and branched. Its leaves are light green. On these leaves there are long downyhairs. Its flowers are blue and while colored and are in shape of star. On the top of calyxevery branch in which small rough black granules are available.Different names around the world of kalonji: Nigella Sativa, Black Seed, Caraway,Schwarz Kummel, Kalonji, Habbatul Baraka, Kaluduru, Fennel Flower, Fitch, and Roman-coriander.The cultivation of this plant is in abundance in India. Bangladesh, Turkey, Easterncountries. The farming of this plant is made to achieve the new seeds. These seeds areused in food and medicines. These seeds have a special smell.In medical Field kalonji is used as an Antiseptic medicine also. The seeds of Kalonjicontain Phosphorous, Iron, and Carbohydrates compound in abundance. After thechemical analysis of Kalonji seeds this fact has come to the light that it has carotene(Yellowish substance). It converts into Vitamin A after coming into the liver. Above all itcontains so many compounds which are useful in digestive system.It cures urinal diseases. It increases the resisting power of the body and has specialstrength in curing all types of diseases. Kalonji oil contains special type of fat ingredientsLinolatic acid 60% and nearly 21% Lipase. It has capacity to keep the body cool in hottemperature. Mostly its seeds are used as Medicine. Its seeds contain special substanceSaponin Volatile oil and Nigelline a bitter tasting substance, these substances of Kalonjicure urinal problems, Saphra, M.C., etc. 2  “Accept the seeds of Kalonji for your self because it has powerful remedy for each & every disease except death.”  INDEX  1)ASTHMA, COUGH & ALLERGY2)DIABETES (SUGAR3)Heart Attack4)POLIO AND PARALYSIS 5) JOINT-PAINS AND ARTHRITIS, etc6)DYSPEPISA INDIGESTION, GASES, STOMACH IRRITATION AND STOMACH ACHE7)OPTHALMIC DISEASE8)LADIES SECRET DISEASES 9) LADIES DISEASES: ( Stoppage of menses for long term, stomach pain10)CANCER11)POISONOUS VIRUS12)REVITAL OF THE BODY13)MEMORY POWER14)RENAL COLI (Kidney pain)15)NAUSEA OR VOMITING16)FRESHNESS AND HANDSOMENESS17)GENERAL WEAKNESS18)TREATMENT OF SWELLING ON VITAL ORGAN19)LEPROSY20)TUMOUR21)HEADACHE22)KIDNEY TROUBLE, INFECTION IN THE KIDNEYS23)HICCUPS24)BLOOD PRESSURE25)FALLING HAIRS PREMATURELY26)BRAIN FEVER27)CHEST IRRITATION AND STOMACH TROUBLE28)STOMACH ACHE OF THE CHILDRENS29)PILES, FLOW OF BLOOD, CONSTIPATION 30) SKIN DISEASES –   (White/Black spots31)SIMPLE FEVER32)ROUND WORMS AND TAPS WORMS IN THE STOMACH33)EPILEPSY34)EAR DISEASES, EAR ACHE, FLOW OF PUS, LOW HEARING35)CRACKED HAND AND CRACK FOOT WITH BLOOD FLOW36)FACIAL PROBLEMS, PIMPLES, RED GRANULES AND ANY TYPE OF SPOTS37)DENTAL DISEASES38)MALE RELATED DISEASES39)BLOOD DEFICIENCY (Anemia) and Ulcer in the Intestine 40) : Night discharge 41)JAUNDICE 3  42)SWELLING OF THROAT, LUNGS PROBLEM43)COUGH44)HEART ATTACK, SWELLING ON BREATHING VEINS45)MATERNITY 46) DIGESTION OF FOOD, COLOR OF FACE   ETC47)BURNING MICTURIATION48)WORMS IN THE STOMACH49)BALDNESS OF HEAD 50) JOINT PAIN:   Swelling on ankle and other pains in the join51)TO MAINTAIN HEALTHY BODY52)MADNESS AND PILES53)TOOTH PAIN AND SWELLING OF GUMS54)SEVERE COLD55)SKIN DISEASE RELEATED TO PIMPLES BOILS56)TO KEEP THE FACE AND SKIN SMOOTH57)PILES58)DISEASES OF LIVER & ABDOMENT59)MENSTRUATIONS PROBLEMS60)ANYTYPE OF SWELLING61)POISONOUS ATTACKS62)HIGH TEMPERATURE63)BURNS64)OBESITY65)DANDRUFF66)SOUND SLEEP67)FOR ACTIVENESS68)FOR INCREASING MOTHER’S MILK69)LEPROSY, WHITE SPOTS OF ANY KIND70)SKIN DISEASES71)STOMACH PAIN: (all types72)STONE IN KEDNEY73)FROM HEAD TO TOE74)SWELLING OF STOMACH75)JOINT PAINS, BACK ACHE & NECK PAIN76)PERSISTENT COUGH77)SORIASIS:78)UTERUS PROBLEMS79)STAMMERING80)IN ALL EAR DISEASES81)TOOTH ACHE, CAVITIES TOOTH DECAY82)BLEEDING RELATED DISEASES OF WOMEN83)FAIRNESS OF FACE84)TREATMENT FOR BALDNESS85)SINUS, COLD86)BEAUTIFULNESS87)DISEASES OF ABDOMEN 4


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