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  In Defense of Globalization Globalization has been blamed foreverything from child labor toenvironmental degradation, culturalhomogenization, and a host of other illsaffecting rich and poor nations alike. Not aday goes by without impassioned authorsand activists, whether anti- or pro-globalization, putting their oars into theseagitated waters.When all is said, however, we lack aclear, coherent and comprehensive sense of how globalization works, and how it mightbe made to work better. Enter JagdishBhagwati, the internationally renownedeconomist, known equally for the clarity of his arguments and the sharpness of his pen.In this book, Bhagwati takes onglobalization's critics, using sound economicprinciples and vivid examples rather thaninflamed rhetoric, to show that globalizationis in fact the most powerful force for socialgood in the world today.Bhagwati explains why the 'Gotcha'examples are often not as they seem—that infact globalization often alleviates many of the problems for which it has been blamed.Bhagwati carefully explains the fallacies thatunderlie many of the critics' arguments,suggesting that there is a good reason whymost globalization protesters come fromrich rather than poor countries. Exploringglobalization's 'human face' in great detail,Bhagwati demonstrates its beneficial effectson a panoply of social issues includingpoverty, child labor, women's rights,democracy, wage and labor standards, andthe environment. He concludes that byfocusing so much on globalization'spurported evils, we are missing theopportunity to focus on accelerating itsachievements while coping with itsdownsides.Cont'd on back flap  Cont'd from front flapOften controversial and always compelling,Jagdish Bhagwati here provides at last abook that cuts through the noise on thismost contentious issue, showing thatglobalization is part of the solution, not partof the problem. Anyone who wants tounderstand what's at stake in theglobalization wars will want to read In Defense of Globalisation. JAGDISH BHAGWATI is UniversityProfessor at Columbia University andAndre Meyer Senior Fellow in InternationalEconomics at the Council on ForeignRelations. A former Special Adviser to theUnited Nations on Globalization, he is oneof the world's foremost authorities oninternational trade. The author of more thanforty-five volumes and three hundredarticles, he writes-frequently for The NewYork Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, The Times Literary Supplement, and The Financial Times. Columbia University has established a chairnamed after Jagdish Bhagwati in June 2004. Jacket design: Kathleen M. LynchJacket photograph CorbisAuthor photograph: Bruce Davidson  PRAISE FOR THE BOOK'This is the book that everyone has been waiting for. Bhagwati thoughtfullyconsiders the arguments of the anti-globalization movement and shows theperil they pose to world development.'- George A. Akerlof, University of California, Berkeley2001 Nobel Laureate in Economics'The new century's major economic issue is Globalization. Yes? or Globalization, No? Columbia University's Bhagwati, regarded as a mastereconomist by all trade experts, has prepared for the intelligent public aneven-handed analysis of the pros and cons. Read and ponder.'- Paul A. Samuelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology1970 Nobel laureate in Economics'An important contribution to an often incoherent debate. As we expect of Mr. Bhagwati, it is cogently argued and well written. It sets out a persuasivecase in favor of globalization. And because of Mr. Bhagwati's impeccablecredentials, there is a better chance his book will be given a fair hearing than might be the case with some other authors. Put simply, Mr. Bhagwati has "street cred".'- Anne O. Krueger, International Monetary Fund 'An outstandingly effective book.... Until further notice In Defense of  Globalisation becomes the standard general-interest reference, the intelligent layman's handbook, on global economic integration.' -TbeF  mit 'His charming cosmopolitanism will allay the fears of critics convinced dm economists are incapable of appreciating non-economic values. Iiterary references flow from the pages, from Lady Murasaki to King Lear to Woody Allen.' - New York. Times Book  Rfflir OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS    Excerpts from Reviews 'There is little about In Defense of Globalization that can be described inless than superlative terms. This book by super-distinguished economistJagdish Bhagwati should be on every policymaker's table, and especiallythose who argue about the need for a "human face" to economic reforms.'—  India Today 'Bhagwati, perhaps one of the sharpest economic minds in the worldtoday, harnesses economic, political and philosophical arguments to makethe point that globalisation is in fact the most potent process to deliversocial good and prosperity.'—  Indian Express 'Dr Bhagwati, an acknowledged expert on international trade lustily lendshis voice to the noise for globalisation.' — Financial Express '.. .this book is a splendid and highly readable tour de force; arguably thebest book yet on the great issue of our time.'—  NewScientist  'For any reader who wants a full-fledged analytical and historicalinquiries into the fascinating impact of globalization, the book is highly recommended.' — The Sunday Express 'Silly ideas, discredited years ago, have been revived and assiduouslymarketed ..., creating the illusion that India's centre of gravity hasshifted against the global market system. To those undecided in this battleof ideas, Jagdish Bhagwati's charming and highly readable In Defense of Globalization offers well thought-out answers to the questions that havebeen raised over the past few weeks.'  —Outlook 
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