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    BGC Impromptu Guidelines Version 1.0 | January 8, 2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS I.   What is BGC Impromptu II.   Performance Guidelines A.   Performance Information B.   Accepted Performance Categories C.   Artistic Themes and Subjects III.   How to Apply A.   Things to Prepare 1.   Application Form 2.   Artistic Portfolio B.   Screening 1.   Criteria 2.   Selection C.   Privacy Policy D.   Permits E.   Suspension, Revocation and Denial of Permits IV.   Performance Details A.   Provisions 1.   Inclusions 2.   Exclusions B.   Venue and Set-up C.   Schedule 1.   Ingress 2.   Egress D.   Types of Performers 1.   Probationary 2.   Regular E.   Artist Revenue and Tips V.   Housekeeping and Security A.   Housekeeping B.   Security VI.   Promotion and Branding VII.   Documentation VIII.   Cancellation IX.   General Reminders    BGC Impromptu Guidelines Version 1.0 | January 8, 2015   I.   What is BGC Impromptu? -   A project by the BAFI Public Art Program enhancing BGC’s street life by showcasing live performers for the BGC Community -   Gives space/venues, free-of-charge, within Bonifacio Global City to artists who would like to share their art to the public -   Open to musicians, painters, singers, dancers, mimes, jugglers, poets, orators, etc. II.   Performance Guidelines A.   Performance Information -   All performances must be live and produced by the body of the artist -   The only sounds permitted are music or human speech, or both. -   Sounds cannot be loud or unreasonably disturbing, annoying or a nuisance to reasonable persons or normal sensitivities within the area of audibility 1 . -   Common sense and a “good neighbor” behavior shall prevail in sound level assessments. -   Acts must not make use of objects that can cause serious bodily injury to any person such as: knives, swords, torches, flames, axes, saws or similar items. B.   Accepted Performance Categories Music Analog Open to all musicians and instrumentalists. Vocalists must be accompanied by live music or none at all. (i.e. no canned music 2 ) Covers and re-arrangements are allowed however, srcinal compositions are highly encouraged. Full band set-up 3  is not allowed. Acoustic and jazz performers are preferred. Digital Digital music is defined as live recording and manipulation of sounds created by the artist or instrument presently operated by the artist. Live Art Original designs on a flat surface to be created by the artist's hand using oils, acrylics, watercolors or dry media including chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil, wax crayon or form the fluid medium of inks and washes applied by pen or brush are accepted. Artist must be responsible for covering the area under and around the artwork. Performance Art Spoken Word Acts include poetry readings and other similar spoken word performances. Theater This category includes full runs or excerpts of straight plays, musicals, shadow plays and all forms of oral storytelling. Re-staging of existing works is allowed however, srcinal works are highly encouraged. Improv Shows Improv groups and stand-up comedians must follow a set program. Movement Dance Performances must be choreographed. Musical accompaniment may be live or recorded provided they are of high quality. Acrobatics Street Performances Open to performers that cannot be classified by any category mentioned above. Acts include but are not limited to: jugglers, magicians, mimes, ventriloquists, stunt people, balloon twisters. Performances must be choreographed or follow a set program. 1  Volume must not exceed 60dB from 10 feet away of the source of sound. 2   Canned music  is defined as minus ones. 3   Full band set-up  refers to set-ups that include large amplifiers or speakers, a complete drum set, or any large quantity of musical equipment that takes more than 3 minutes to set up and pull out.      BGC Impromptu Guidelines Version 1.0 | January 8, 2015   C.   Artistic Themes and Subjects -   Performances must be appropriate for audiences of all age groups and walks of life in a public setting. -   Performances must be in good taste, apolitical and free of profane language and images -   For covers and restaged works, performers must ensure the work does not infringe on existing copyright laws. -   FBDC and its subsidiaries will not be held liable for any incidents related to this matter. III.   How to Apply A.   Things to Prepare 1.   Application Form Proceed to to fill out an application. You will be asked to provide the following details in the application form. Please make sure that all contact information are current, operational and correctly typed out. -   Name of group and all members -   Primary contact person -   Cell phone number -   Email Address 2.   Artistic Portfolio -   A maximum of three (3) video recordings are to be submitted by the performer. -   Each video must be at least 2-3 minutes in length and have good visual and audio qualities. -   Videos must be unedited and accurately represent what the performer plans to do if accepted into the program. -   Videos must be uploaded onto an online video platform such as: Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Make sure that the videos uploaded may be viewed by the public. Audio recordings on Sound Cloud will not be evaluated. -   BGC Impromptu reserves the right to revoke the permit of performances not consistent with the quality and cohesiveness of submitted videos and these guidelines. B.   Screening -   All qualified applications will be reviewed equally and fairly. -   Successful applicants will be offered a spot (pending on the availability of space). -   Due to the limited space and available areas, we will not be able to accept all applicants. -   BAFI will screen new applications every Monday. -   Due to the high volume of applications we receive, please allow us 3-5 working days to respond. 1.   Criteria Only the applications that meet the following criteria will be reviewed: -   Creativity and srcinality -   Quality of performance -   Overall impression 2.   Selection -   Reasons for not being selected: a.   Incomplete or poorly accomplished application form b.   Poor quality of submitted portfolio    BGC Impromptu Guidelines Version 1.0 | January 8, 2015   c.   Sloppiness d.   Violation or past violation of BGC Impromptu guidelines -   The Performer shall have the opportunity to appeal the denial after a period of 3 months. C.   Privacy Policy In general, the purposes for which we collect your personal information include: -   To place you on our mailing list -   To respond to any enquiries you may have -   To be able to inform you of any special announcements We have made the necessary steps to ensure that your personal information is protected and treated confidentially. D.   Permit -   Return your permit to the FBDC Office on the last day of your performance for the month. -   Under no circumstances may a permit or time slot be “sold”, “rented”, or “loaned” to another regular or probationary performer. -   Displaying a counterfeit or out-of-date permit will be cause for immediate removal from area, and may result in revocation or denial of future permit. -   No permit, no performance. -   Lost permits will be subjected to a fine of TWO HUNDRED PESOS (Php 200.00). -   For permit renewal, proceed to E.   Suspension, Revocation and Denial of Permits -   Any permit issued under the BGC Impromptu program may be suspended or revoked for any of the following reasons: a.   Misrepresentation in the application b.   Performing contrary to the conditions of the permit and the BGC Impromptu regulations c.   Performance is a danger to the safety of the public d.   Violation, noncompliance and misbehavior e.   The reason behind the performer ’s  suspension or revocation has not been corrected -   A permit which has been suspended shall remain suspended for a period of three (3) months. -   A permit which has been revoked shall remain revoked for one (1) year following the date of revocation. -   No performer whose permit has been suspended or revoked may apply for a new permit during the period of suspension and revocation. IV.   Performance Details A.   Provisions 1.   Inclusions -   Bonifacio High Street in an accessible facility. -   Chairs are subject to availability and obtainable upon request. -   All areas are equipped with electrical tapping points. 2.   Exclusions -   BGC Impromptu will not provide storage. -   BGC Impromptu will not provide extension cords or power strips.
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