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Benefits Of Leadership Management

Companies working with LMI achieve measurable results with an immediate return on their investment. The message is clear! Companies must make dramatic changes and accelerate the development of their people to compete in today's fast paced, streamlined market - or face the possibilities of being left behind. LMI has a track record with its unique process... We are quite approachable on social networks too:-
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   Leadership Management India Pvt. Ltd. The LMI Impact LMI’s unique performance management program – Effective Personal Productivityenabled a national 50 year old tyre manufacturing company to not just achieveprojected growth for its widest range of tyres but also improve its overall operationaleffectiveness.A group of 30 personnel from 2 plants imbibed new personal and team leadershipbehaviors that directly impacted the output of tyres, improving it from 149.58 MT/day to158.28 MT/day during the 10 week program. The team sustained and improved outputover the subsequent 3 quarters. This diverse team from procurement, engineering,production, and maintenance also achieved the highest curing tons of 170.03 and thehighest truck building tons and numbers of 181.15 and 2163 respectively during theprogram.While working on improving output metrics the team also concentrated on improvingoperational efficiencies and reduced RM inspection time from an average lead time of 59.832 hrs to 37.344 hrs over a 4 month period.They have also set a new benchmark for process loss by reducing truck tyre buildingloss from 5.01% to 2.24% thru improved engineering. The Organization’s Challenge When the Head of Manufacturing of both plants approached LMI, he expressed concernthat the plant was not achieving its optimum output. On probing, LMI identified the rootcause as arising from the newly promoted management team was working in silos.They were not able to work with the larger picture and see the benefit of working as ateam and taking overall ownership for the plant and its goals.LMI and the Plant Manager identified the key metrics that reflected plant effectivenessand efficiency such as fuel ratio, raw material wastage, and customer complaints. Theyrealized that by bringing about in-process effectiveness the output would increase.LMI recommended that members of the senior management team from both plantsundergo an intensive program on Effective Personal Productivity that would help themdefine organizational goals, understand and address the challenges in achieving thesegoals, improve productivity, understand the interdependencies between departments,and the power of delegation and empowerment.    The S LMI’s 10applicaticonsiste  STEPlution -week interon to ensurof 4 steps - EVAL Le vention usee retention: ATE PE  adership Ma d team dynand impact FORMA agement In amics, spaof learning  STEP 1 -STEP 2 -STEP 3 -STEP 4 - CE ia Pvt. Ltd. ed repetitis. The resul EVALUATPLAN ACCHANGEMEASUR  n, and imlts-centere   E PERFORIONBEHAVIORESULT ediateprocess MANCE   Leadership Management India Pvt. Ltd. ã   Identify Performance Issues ã   Determine Current Level of Performance ã   Calculate Performance Gap STEP 2 - PLAN ACTION ã   Develop a Dynamic Plan of Action ã   Identify Critical Success Factors ã   Determine Method of Tracking Results STEP 3 - CHANGE BEHAVIOR    Leadership Management India Pvt. Ltd. ã   Implement Step-By-Step Change ã   Integrate Behavior Change into Daily Productivity ã   Measure Progress as it Occurs STEP 4 - MEASURE RESULTS ã   Measure Results Achieved ã   Document Return on Investment ã   Identify Additional Areas for Continuing Improvement


Sep 5, 2017
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