MARRIAGES SHOULD BE CELEBRATED IN A GRAND WAY I support for this ,Marriage is one of the grand event that are celebrated in every ones life.It is the every parents dream to celebtate their child’s marriage in a spleudid manner.It acts a great get together for all the relatives and friends.Now a days in these busy schedules and hectic works,such celebrations acts as great relief & refreshment. Now a days people are not knowing the values of the religious,Indian custome traditions According to m
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  MARRIAGES  SHOULD BE CELEBRATED IN A GRAND WAY  I support for this ,Marriage is one of the grand event that  arecelebrated in every ones life.It is the every parents dream tocelebtate their child’s marriage in a spleudid manner.It acts a greatget together for all the relatives and friends.Now a days in thesebusy schedules and hectic works,such celebrations acts as greatrelief & refreshment.Now a days people are not knowing the values of thereligious,Indian custome traditions According to marriage act1954,It is a relationship bond the tow people to enjoy their longlife.They share their feelings.Ofcourse,charity is important butcelebrations are necessary in our life.Marriage should become a bong remembrance.So quality should bemaintainedHowever,we earn more and more money to spend them in suchevents,qccording to their social status;to show off though it isdepending of money.So, I support that marriages should becelebrated in a grand manner that people desir pleasure and areratiofied.  EXPENSIVE MARRAIGES OPPOSING:-Expensive marriages are not necessary in these mecisionperiods.People are mostly interested in expensive marriage,it is tojust show off among their relativesto make these marriages,parentsare doing lots debts on gold,marriage halls,dowry,sarrees,food andall by which they are facing lots of financial problemGetting into crisis for status is not a good thing instead gettingmarried with at less low cost following Mixture of gives happiness tothe family soulfully and financially as well.Moreover,due to the usage of articical decoratiove items,plasticplates,glases,lot of pollution is getting added to theenvironment.Natural decorative like flowers,bananan leaves giveshotty looks as well less cost also and helps to environment.So considering are favorable conditions,expensive marriage shouldnot be encouraged.Opposing team:-Role no  1 to 13By403After are marriage is a senior of two souls and two families.  MOCK PARLIMENT Prty in power:-Role number 1 to 13Opposition Party :- Role number 14 to 30Speaker :- Role number 18Issue to be Discussed :- Should Indian marriages be conducted in agrand mannerParty in power DisagressOpposition party supports the BillSpeaker’s conclusion:-Our country India is a tradition boundcountry.Through we are in the twenty first century we still givevalue and importance to age old traditions.Marraige is the mostimportant tradition of all.In India marriage brings not just twoindividuals but two entire families together,It is our tradition and isabsolutely imbibed In our culture to celebrate this union in a grandmannerParents start saving for this grand occupation right from the child/’sbirth.It gives the parents great pleasure to celebrate this occupasiowith near and dear ones.This way they try to stringThen the bonds that have just formed.But one can argue that today when we have overcomemany age old tiring,unnecessary traditions and customs why cantwe get cover the Big Fat Indian wedding custom.Today  Prices aresky high and life is gettingtough day by day.So why celebrate it insuch an expensive manner when one can do it in a moderate way.  Celebrating in a grand manner today is more like a status symbol.Itsa new culture where people show off their status.Not only are thesemarriages a financial burden but they create noise pollution too.In aperion of Recession and high prices having big fat wedding would belike hammering a nail into the coffin.One can conclude that it is necessaryto preserve our culture but wecan do that according to our budget.Marraigeshould be a family get together not a state get together.Let that day be more about the two individuals union  ratherjewellery and money.Thus,we can say that marriage is a beautiful occasion wherefamilies meet and it leads to a stronger bond with relations andfriends.Let us preserve the tradition and celebrate,always keepingin mind that we can always doit the way we like and not the way thesociety wants.Add some ex ROLE OF YOUTH IN POLITICS The Country desperately needs some young leaders who arepersonification of enthusiasm,morality and diligence.No doubt wehave progressed a lot in the last 62 years but the development pacewould have been completely different and some youngtouchbearere led this  prtcess of developmentNow-a-days it is impossible to find a young leader with no politicalfamilies background in the furor of politicsThere can be 2 reasons why youth today are not interested inactively participating in the political field1.They are content with what they are doing and how the country isbeing governedThe youth of modern India are aware of the problems facing ourcounty and the world at large


Nov 20, 2017
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