Alyza Berson Period 6/English 12 9/11/2017 Objectives I will continue to learn more about Occupational Therapy practices and the different exercises. I will learn some more of the anatomical terms so that I can follow along more easily. I
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  Alyza Berson Period 6/English 12 9/11/2017  Objectives  I will continue to learn more about Occupational Therapy practices and the different exercises. I will learn some more of the anatomical terms so that I can follow along more easily. I will narrow down my topic of research. I will come prepared with questions for my mentor and discuss them with her each week. I will go to the library to find a book about my topic and more specific research.  Journal I have started my internship with my mentor (Nicole), an occupational therapist/hand therapist and I have already learned so much about the environment of a therapy center. I spent the first day taking all of the required trainings, including Compliance and Ethics, and the Privacy trainings. These two concepts are very important in this work environment. Over the past two weeks, I have learned to make the hot and cold packs, learned many of the exercises, and observed my mentor with many of her patients. I have also had the opportunity to observe the  physical therapists and helped the “techs.” With Nicole, I have seen a wide range of patients, including different age groups, locations of injuries, and medical issues. The nature of the injuries that I have seen have been from post-surgical patients, diseases, and pain-relief treatments. I have learned that setting goals is an important part of a patient’s recovery and it is discussed on the first day when the patient is evaluated. The patient and therapist can then check these goals off through the treatment. So far, I have not identified my strengths and weaknesses in this new environment. However, I know that I have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to knowing when the right times are to ask questions, interact with the patients, etc.    Alyza Berson Week of 9/18/17 Period 6/English 12  Objectives 1.   Download Zotero onto my laptop through Google Chrome and make sure it works by doing my weekly annotations through the program. 2.   Get a binder and start organizing my articles and annotations. 3.   Compare some of the information that I have learned and find and similarities and differences among the information 4.   Search more specific information pertaining to Occupational Therapy and even my mentor’s area of specialty, hand therapy. 5.   Look up more specific information on some of the disorders or injuries that my mentor has and see what parts of the body are involved. Ask Nicole to explain more about each injury. 6.   Compile a list of questions for Nicole and set a time to talk with her about it. 7.   Continue to narrow down my topic of research. 8.   Create my research website.  Journal This past week I have spent a majority of my time interning on the physical therapy side of the facility. My mentor, Nicole, was out sick the first day I interned so I helped the tech set-up, clean-up, and get patients what they needed during their sessions. I am really good at putting  pillowcases on now. I also helped fold laundry. All of this busy work is really helping me get to know my way around the whole facility though. I also learned that they have no more paperwork  and everything is electronic now. I found this out because I was not able to file any papers when they were slow at one point. The tech taught me a few stretches and showed me how to make each heat pack. There is big, medium, and small wraps and also the different types of heat packs, including the sandwich and the cervical. I am still working on remembering the correct order for each. I worked a lot with the director, who is one of the physical therapists, and got to see a lot of different injuries. With Nicole, she let me observe closely to a patient who had broken and dislocated his elbow and broken his wrist.   Alyza Berson Week of 10/9/17 English 12/ Period 6  Objectives 1.   Explore my more narrow topics of interest: a.   The effect that empowerment within a patient has on the timeliness of a recovery  b.   The point along the rehabilitation process in which a patient should decrease analgesics and increase physical activity c.   The effect that self-efficacy has on goal attainment during the rehabilitation  process 2.   Make sure all paperwork is signed by Nicole. 3.   Set up conference with Mrs. Sasser. 4.   Continue to ask more questions at internship. 5.   Write newsclip by October 22nd.  Journal This week, I worked with the director of the facility and of physical therapists on Monday  because my mentor had a vacation day. I got to see an evaluation of a knee patient and the director interacted with me a lot and tested some of my knowledge of the knee. I need to gain a  little bit more knowledge in the area, but it was okay because he explained each step he was doing and why. I also got to file some papers at the front and talk a little bit with the front desk secretary. She is very nice. On Wednesda y, I worked with Nicole and got to observe “repeat”  patients and a new patient in which I saw Nicole make a splint for. Nicole explained the way that nerves work through an arm and how it affects your hand while working on a different patient. I also obser  ved a patient that I’ve interacted with for many weeks who seemed to be getting more frustrated about his recovery process because he had a slight setback and wants to see results. On Thursday, I got to see another evaluation and it was for a girl close to my age who had  previously came to Nicole and now she is back. She’s had two surgeries on her hand and considered a “miracle” that her hand still moves as much as it does. I will hopefully find out more about this patient the next time she comes. I got to learn more about the nerves in the hand with this patient. Nicole used many different evaluation tools like gripping, pinching, etc to test the sensory in her hand and it was extremely interesting. I am really enjoying getting to work with all of these patients and having Nicole as my mentor. Many of the stories of these patients are so interesting and surprising. Alyza Berson Week of December 11, 2017 Pd. 6/English 12AP  Objectives: 1.   DO REALLY WELL @ County Presentation! 2.   Complete chart outline using feedback from thesis board group discussion. 3.   Create a full sentence outline. 4.   Remember to get hours sheet signed each week. 5.   Find at least two more articles to get more supporting evidence for finalized topic.
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