Bhaggyam Pragathi- STP 180KLD Technical Details

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  Submission of Technical Details of    Sewage Treatment Plant 180 KLD FOR Sharad Vasanji & Others   atDoor No.138, Sapthagiri Nagar Main Road, Karapakkam, hennai, !ami Nad# $ % '(. STP Technical details – M/s !hagg am Pragathi#Phase 1$%– Kara&a''am    )*S!+ )*!+R M*N*+M+N! -*NS+)*+ )*S!+ M*N*+M+N! -*N FOR R+S/D+N!/* -RO0+!#an2t o4 Se5age generated 4rom the Residen2a 6#i ding   Se5age !reatment p ant 7apa7it18 KD.9 tra : tra2on p ant  % m3;hr. Treated sewage waste water will be recycled for gardening.Recycled water for gardening: 110 Lit./dayRecycled water for Toilet Flushing: 80 Lit./day <*S/S OF D+S/N = #an2t & #a it> The sewage water generated from Residenal building are e!ected to be #e. daily $ow of 180000 Liters/day. Se5age #an2t 18 KDS!- *?e. @o5 ; ho#r  1A m3;hr.9F *?e. @o5 ; ho#r  % m3;hr.S!- Opera2ng Bo#rs A Brs;da. STP Technical details – M/s !hagg am Pragathi#Phase 1$%– Kara&a''am  Process Descri&(on and Technical Details) Se5age 5aste 5ater<ar S7reen 7ham6er %ar &creen remo#es solid wastes in the waste water to !re#ent them from clogging the !um!s.  eaning -ro7ed#re  %ar screen cleaning is done using crow bar ty!e arrangement . 'leaning is done ones in 1( days or asand when re)uired. +C#a ia2on tank The &ewage waste water which includes solid waste and *itchen waste generated at di+erentlocaons get collected in the ,)uali-aon sum! which acts as a bu+er storage tan aer !assingthrough &creen chamber. SeC#en7e <at7h Rea7tor tank From the collecon sum! raw sewage is !um!ed to sbr tan where it gets aerated e+ec#ely usingdi+used eraon system and % is controlled. Rotary twin lobe blowers are used to generateade)uate )uanty of air to feed oygen to the micro2organisms to facilitate its growth. Fine bubbledi+users are !ro#ided to ensure e+ec#e miing of oygen with the li)uid. 'lear water $ows to the3rimary treated water tan. S #dge Bo ding !ank &ludge is collected in sludge holding Tan and it is further !rocessed through Filter !ress for &ludge&e!araon STP Technical details – M/s !hagg am Pragathi#Phase 1$%– Kara&a''am  !reated 5ater 7#m 7h orine 7onta7t tank The treated water is !assed through treated water tan where &odium hy!o chloride dosing is donefor disinfecon to get treated water. Fi tra2on Sstem This treated water !asses through 3ressure &and 4lter 5 c#ated 'arbon Filter to remo#e any!hysical im!uries and sus!ended solids. S!- !reated 5ater &T3 Treated Filtered water !art of it is reused for gardening aer meeng T63'% standards. 9 tra Fi tra2on Sstem This &T3 treated water !asses through 7ltra 4ltraon system to remo#e further any !hysical im!uriesand gets collected in 7F treated water tan. 9F !reated )ater Treated Filter water is reused for $ushing aer meeng T63'% standards.  SeC#en7e <at7h -ro7ess 6umber of %atches:(uanty !rocessed !er batch:9000 Lit. eraon me:9 hrs STP Technical details – M/s !hagg am Pragathi#Phase 1$%– Kara&a''am
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