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  • 1. Ora Regenesis Spa Article: Topic: Benefits of Massage Therapy for Diabetes Did you know? Avoid giving massage therapists for people who suffer from diabetes uncontrolled. Also, people who have sores or cuts in the skin unfit for massage therapy are considered. When diagnosed with diabetes, many times, the prescribed treatment failure alone to improve the quality of life in patients with diabetes. In such circumstances, you can massage therapy can be an effective way to improve health, and can contribute towards a better and longer life with diabetes. Several studies conducted in the Touch Research Institute, located at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine, found that massage therapy can be useful to reduce blood sugar in children who suffer from diabetes. Research conducted at Duke University Medical also has shown that such stress relief massage techniques that can contribute to lowering blood sugar for diabetics. In one study, published in the medical journal "Diabetes Spectrum," and developed a set of diabetic children in massage therapy for 30 days. I noticed positive effects during the treatment period, and the decrease in depression and anxiety levels. In the course of therapy lasting for a month and the use of insulin and improved means blood sugar levels in a significant decrease. Here are the benefits of massage therapy for diabetics.
  • 2. Ora Regenesis Spa  It improves blood circulation Poor circulation is common in patients with diabetes, which often leads to delayed wound healing. Sugar excess blood circulating in the bloodstream can damage the structure and function of blood vessels, which leads to decreased blood flow throughout the body. An easy way to promote blood circulation is the massage. Constant pressure exerted on the soft tissues during a massage helps stimulate blood flow, in turn, facilitate the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to different tissues in the body. The increase in blood circulation also allows the body's cells to use insulin more effectively, in turn, which helps control blood sugar.  Improves muscle movement As already mentioned, diabetes impairs blood flow, and when it affects the muscles, it can cause cramping and stiffness, which greatly limits mobility. Massage that involves applying pressure on the soft tissue therapy (muscles, tendons and ligaments) helps to improve flexibility as it increases the blood flow to these areas of the body. Thus, with regular massages, and people with diabetes may face an increase in mobility.  Elevations mood and mental health Dealing with chronic diseases such as diabetes is not an easy task, and it can lead to a range of psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. Can follow a restricted diet, lifestyle changes, and keep a check on blood sugar also become a major source of tension for people with diabetes? You can get a whole body massage can work wonders to reduce stress levels and promote a general sense of well-being. Massage eases anxiety, is to relieve stress, and instills a sense of relaxation. All of this can contribute to improving the mental, physical health, social, and therefore allows patients to live a fulfilling life.  Relieve neuropathy Gentle massage may also help in improving the symptoms of neuropathy. Neuropathy, often observed in people with diabetes, and causes pain, tingling or burning sensation in the peripheral areas of the body such as the hands, feet, toes, and fingers. Simple foot massage with hands or using (Medimassager and foot massager) massage and massage units below the knees may relieve neuropathic pain and helps to increase circulation. Caution In informal study conducted in 1999-2000 in Colorado, under the supervision of Mary Kathleen Rose, a certified massage therapist, massage students and long feet and whole body massage hour for diabetic patients in her clinic. In more than 40
  • 3. Ora Regenesis Spa meetings, observed by the sugar levels in the blood and after the massage. It was noted that the percentage of sugar in the blood by 20 to 40 points after the massage. In some cases, it has been observed drastic decrease of 100 points or sugar levels in the blood changes, increased. However, the massage alone is not responsible for these dramatic changes. Factors such as the dose of insulin and exercise before the massage may have contributed to a sudden drop in blood sugar. Whereas, in the missing counter medication or eating a lot of sugary foods have caused a sharp rise in blood sugar. In general, after giving the day spa in Pune & best spa treatment in Bangalore, it is natural to note down the sugar levels in the blood by 20 to 40 points. Therefore, the processor must check sugar levels in a patient's blood and a job in a massage to ensure that there is a significant drop in blood sugar. Nervousness, excessive hunger, fast heartbeat, trembling, are some of the common symptoms of low sugar levels in the blood abnormally. Therefore, in the case of the processor of any of these symptoms are observed after the massage, the patient should be given immediately glucose tablets, and a tablespoon of honey or any snack and other sugary to increase the percentage of sugar in the blood and relieve the symptoms of hypoglycemia. On the whole, before you decide to include a massage in your treatment plan, take your doctor's approval therapy. Not supported by the benefits of massage therapy for diabetes by a large number of scientific studies. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor about treatment that you intend to do. Also, monitor what your blood sugar before and after the massage, and should be treated as any radical changes in glucose levels as soon as possible. For More information Contact Us: Ora Regenesis Spa 201-A, Gera-77, Near Bishops School, Kalyani Nagar, Pune- 411006. India. Email id - Website:
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