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  Chanting Page 1  of 45  There are many regulative principles in the sastras and directions given bythe spiritual master. These regulative principles should act as servants of thebasic principle-that is, one should always remember Krsna and never forgetHim. This is possible when one chants the Hare Krsna mantra. Therefore onemust strictly chant the Hare Krsna maha-mantra twenty-four hours daily. Onemay have other duties to perform under the direction of the spiritual master,but he must rst abide by the spiritual masters order to chant a certainnumber of rounds. !n our Krsna consciousness movement, we haverecommended that the neophyte chant at least si teen rounds. This chantingof si teen rounds is absolutely necessary if one wants to remember Krsnaand not forget Him. Of all the regulative principles, the spiritual mastersorder to chant at least si teen rounds is most essential.# CC Madhya 22.113) $or the present you should continue going to school because education isimportant. %ithout education nobody has any social position and all ourstudents in Krishna &onsciousness are e pected to be preachers. 'opreachers must have su(cient education because they have to meet with somany opposing elements. )ducation should be continued at the same timechanting should be continued. There will be no di(culty. (17/12/67 India) !f a man thin*s that chanting will save him from all *inds of sinful reactiondeliberately committed by him, then he becomes the greatest o+ender. ychanting Hare Krishna certainly we become free from all sinful reactions, butthat does not mean that we shall deliberately commit sins and counteract itby chanting. (SPL 11/67 Calcutta) Krishna &onsciousness is so nice that if one ta*es part in it in either ways, li*ehearing, chanting, remembering, worshiping, praying, or even simply byeating prasadam, the transcendental e+ect will be visible. (SPL 11/67 Calcutta) &hant Hare Krishna sincerely and all good intelligence consultation shallcome from within. Krishna says that, those who are engaged in y service, ! give intelligencefor his progressive march/. (SPL 1/68 LA) ! am so glad to learn that you are now getting the fruit of chanting HareKrishna. Hare Krishna is so nice that it clears the dirty things from the mind of the devotee and the more one is used to chant the Holy 0ame o+enselessly,the more one develops love of 1od, forgetting the whole material nonsense.!t is my duty to deliver you the right thing in right earnestness and it is theduty of the receiver to act in the standard spiritual regulation. (SPL 11/67 Calcutta)  Chanting Page 2  of 45 2i(culties of life may come as seasonal changes but we should not bedisturbed by all those di(culties. Our process is to chant and that process willgradually clear everything in due course. (SPL 6/67 !) !f you always chant Hare Krishna, read my boo*s, and preach this philosophysincerely, then Krishna will provide you with all facility, and you will not fall down intomaterial entanglement. (SPL 3/67 San #anci$c%) 3ll our ailments are due to the e ternal body. 3lthough we have to su+ersome time from bodily inconveniences especially in the old age, still if we are1od conscious, we shall not feel the pangs. The best thing is therefore to&hant the holy 0ame of the 4ord constantly. (SPL 4/67 !) !f you chant always Hare Krishna, read my boo*s, and preach this philosophysincerely, then Krishna will provide you with all facility, and you will not fall down intomaterial entanglement. (SPL 3/67 San #anci$c%)  The holy name, chanting of holy name, if we act it properly, without anyo+ense, then we are directly in connection with Krishna.  (SPL 16/&/76 '#indaan)  There are many who li*e to chant the Hare K567a mantra in a silent, solitaryplace, but if one is not interested in preaching, tal*ing constantly to thenondevotees, the in8uence of the modes of nature is very di(cult tosurpass. Therefore unless one is e tremely advanced in K567aconsciousness, one should not imitate Harid9sa :h9*ura, who had no otherbusiness than chanting the holy name always, twenty-four hours a day. (S 7.&.46)  The 4ord is always glorious, whether the devotee glories Him or not, but if the devotee engages in glorifying the 4ord, the devotee himself automaticallybecomes glorious. y glorifying the 4ord constantly, the living entity becomespuried in the core of his heart. (S 7.&.11) 'imply by chanting the holy name of the 4ord, one advances perfectly inspiritual life. This is the best process for success in life. !n other ages, thechanting of the holy name is e;ually powerful, but especially in this age, Kali-yuga, it is most powerful. (S 7.5.23)  Chanting Page 3  of 45 !t is recommended that even if one commits o+enses, one should continuechanting the holy name. !n other words, the chanting of the holy name ma*esone o+enseless. (S 7.5.23*24)  The holy name is so spiritually potent that simply by chanting the holy nameone can be freed from the reactions to all sinful activities. %hat, then, is to besaid of those who chant the holy name regularly or worship the 2eityregularly< $or such puried devotees, freedom from sinful reaction iscertainly assured. (S 6.13.8) !f one e tracts the poison fangs of a serpent, this saves the serpents futurevictims from poisonous e+ects, even if the serpent bites repeatedly. 'imilarly,if a devotee chants the holy name even once ino+ensively, this protects himeternally. (S 6.2.4&) !f by the tongue you chant Hare Krishna mantra, and by the tongue you tasteprasadam, you will be perfect, simply by e ecuting these two things. (SPL 12/7/73 L%nd%n)  This chanting and hearing should be in the association of devotees. $irst of all, one must have faith that chanting is good. Then he should chant in thesociety of the devotees. Then it will develop. (SP M+C 11/6/74 Pa#i$) est way to maintain enthusiasm is by regular chanting with the devotees,together in the temple (SPL 1/72) !f one purposefully commits mista*e and sinful life, =0ow ! am chanting HareKrishna. ! can do all sinful life. !t will be counteracted,>That rascal will bepunished very, very much. =! am living in ?rindavana. Oh, it is dhama, so letme do all nonsense. !t will be counteracted.> They/ll be these cats and dogsand mon*eys in ?rindavana. (5/12/75 '#indaana)  @ust li*e you are trying to spread K567a consciousness with so muchendeavor. !t/s not that cent percent people of the world will ta*e. That is notpossible. Only the fortunate persons will be able to ta*e it. 'o we should notbe disappointed that =aAority of people, do not ta*e this. %hat is the use of<4et me sit down in ?5nd9vana and chant Hare K567a mantra.> 0o. &aitanyaah9prabhu, never sat down tightly in ?5nd9vana. He traveled all over the!ndia and too* so much trouble. 'o preaching is very important, and youshould engage. That will help you. (S 7.6.7 &/12/75 ',nd-ana)  Chanting Page 4  of 45 3ny endeavor for pushing on K567a/s glories, that is also as good as chantingthe holy name. %hen you go out for canvassing, for pushing on thismovement, people may not see that you are not chanting and dancing.'uppose you are canvassing for a life member. That topic is also as good aschanting Hare K567a mantra. One/s life must be dedicated simply for K567a/sservice. (17/2/71 %#ah0u#) !f one who is embarrassed by hunger or who falls down or stumbles chantsthe holy name of the 4ord even once, willingly or unwillingly, he isimmediately freed from the reactions of his past deeds. KarmBs entangled inmaterial activities face many di(culties in the practice of mystic yoga andother endeavors to achieve that same freedom. (S 5.24.2)  There are three stages in chanting the holy name of the 4ord. !n the rststage, one commits ten *inds of o+enses while chanting. !n the ne t stage,n9m9bh9sa, the o+enses have almost stopped, and one is coming to theplatform of pure chanting. !n the third stage, when one chants the HareK567a mantra without o+enses, his dormant love for K567a immediatelyawa*ens. This is the perfection. (S 5.24.2) Cu*adeva 1osv9mB continuedD y dear King, the chanting of the holy nameof the 4ord is able to uproot even the reactions of the greatest sins. Thereforethe chanting of the saE*Brtana movement is the most auspicious activity inthe entire universe. Please try to understand this so that others will ta*e itseriously. (S 6.3.31)  One should be very careful to be free from all sins and never thin* of counteracting sinful activities by chanting the Hare K567a mantra, for this isanother o+ense. !f by chance a devotee accidentally performs some sinfulactivity, the 4ord will e cuse him, but one should not intentionally performsinful acts. (S 6.3.31) One is easily relieved from all sinful reactions by chanting the holy name of the 4ord and chanting of His ;ualities and activities. This is the only processrecommended for relief from sinful reactions. )ven if one chants the holyname of the 4ord with improper pronunciation, he will achieve relief frommaterial bondage if he chants without o+enses. 3A9mila, for e ample, wase tremely sinful, but while dying he merely chanted the holy name, andalthough calling his son, he achieved complete liberation because heremembered the name of 09r9ya7a. (S 6.3.24) säyaà prätar gåëan bhaktyäduùkha-grämäd vimucyate
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