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  1  Bhagavad Gita: Objections and Replies. Dr Surendra Kumar Sharma “ Agnat “ has written an article titled “ Whether The Bhagavad Gita is of 5115 years old  !n "indi #ag$ine %Sarita& which has 'een translated By Dr( Kirdat in #arathi which has 'een )u'lished in % *ra'odhan *ra+ashan ,yoti a monthly #ag$ine in the A)ril issue of -.15 ( "e has raised some o'/ections0 dou'ts a'out the authenticity of the )eriod and contents of the Bhagavad Gita ( "ere is the refutation or re)ly(1 Statement No.1:  2ne S)ecial sect of the "indu 3eligion treats The Bhagavad Gita as a great 4)ic 'ecause of its ancientness as a yardstic+( This class of "indus has its o)inion that so long as a 'oo+ is as ancient 0 the 'oo+ or treatise is an honest one ('ut such thin+ingleads to a distur'ed restless mindset of that class ( 'ecause the ancientness cannot 'ecome an alternative to the su))osition of the yardstic+ ( Refutation No.1 6 What the writer wants to say is that some class of "indu 3eligion su))ose that the Treatise Bhagavad Gita is of great literature 'ecause of its ancientness and the yardstic+ they a))ly is its ancientness ( and the writer )resumes that the ancientness is not an honest one and the greatness of Gita is allegedto 'e determined 'y the ancientness only0 and that The Gita is not as  2 of the ancient )eriod 'ut is less than 7... years ( These are the )oints to 'e discussed here ((The ancientness )ertains to the Time factor which is infinite and the honesty is a relative term which a))lies to the man+ind ( The greatness or otherwise of Gita is different su'/ect 0 we will discuss later (Since time and s)ace are infinite in nature and honesty is concerned with the human+ind we can now see whether the )resent time is an honest one ( The )resent age or during the current years what is ha))ening around us is 'est +nown to us (There are numerous financial scandals running into and milions and crores which an ordinary man could not imagine the e8tent of corru)tion )revalant in the system of the society (9orru)tion has 'ecome a necessity and is seen )ervaded all s)heres of the life system ( We hear whenever any raid is there 'y the anti corru)tion de)artment 0 the officials have to sit for no( of days to account for the huge sum amassed 'y the individual (!t is not )ossi'le now to name the no( of )ersons alleged to 'e caught in the corru)tion scandles 0 e(g( the heads of 9ric+et 0 :oot'all0 4ducation0 medical )rofession etc (and the story continues (So where is honesty to 'e foundin the )resent time And it seems the word honesty is disa))earing and dishonesty is the )resent word of the time (;nder such circumstances why to 'lame ancient )eriod  The corru)tion was )revalent in old days no dou't ('ut not to such an e8tent as today e8ists (Then there are incidents of ra)e 0 murder 0suicides etc so that the )resent situation is  3 not in order ( Again there is a crisis in the name of one religion against its own )eo)le 'y murdering innocent )eo)le and showing on social media( What is meant is that no religion does )roclaim that the ancientness is the yarsdstic+ of their religion (and there is no new religion esta'lished in the )resent time( As the world has 'ecome closer due to scientific advancements 0 humanity has 'ecome order of the day( <ou +now already that there is “ vasudhaiv +utum'a+am “ in "induism only ( 4very religion has some s)ecific tenets which it can 'oast of (:or e8am)le 0 "induism is famous for its famous scri)tures such as =edas 0 ;)anishads and Bhagavad Gita (3amayan and #aha'harat are daily read in every "indu family ("induism is not only religion 'ut a way of life(So there are different o)inions regarding every'ody&s faith ( Since these scri)tures are old one 0can it 'e said that they never e8isted  Since ancient days so many religions have grown and have 'een destroyed 'ut "induism has survived after so many u)heavals in its structure ( So many old traditions have 'een re)laced and "induism is the only religionto change according to the needs of the society ( So many have left out 0so many have /oined 6 So it is amena'le to changes ( and has 'een survived till today ( That is the secret of the survival (  4  The greatness of Bhagavad Gita has 'een a))reciated 'y all the renowed intellectuals 0 )oliticians 0 )hiloso)hers around the world that Bhagava( Gita is a great religious 0 moralstic0 )hiloso)hic0 and solving all the )ro'lems of the human life as were e8isted then a))ly today also ( There are universal teachings not confined to "induism only( 3egarding #aha'harat it is that all the human )ro'lems and its solututions are contained in it ( and there is no )ro'lem outside the treatise (So much so( ( >ow the renowed )ersons are :or e8am)le 6 The gtreat scientist Al'ert 4instein 0 2ur leader #ahatma Gandhi 0 <ogi  Auro'indo 0 Aldous "a8le (0 #a8muller 0 ?o+manya Bal Gangadhar Tila+whose Gita 3ahasya is universally acce)ted and is )o)ular today ( All these scri)tures are recogni$ed world wide ( The 4astern and Western Scholars have a))reciated these scri)tures and some western scholars came to !ndia to learn Sans+rit to understand the scri)tures in srcinal (So the value and im)ortance of these scri)tures isastounding ( <et the writer what he says that Bhagavad Gita is not )o)ular is not tena'le (The yardstic+ of any treatise is contained in its usefulness 0 universal a))lica'ility 0values it cherishes and )o)ularity it holds ( We +now that so many other treatises 0 volumes have 'een not even remem'ered 'y the )ersons 'ut these scri)ture are )o)ularly read 'y the )eo)le ( e(g 6 What is relevance of Bhagavad Gita in today&s life 0 what the verses teach have 'een 'rought to the )eo)le 'y the intellectuals 0 famous !ndian Western Scholars ali+e ( There have 'een different commentaries according to their version ( But "induism  5 em'races all versions and difference of o)inion does not come in the re/ection of these (All o)inions are acce)ted (  Statement No.2  6 The old dwellings and old trees have to 'e demolished and u)rooted for the )rotection of the )eo)le in general (  Refutation No.2 :  !t is clear that no'ody has any )ro'lem a'out his life due to reading the Bhagavad Gita ( i(e( >o harm is noticed due to the reading of the Bhagavad( Gita ("owever there is a loss of life0 dwellings 0 and the loss of cro)s due to high floods ( S)ea+ing a'out the old dwellings 0 we can safely )resume that the old dwellings of #ahatma Gandhi 0 The Great Social 3eformer Dr( Ba'asahe' Amed+ar 0 Swami =ive+anand have 'een )reserved and maintained 'y the Govt( as an ins)iration and )eo)le foc+ to these to have close loo+ in the true devotional manner ( !t is learnt that even recently the native )lace of D3( Ba'asahe' Am'ed+ar is to 'e u)graded to treat as a monument ( So all these monuments are in the s)irit of the great faith 'estowed on these leaders( Then who is to u)toot and why  So the writer is in no +now of these all facts or )retending to 'e (The Sacred Bodhi =ru+sha @Tree is still revered 'y all the )eo)le and no'ody thought of its demolition (The faith 0 devotion 0 'elief 0 integrity etc are the ste))ing stones to have s)irituality or  Adhyatma to understand all the sacred scri)tures (The +nowledge of the )resent education does not cater to the needs of understanding the s)irituality (

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Feb 14, 2019


Feb 14, 2019
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