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This is a complete story of Krishna who left his body in BC 3104 according to Indian Calendar which is only 10 years different from the Mayan calendar .Indian history starts from the epic stories of Ramayana,Mahabharatha and Bhagavatha and geneologies with insight into linear history/chronology by the ancients.They knew both cyclical and linear time and infinity of time and their mathematical and musical knowledge is incorporated into popular stories so that even the masses get a basic knowledge of such concepts. A very effective educational method , which was there in India from time immemmorial.
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  1BHAGHAVATHAMAvathaara of Kapila:Devahuthy ,the daughter of Manu was wedded to Rishi Kardhama.After having ninedaughters she was blessed by the rishi to have a son ,who is the avathaara of Hari himself and she was asked to perform thapasya to bear that great son.And when she becamepregnant Brahma himself visited her to pay respects to the baby Hari,within herwomb.Brahma being the grandfather of Kapila,was pleased to have such an offspring inhis race.He told Devahuthy that the baby in her womb will be born with beautifulhairs,and golden colour ,with lotus eyes and lotus sign on his feet and will be highlycompassionate and is the avathaara of Narayana to destroy the karmavaasana of peoplethrough samkhya and yoga .And he will the the Lord of all the sidha after him.According to the instruction of the Brahma,Rishi Kardhama gave his nine daughters inmarriage to the great rishis of the time.Athri wedded Anasooya,Angiras weddedSradha,Mareechi wedded Kala,Pulasthya wedded Havirbhu,Pulaha weddedDhanyagathy,Krathu wedded Kriya,and Brighu wedded Khyaathi.Vasishta weddedArundhathy and Atharvan wedded Saanthi.When Kapila was born Kardhama worshipping him as Narayana asked permission totake to sanyasa and leave home forever.Kapila said”I am born as your son to keep myword to you that I will be your son.My birth is to spread gnaana of Samkhya and yoga forthose who are desirous of experiencing Nirvaana and sacrificing worldly life.This way of gnaana is very ancient but due to its antiquity it disappeared from earth and my missionis to reawaken that method.Father,if you so desire,you can take up sanyasa and attainamrithathwa.Visualise me as residing in the heart cave of every being and enlightenedintelligence within yourself and reach the ultimate foal of nirvana without fear orsorrow”.Hearing this,Kardama circumambulated his son,and taking the vow of silencewent to forest .He fixed chitha in Athman and with peaceful chitha as a ocean withoutwaves and attained the greatest state of yoga equivalent to Narayana himself ,seeingNarayana in himself.Kapila ,with compassionate heart,lived in the banks of Bindusaras,near the Saraswathyriver with his mother .One day ,Devahuthy approached him and asked mokshamarga.Hewas happy to advice it to his mother .He said:The bondage and liberation of jeeva is dueto the mind only.If chitha is attracted to sense objects,bondage happens.If chitha isattracted to God,liberation happens.When mind is free from emotions like mine,me etcand the desires ,envy,fear,greed etc which follow the selfish thoughts,it becomes verypure.And then it becomes devoid of pleasure or pain,sorrow or happiness and withoutdualities it become equalized and well balanced.When mind is pure,in it awakendevotion,wisdom,and vairagya and it becomes enlightened.It can then visualize asparamathma itself and see the distinction as Maaya.For this attainment of Brahma,severalmethods are said in the aagama.The most great and the best is the fixed devotion in thesarvaathmaa.Scholars know that sangham with worldly objects leads to bondage.But if sangham is with sajjana ,that will open up the way to loberation.Do not do anything inreturn even if someone hurts you .Do everything for others without any selfishmotives.The sorrows of others should end,and everyone should bet bliss and happiness.With that desire alone,live as friend of every creation and without the feeling of enmityto anyone.That will make us peaceful and tranquil.Such characteristics are seen insajjana/good people.Those people are the devotees who has fixed their heart in  2me,without any selfish motives,and who has sacrificed all worldly ties and objects forme,and who is interested only in hearing and saying my stories and singing myglories.The sangha with such sajjana will lead to liberation.By sangha with them,theattachment to worldly objects will be reduced and then with my compassion one getsliberation from worldly sorrows.The people who are interested in my stories graduallybecome interested in the srcin of this creation which is my karma and knowledge of eternal time and cyclical repetition of births and deaths and this naturally reduce love forselfish and temporary things.Thus Bhakthiyoga leads to gnaana and wisdom .Gnaana andBhakthy are as a result of ashtanghayoga.One who follows the method of ashtangayogamerges with me ultimately .Devahuthy said.What is the nature of bhakthy which is in the form of mukthy?Especiallyfor a woman like me which type is suitable?And how can I reach your state mosteasily?Explain the method you just said about attaining both bhakthy and mukthy.ThoughI am a woman and of lesser intelligence ,I would love to understand and enjoy thissamkhyayoga which is difficult for cognition for even the great intellectuals.Kapilan said:-Bhakthy is more great than sidhi.Therefore the most accomplished yoginsdo not desire any intellect or sidhi and they just want to merge with me in devotion and toserve me and praise me with beautiful songs and stories.They have love for differentmoorthy(idols/forms)of mine and worship them happily and live.Mother,they see mysmiling face,my lotus eyes,and compassionate behaviour and talk to me always with loveand devotion in poetic language.My beautiful organs from head to foot,my smile,myplayful leela,my looks,and my speech makes them my lovers forever and that devotionand love itself gives them liberation.They do not desire my Lakshmy,my vibhoothy ormy ashtangasidhi ,yet they reach my vaikuntaloka and enjoy eternal bliss of liberation.They reach my saantha(tranquil peaceful)loka and live there forever.i am theirmost desired lover,friend,son,Guru,Athman and everything.I am their God andmother.My wheel of time does not touch such devotees.They do not have the feeling of “mine”in anything that is worldly ,both gross and subtle and they consider only me as“Mine”.this type of Ekaanthikabhakthy gives them enlightenment and I liberate themfrom the sorrowful samsaara by my love for them.those who love me as everything losefear of samsaara.It is by fear of me the sun shines,Indra rains,agni burns and vaayu moves.The people who are fixed in me by eternal love of devotion are not afraid of me and theylive in me eternally.I will now tell you the lakshana (sign)of Thathwa .By that differentiate prakrithy frompurusha.And also by which the bondage of heart is cut and Athman is directlyperceived.That is called the gnaanayoga.In the beginning there was only the purusha which is unmanifested and without the threeguna of sathwa,rajas and thamas.He in a playful mood by own will assumed the form of the prakrithy with the three guna .Prakrithy by her thriguna and its different combinationscreates the praja .The jeeva seeing this wonderful prakrithy with its creative powersbecome attracted to her.Jeeva by projection thinks that the karma done by the thrigunaare done by him and thus becomes sorrowful ,proud or happy due to the projecteddoership .Thus forgets his own natural state of akarthaa,free liberated ,blissful ekaexistence as witness of everything .For such a jeeva samsaara as bondage happen again  3and again.Purusha is the ultimate cause of everything .Jeeva forgets that swaroopa andprojects the qualities of prakrithy on oneself and falls into bondage of maaya.Devahoothy asked:- Hey ,Purushotham,tell me the lakshana of purusha and prakrithywith gross and subtle form and the cause of the entire universe and the parents of allliving and nonliving.Sreebhagavaan said:- Prakrithy is eternal and has thriguna form and without anyform,and has subtle and gross form,and sometimes depend upon special(visesha)and isthe cause of everything .5,5 4 and 10 making 24 are the important thathwa according toscholars.the first five are the five elements akaasa,vaayu,agni,jhala and earth/prithwi.The second five are the thanmaathra of gandha(smell)rasa(taste),roopa(form)sparsa(touch)and sabda(sound).The 10 are the fivesense organs and the five motor organs comprising ear,skin,eyes,nose,toungue andword,hands,legs,generative organs and the perineum .the four are themind,intellect,ahamkaara,and chitha as internal organs.the function of theantha:karana(internal organs)aresamkalpa(imagination)nischaya(decision)athmaabhimaana(pride of self)andchintha(thoughts).This anthakarana with four functions is one(eka)and it is divided asfour due to its functional difference only .The 25 th thathwa is kaala or time.Time or kaalais the manifestation of purusha and not prakrithy.Only the mad person who is afraid of maaya is afraid of kaala or time.The name of that Bhagavaan ,who makes the prakrithyfunction is kaala or time.Inside beings purusha functions as purusha and outside as kaalaor time.It is by maaya these two are felt as two.Both are same.Once we know this we arenot afraid of it,because it is purusha,our own self.Purusha himself is the lord of allloka.he himself made the prakrithi’s yoni fruitful and lead to creation.From the prakrithyby the nion of purusha was born the Mahath which is endless and the sprout of theuniverse.It destroys the darkness which covers its light .Thus it revealed itself by its ownlight.Mahathathwa is that saantha,nirmala and the to be known sathwaguna chitha whichis called by the name of Vaasudeva .The lakshana of the chitha which ispure,movementless, and prasaantha with the early state of the first waters without anywaves is explained by all scholars.From mahathathwa was born Ahankaaara withkriyaabala and having the three divisions of vikaara as raajasa andthaamasa.Sathwapradhaana is called vaikaarika,rajas is called thaijasa,and thamas iscalled thaamasa or sleep/darkness.From these were born mind,the sense organs,and thefive mahaabhootha or elements.that with elements,mind and indriya is called sankarshanaand it is always enlightened and eternal with 1000 heads .It is indivisible eka.Ahankaaralakshana is said as doership,karana(organs of doership)and karya(effect)andas santha,ghora and mooda as mental states.When sathwik ahamkara become vikrithamind is born .The sankalpa and vikalpa of mind produce kaama or desires.Kaama isworshipped as the beautiful and shyamala form and the Lord of all senses and call himAnirudha.He is internal to every being .From the vikrithy of thaijasa ahamkara was bornthe budhi or intellect and only with its blessings beings and their sense organs getknowledge of objects .The functions of intellect are decision,doubts,opposite intellect,memory ,and confidence with faith .The gnanendriya and karmendriya are from raajasaahamkaara itself.the power for karma resides in jeeva and that is cognized only bybudhi.From the thaamasa ahankara was formed sound and from it aakaasa and sound iscognized with ears.the sound gives the consciousness of objects .For example if someone  4says Here goes an elephant ,even withoutseeing the elephant the hearer cognizes thepresence of the object elephant.the subtle form of aakaasa is sabda.The sign of aakaasa isresponsible for giving inside and outside,and giving holes to everything,and gives spacefor praana,indriya and mind .It gives right of space for everything and hence is calledakaasa .By the movement of time,the nabhas(akaasa)with vikaara ,created touch.Fromtouch arose the winds.The touch is known by skin.The subtle form of vaayu issoftness,hardness,cold,and heat .The functions of movement,synthesise and union,goingnear and leading and giving strength to senses are that of vaayu.From wind having thethanmathra of sparsa due to will of God srcinated form.From roopa was born thejas andit is cognized by eyes.Giving form to an object,have it qualities by which it can becognized,and taking form according to the individual dravya and having energy are thefunctions of roopa.Revealing,drinking,cooking and digestion,swallowing ,ending sense of coldness,making thin,hunger etc are the signs of thejas or agni.From thejas which is joined with vikaara by divine will srcinate rasa and from it water and taste is cognizedby toungue.Sweet,hot,acidic,sour and mixed are the tastes.The rasa by combinationsmake endless tastes .Eka is rasa and by union of objects it is made manifold.Makingliquid,thin and solidification ,making life possible,making soft and reducing temperatureand heat ,increase in lowlying areas etc are the signs of water.From water having vikaraby the passage of time is formed the smell and nose cognizes the smell .Gandha is ekaand it is made manifold by union of different objects.Good and bad smells soft and verystrong smells etc are the lakshana of gandha .Their functions are helping the differentmoorthy for worship of Brahma,and help in creation of those idols,and exist withoutdependence on other elements,and become base for water etc,and be helpful as divisor forseparating and defining the limit of the other elements etc. and transform in the bhoothaas male and female ,etc are functions of earth with smell as primary quality.All these aredue to earth.the quality of aakaasa is sound and the receiver is ears.The receiver of vaayuis skin and receiver of thejas or light is eyes,receiver of rasa is toungue and that of gandhais nose.thus in each element as the qualities increase one by one ,earth ahs 5 ,water has4,fire has 3,vaayu has 2,and akaasa has only one quality.when the mahaththwa ,ahamkaraand earth were not moving and changing position,the Iswara who is with the karma of time sleeping in the milky ocean entered them and by the entry of divine power theyunited and lost their separateness .From the seven objects an egg was derived and thatanda which was achethana is the viratpurusha and this brahmanda which conceives theBrahman within as the seed of entire prapancha was engulfed by ten times its quantity of flood waters .It was of golden colour and holes were formed in it as organs of viratpurusha.First the hole at fore end was formed and it became the face or mouth andfrom it agni as vaak was generated.Then was formed the nose and and from itpraana,from eyes was generated the sun .from ears was generated the directions.from skinwas formed the numerous hairs and from them the oushadhi and vanspathi and thegenerative organ.From generative organ was formed the semen and from it water .Fromthe opening at the hind end was generated the apaana and from it was formed death.From the arms was generated strength and from it Indra ,the king of devas.Then the legswere formed and from them gathy(movement )was created. From the feet was born theVishnu.then the naadi were formed for the viratpurusha.From it was formed blood andfrom it rivers.Stomach was formed and from it hunger and thirst and from them theoceans.then heart was formed and from it mind and from it the moon and then intellect
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