Best American Short Stories 1995

Fiction, short stories
of 384
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  The BestAME,RICANSFIORTSTORIE.S1995  7 GUEST EDITORS OFTHE BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIESlg78 TED SOLOTAROFF1979 JOYCE CAROL OATESrgSo STANLEY ELKrNlgSr HORTENSE CALTSHERlg82 JoHN GARDNERlg83 ANNE TYLERlg84 JoHN UPDIKErg85 cArL GoDwrN1986 RAYMOND CARVERlg87 ANN BEATTTBlg88 MARK HELPRTNrgSg MARGARET ATwooDrggo RICHARD FORDr9gr ALrcE ADAMSlgg2 RoBERT STONE1gg3 r.oursE ERDRTcH1994 TOBTAS WOLFFrgg5 JANE SMTLEY  The Best AME,RICAN SFIORT STORIE.S1995 Selected fromU.S. and Canadian MagazinesbyJANE SvtrLEYwith KITRINA KnNrsoltWith an Introduction @ Jane Smiley ,d\ HoucgroN MrrprrN CoMPANYBOSTON . NEW YORK 1995  Copyright @ rggb by Houghton Mifflin CompanyIntroduction O rgg5 byJane Smiley ALL RIGH'TS RESERVED No part of this work may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by anymeans, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and recording, or by anyinformation storage or retrieval system without the prior written permission of thecoplright owner unless such copying is expressly permitted by federal coplrightlaw With the exception of nonprofit transcription in Braille, Houghton Mifflin isnot authorized to grant permission for further uses of coppighted selectionsreprinted in this book without the permission of their owners. Permission must beobtained from the individual copyright owners as identified herein. Acldress re-quests for permission to make copies of Houghton Mifflin material to Permissions,Houghton Mifflin company, zr5 ParkAvenue south, Newyork, Newyork roooq,.rssN oo67-6233ISBN t>'ggb-7rr8o-oI sBN o-B9b-7 179-7 (prrK.)Printed in the United States of AmericaquMrog8765432r The Behavior of the Hawkweeds by Andrea Barrett. First published in TheMisson'ri Rniau. Copvright O .gg.t bv Atrdrea Barrett. Reprintercl b1 permission ofthe author. Pagan Night by Ihte Braverman. First published in zl'zzwA. copvright orgg4 by Kate Braverman. Reprinted by permission of the author. Undertow byJennifer Ci Cornell. First published in The IIeu Englanrt Rrntinu.Subsequently published in Departures r gg+, universiry of pittsburgh press), @ lgg4 byJennifer fl cornell. Reprinted by permission of university ofPittshrrrgh Press. HandJive bv Andrew Cozine. First published in The lowrt, Reuiau. Copvright Olgg4 by Andrew Cozine. Reprinted by permission of the author. The Ugliest House in the \4brld bv Peter Ho Davies. First published in ThsAntioth Raiettl Copwight O , gg4 by Peter Ho Davies. Reprintecl by pennission ofthe author. The Drowning by Edu,ard f)elanel'. First published in 'l-he Atlantic Montttly.copyright o rgg,l by Edward Delanev. Reprinred bv permission of the aurhor. The Angel Esmeralda by Don Delillo. First published in Esquire. coplright or994 by Don Delillo. Rcplintecl by permission of Thc \\:allace l-irerary AgcnqiInc. So I Guess You Know What I Told Him by Stephen Dobvr-rs. First prrblished inPkrughshares. oplright o rgg4 b,v stephen Dobyns. Reprintecl bv permission ofHarold Ober Associates ncorporared. The Artist by Edward Falco. First published in 'l-he Attantic ,\[on,th$. Copyright@ tgg4 by Edward Falco, Rcprintecl bv perrnission of the aurhor.

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