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  Anonymous   best dsl router? 05/13/18(Sun)22:33:41 No.65927860 117 KB JPG Anonymous 05/13/18(Sun)22:43:07 No.65927932 Anonymous 05/13/18(Sun)22:48:20 No.65927979 Anonymous 05/13/18(Sun)23:01:32 No.65928071 Anonymous 05/13/18(Sun)23:03:21 No.65928086 Anonymous 05/13/18(Sun)23:03:48 No.65928089  /g/ - Technology Return   Catalog   Bottom   Refresh Thread archived. You cannot reply anymore. So I moved to a new city and I only have dsl with TWC as an option. My provider is TWC Spectrum.Does anyone know the best available ADSL Router on the market that is compatible?So you need a DSL or ADSL router? Seems spectrum provides a modem, so most routers should work, but it depends on your budget what you will get OP ADSL. Yeah, they provide a simple D-link router that seems rather substandard. Under 120 would be great if possible.TWC gives you a modem for free. They can also provide you with a router but for $5/month.Just get your own router.Buy an Asus router.You don't need a adsl router , you just need any router. The modem takes care of the adsl stuff.>>65927979Wouldn't any DSL router work?   Board  ▼ Settings Home  Anonymous 05/13/18(Sun)23:05:57 No.65928108 Anonymous 05/13/18(Sun)23:16:59 No.65928203 Anonymous 05/13/18(Sun)23:24:29 No.65928268 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)01:23:16 No.65929411 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:06:47 No.65930267 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:13:49 No.65930326 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:15:37 No.65930336 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:20:05 No.65930371 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:23:49 No.65930394 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:27:18 No.65930411 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:36:26 No.65930486 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:38:11 No.65930498 If they provide a router it means it has a modem already, so in this case second router would act as a repeater, so it does not need tobe an ADSL.Try to get a used Netgear nighthawk. Or save up couple more $ and buy a new one>>65927860do you really need the best available on the market for under 120? If it were me I'd just go with whatever is adequate or sufficient for my needs, and whatever the tech is bringing to install is probably at least adequate.>>65927860if you can find the AVM FRITZ!Box 7490 in a relatively OKish price then hit itIt's called a modem you dumbfucksDSL and your router have nothing to do with each other.The most you, the luser, have to interact with ADSL, is a modem. A router is not a modem, a modem is not a router.fuck off >>6592941190% of the stuff the isp's give for free are modem/routers together ok?>>65927860>getting a router with a built in modemNO. BAD. GTFO>>65930267yeah, the shit they *give* you is retarded modem/router hybrid shit. But actually spending your own money on such an atrocity?disgusting, sad, laughable, moronic>>65927860>>65930326>>65930336Fucking this, it's so horseshit so I decided to add my own router. Basically just put the combo in bridgemode OP and you'll be fine.>>65928071When did they start giving you a modem for free? Right before Spec took over and I was twc i paid like 10 bucks a month for their Cable Modem, are the DSL ones free?>2018>ADSLMove out of your shithole, that's not acceptable.>>65930394you can buy a modem that works for like $20. I mean seriously, paying $10 a month is for ignorant tech illiterate plebs.I got a wifi router with 4 gigabit ports, a usb port, 3 removable antennas, and good openwrt support for like $25. Then I got whatever modem that was compatible with my cable internet, for like $20. If I switch to DSL or Fibre or some shit, I can KEEP MY NICEROUTER  Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:39:52 No.65930503 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:46:03 No.65930562 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:46:15 No.65930564 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:47:12 No.65930570 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)03:54:33 No.65930635 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)07:05:06 No.65932066 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)07:14:56 No.65932154 Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)08:35:28 No.65932935 34 KB PNG >>65930411What would be a better alternative?>>65927860USG from unifi>>65930498tether off your cell phone>>65927860I use tp link and range extender by the same company. Just get one with AC wifi and it just doesn't fucking matter.Doesn't matter how good the wifi antenna is on the router just get a range extender in the bedroom or wherever you shitpost from too.I used tomato and other such opensource firmwares on Cisco switches then I just got fed up with the geeky shit.>>65930336gee why spend money on a serious modem router than each has its own cpu to handle things instead of a prefab shit one could wonder >>65930570wut did he mean by this?>>65927860literally FUCK every router manufacture that isnt enterprise level. Ive bought just about every brand/make/pricepoint of router and ALLof them are straight garbage. Every single one has atleast one glitch that makes the router infuriating to use at best, or completelybroken garbage at worst.Quick rundown of my routers so far and the problems they had:> netgear g wifi router (uknown, years ago) terrible reception, random rebooting, wouldnt connect to some devices> netgear wireless n router(unknown model) no massive issues, sometimes would not automatically reconnect to some deviceswhen reset, UI was terrible.> tp-archer random router terrible wifi range, router worked decently though.> linksys wrt1900ac worked great for about a year and then would randomly lock up and require a reboot, after rebooting somesettings would be missing and require hard resetting to factory. Found this is a known issue, and it has to do with the proccessor failing causing memory corruption which eventually will fuck up the firmware and brick the router (which it did).Finally i bought a ubiquiti edgerouter x and a unifi wireless access point. Uptime has been solid for about 6 months now, with zeroissues. it just fucking works.So i would highly recommend an enterprise grade router, if your willing to put a little extra effort into the setup.>>65932066i want to addon to this because i ran out of room, the change from shitty homegamer routers to a commercial router is astounding,the UI on the edgerouter is hundreds of times better than any other router ive used. is it as easy to navigate? no. But it does have ashitload more features, such as multiple separate/combined VLAN's. Plus now i can run multiple access points to extend coverage, or set them up for dedicated radios who fucking knows but now i have a choice, instead of being locked into whatever the manufacturethinks i need.>>65932154I agree, I went from using my ISPs included router with 3x3 802.11AC wifi.maxed out around 250-300mbps over wifiUpgraded to a 2x2 Unifi AP-AC Lite (for like $65).Now I max out at around 500mbps over wifi, using the same client device.Being able to set the channel, the channel width, and do an RF scan to determine which is the best channel to use for my area, etc.  Anonymous 05/14/18(Mon)10:23:47 No.65933917 Features you just don't get on most consumer gear. And performance way beyond it's price range.>>65930394Spectrum took over TWC. Spectrum gives you modems for free. They charge $5 for a wifi fee in which they give you a modem withwifi capabilities, or a wifi router all separately. but just get their modem for free and screw the $5 fee. 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