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  The 20 Best Photoshop Water Effect Tutorials and Brushes Posted by Arch on April 10, 2019Photoshop is one of the best programs that allow you to edit your photos and make wonderful designs. If you know how to use its tools and effects, your only limitation will be your own imagination.Also see our articleHow To View and Edit Photoshop PSD Files OnlineThis article will show you where you can learn valuable tricks regarding water effects and brushes. There are thousands of Photoshop tutorials available online. To save you the search, we have found 20 excellent Photoshop water effect and brushes tutorials. The following tutorials are excellent for both beginners and advanced Photoshop users.20 WATER EFFECT TUTORIALS AND BRUSHESQuick Links20 Water Effect Tutorials and BrushesThe Rain Effect Tutorial Photoshop Tutorials � Gentleman in the Rain Arunz Creation � Water Reflections PSDESIRE � Water Dispersion NyelenehArt � Splash Water Effect Picture Fun � Water Drops Blue Lightning TV Photoshop � Liquid Letters Ste Bradbury Design � Water Figures Effect Eugene Smith � Water/Glass Effect Nemanja Sekulic � Body Parts Made of Water Picture Fun � Beer Creative Retouching Tomasz Grzelaczyk � Sea Water Jaime Salas Jr. � The Rippling Water Reflection Effect Blue Lightning TV Photoshop � Cycling in Water Picture Fun � Water Splashes photoshopCAFE � Water Reflection (of a City!) Blue Lightning TV Photoshop � Amazing Ride Photo Manipulation Picture Fun � Water Head Photoshop Tutorials � Water Splash Double Effect Mr. Sandman Photoshop � Water and Fire Gordan Ristic � Boost Your Photoshop Skills by Watching TutorialsSince it is always easier to learn something by watching how its actually done, � this section will focus on fantastic Photoshop video tutorials posted on YouTube.THE RAIN EFFECT TUTORIAL PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS � This tutorial will show you how to add the rain effect to your photo and make it look absolutely realistic. You must have seen illustrations of superheroes standingin the rain, looking incredibly cool.Although you can use noise and motion blur, creating the rain effect this way will save you a lot of time. Noise and motion blur will be used for texture and atmosphere.Everything you see in the tutorial is quite simple and easy to follow. The video is15 minutes long and you can check it out here.  GENTLEMAN IN THE RAIN ARUNZ CREATION � Gentleman in The RainOur second pick is another rain tutorial you can use to boost your Photoshop skills. This tutorial, made by Arunz Creation, shows you how to use several brushesand photo mixing techniques to create water droplets and other rain effects.You can see the video here.WATER REFLECTIONS PSDESIRE � In this tutorial, PSDESIRE shows you how to create a wonderful water reflection from scratch. All that you need to do is follow this 11 minute tutorial and by the end of it, you will be able to make a realistic reflection and the ripple effect.See it here.WATER DISPERSION NYELENEHART � This video tutorial is only 7 minutes long yet it manages to show you how to createa water dispersion effect in easily executable steps. Go through the video to find out how to create the Pixel Explosion Effect (dispersion), which you can use in Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC.SPLASH WATER EFFECT PICTURE FUN � One of the most viewed tutorials on water effects and brushes (over a million views) will show you how to use masking and add a water splash effect to your photo. The tutorial can be found here.WATER DROPS BLUE LIGHTNING TV PHOTOSHOP � If you want to learn how to make realistic water drops and add them to your photo without anybody noticing that they were edited in, you should check out this video tutorial. The tutorial is 4 minutes long yet very descriptive.LIQUID LETTERS STE BRADBURY DESIGN � This video tutorial created by Ste Bradbury Design will show you how to apply the liquid letters effect to any text that you want. You will also learn how to use certain brushes and manipulate blur effects. View the video here.WATER FIGURES EFFECT EUGENE SMITH � Wouldnt it be cool if you knew how to create a water figure out of your own photo? � This tutorial shows you exactly how to create this incredible effect. In its 24 minute runtime, the tutorial covers two examples in great detail. You can watch it here.WATER/GLASS EFFECT NEMANJA SEKULIC � This video tutorial teaches you how to add a powerful, realistic glass effect to your photos. By the end of it, you will know how to make your pictures look as if they were taken underwater.BODY PARTS MADE OF WATER PICTURE FUN � Body Parts Made of WaterMaybe you just want to apply the water effect to a certain part of your body. With this 30 minute video tutorial, you can learn how to do just that. Check it out here.  BEER CREATIVE RETOUCHING TOMASZ GRZELACZYK � Have you ever wondered how illustrators make beverages look so tasty and refreshingin commercials? This 10 minute video tutorial will help you learn how to make any drink look irresistible.SEA WATER JAIME SALAS JR. � This incredibly simple tutorial shows you how to create sea water texture and applyit to your photos. The video is only 3 minutes long and easy to follow.THE RIPPLING WATER REFLECTION EFFECT BLUE LIGHTNING TV PHOTOSHOP � Here is another excellent tutorial that teaches you how to use different tools to create a rippling water and reflection effect and add it to your photo. The tutorial is 4 minutes long and you can see it here.CYCLING IN WATER PICTURE FUN � Wouldnt it look cool to take a picture of you cycling in water and post it on � Instagram? Well, since you cant actually cycle in water, you can learn how to add � that effect to your photo. Check the video here.WATER SPLASHES PHOTOSHOPCAFE � This tutorial, created by photoshopCAFE, teaches you how to apply effective water splashes to your photos. The video is 10 minutes long and explains everything in steps that you can easily follow.WATER REFLECTION (OF A CITY!) BLUE LIGHTNING TV PHOTOSHOP � When talking about cool water effects, you cant avoid mentioning the water � reflection effect. This 6 minute video shows you one of the easiest ways to create such an effect.AMAZING RIDE PHOTO MANIPULATION PICTURE FUN � If you want to learn how to create unrealistic yet very charming photos using watereffects, this video is perfect for you. In this tutorial, you will be learning about warp and using color balance adjustments to achieve the desired effect.WATER HEAD PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS � This tutorial will teach you how to create a realistic water head. You will learn � � how to use multiple tools and layer manipulation, as well as how to add realistic-looking waterfalls to your photo just by going through this 13 minute video.WATER SPLASH DOUBLE EFFECT MR. SANDMAN PHOTOSHOP � In this tutorial, you can learn more about water splash effects and how to use themin your photos. You will learn how to use layers, fiddle with options such as opacity, and much more.WATER AND FIRE GORDAN RISTIC � Water and Fire


Sep 11, 2019
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