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  WWW.SAKSHI.COM/VIDYA/BHAVITHA  ç   Ü µ Æ    ý‡   ®Ä  ¶  æ *  Ð    ] l Æ    ý ‡   ® ™    ól  Ñ §    ý l Å  {ç    ³† Vý  S$Æý  ‡$Ðé-Æý  ‡…  Ýë„ìS™ø E_™è  l… 18&2&2010 ImportantQuestionsPreviousPapersAnalysisQuickReviewPracticeBits   Ýë„ì S ¿¶æљ蠠l Vý  S$Æý  ‡$ÐéÆý  ‡… 18 í   œ{ºÐ]lÇ, 2010 2 1.The Screw gauge works on theprinciple of _____ (March 04, June 04)2.The Scale present on index line of screw gauge is called as ____ (Oct-99)3.Screw guage consists of _____ scaleand ____scale.4.Pitch of the screw P= _____ / No.of revolutions made.5.L.C. of a Screw guage = pitch of thescrew / ____6.If the Zeroth division of the head scalein below the indexline of the pitchscale, the error is said to be _____ andthe correction is _____7.If 'p' is the pitch of the scale and 'N' isno.of head scale divisions them L.C.=_____8.If screw moves 5mm for 5 revolutions,the pitch of the screw is _____9.If a screw consists 200 head scaledivisions which contains pitch as 1mmthen the least count is _____10.If the L.C. is 0.01 mm, Pitch scalereading is 1.5 mm and the headscalereading is 18, then the diametre of theobject is ____ 1.The value of the universal gravitationalconstant is ____ (March-2009, April-2009)2.The weight of 400g stone is _____ N(June-08, April-08, June-06, March-2000)3.Units for 'G' in SI System ____ (March, 2008)4.Ptolemaic theory is also known as ____(March-2007)5.As per Kepler's theory, the planet revol-ves around sun in_____ path.(March06)6.Universal law of gravitation is applicableat _____ (March 2005)7.Kepler's law supports _____ theory(March 1999)8.Heliocentric theory is proposed by _____(June - 2000)9.Units of acceleration due to gravity is_____ (March - 2001)10.Acceleration due to gravity at poles is_____ and at equator it is _____ (March -2003)11.Acceleration due to gravity is highest at_____ (March-03, 02, June-03)12.Example for sensitive instruments used tomeasure small changes in the value of gat given place is _____(June - 05, 02, 01, March - 04)13.Numerical value of the universalgravitational constant is _____(June-07)14.The weight of a substance in the force____15.The gravitational force of earth overmoon is _____ than the gravitationalforce of moon over earth.16.As the altitude increases the 'g' value____17.As the depth increases the 'g' value ____18.Relationship among g, G, M and r is ____19.If the mass of an object is 'm', then theweight of the same w = _____20.The mass of an object at anywhere in theworld is ____21.The principle used to determine the forceof attraction between two objects 'F' =____22.When Kepler modernised Copernicussystem, the shape of the path of orbit isstated as ____23.As per Copernicus solar system earthrevolves around its axis and also revolvesin circular orbit around ____24.The acceleration attained by a body dueto the gravitational force of attraction of earth is called as ____25.The distance between the earth and themoon is _____ k.m.26.The acceleration of moon towards earthis _____ km/sec 2 27.Gravitational force of attraction on abody of 10 kg is ____1.If a ball which is thrown up attainsa maximum height of 80m the initialspeed of it is _____(June 2008, March 04, 02)2.The uniform acceleration produced in afreely falling body due to thegravitational pull of the earth is _____(June 2008)3.The time for which a body remains in airis called _____ (March 08, June 07)4.The maximum height reached by a bodywhen it is projected upwards with a initialvelocity 'u' is _____(April 08, June 06, 05, 00, March 04)5.The time of ascent is directlyproportional to _____ (April 08, june 08)6.When a body is dropped from a height 'h',then the velocity of the body on reachingthe earth is _____ (March 2007)7.For a body moving under the influence of gravity, time of ascent is equal to _____(March 2006, 08)8.When a body is projected upwards, theaccleration due to gravity is taken _____(March, 08)9.The maximum height reached by a bodythrown with initial velocity 10m/sec is_____ (June 02)10.The time taken by a body to reachmaximum height is _____(March-03, June-07)11.Maximum height reached by a bodythrown with initial velocity 40 m/g is_____ (March-04, 02)12.The time for which a body remains in airis called _____ (March-08)13.The acceleration of a falling body a = ___14.The initial velocity of a freely fallingbody is ____15.The time taken by a freely falling body toreach earth is ____16.Ascending time = Descending time = ___17.The acceleration of a body ''a'' at the timeof ascending ____18.Time of flight t = ____19.Ascending velocity and descendingvelocity of a body at a fixed point in air is____20.If a body takes one second to reachground when it is dropped from abuilding, the height of the building is____1.Acar moves on a curved but level road.The necessary centripetal force on the carif provided by _____(March 2009, 04, June - 2003)2.In simple harmonic motion, theacceleration of the particle is directlyproportional to _____ (March, 09)3._____ is a machine used to separateparticles of higher mass from those of lower mass in a given mixture(March, 01)4.The force of attraction of a particleradially towards the centre of circle is_____ (March, 1999)5.An imaginary co-ordinate system whichis either at rest or in uniform motion andwhere Newton's laws are valid is calledas _____ (June, 03)6.Circular motion is a variety type of _____motion.7.If the stone tie up with a thread rotating ina circular motion is untied the motiondirection of the stone is ____8.In uniform circular motion _____ isconstant.9.The force acting towards centre is calledas ____10.If the angle of banking is θ , the tan θ =____11.The angular velocity of a hours hand inclock is ____12.The machine which dries wet clothes is____13.The angualr velocity of a minutes hand ina clock is ____14.The force found only in fixed rotational Physical Science OUR UNIVERSE & GRAVITYSCREW GAUGE Time Taken to Reach Maximum Height? SCREW GAUGEKINEMATICSOur Universe & GravityDYNAMICS Answers: 1.Screw2. Pitch Scale3.Pitch, head4.Distance travelled by the Screw5.No.of head scale divisions6.Positive, negative7.P/N8. 1 mm9.0.005mm10. 1.68 mm Answers: 1.40 m2. Acceleration due to gravity3.Time of flight4. U 2  /2g'5.Initial velocity6. √ 2gh7.Ascending time or U/g'8.negative9. 5m10.Descending time11. 80 m12.Time of flight13. ''g''14.Zero15. Descending time16.U/g'17. – g18. 2U/g19. equal20. 5m Answers: 1.6.67×10 –11 Nm 2 Kg –2 2. 3.9 N3.Nm 2 Kg –2 4. Geocentric theory5.Elliptical6.Anywhere in the universe7.Heliocentric theory 8. –2 10. Maximum, Minimum11.Poles12. Gravity Metre13.6.67×10 –11 14. Of attraction of earth on it15.Low16. Decreases17.Decreases18. g = GM/r 2'20. Constant21.F = GMm/r 2 22. Elliptical23.Sun24. Acceleration25.3.85×10 5 26. 0.0027m/sec 2 27. 98N Y. Ravi Kumar TG, Senior Teacher,Hyderabad BITBANK Written by   Ýë„ì S ¿¶æљ蠠l VýS$Æý  ‡$ÐéÆý  ‡… 18 í   œ{ºÐ] lÇ, 2010 3 frame is ____15.The bend of a cyclist moving on edgesdepend on ____16.The realationship among 'r', v and ''w'' is____17.One radian = ____18.Relation between time of oscillation 'T'and frequency f is ____19.One revolution = _____ radians.20.The angular momentum of a body L=____21.The magnitude of centripetal accelerationa = ____22.Centripetal force F = ____23.In a uniform circualr motion if the radiusis doubled then the centripetal force ____24.The angle made by a body with respect totime is ____25.Units for angualr velocity is ____26.Centrifugal force acting on a car whichhas 1200 kg mass, moving with 6m/secvelocity along a road have 180m. circularradius is ____27.The angle subtended by an arc of lengthequal to its radius at its centre is definedas ____28.The rate of angular displacement is called____29.2 π radians = _____ degrees30.Time taken by a body for one completerevolution is called ____31.Ball left by a bowler attains _____motion before reaching a batsman.32.d θ  /dt = ____33.Angular velocity w = 2 π÷ _____ Radians34.____ separates molases from sugarcrystals.35.Systems which do not obey Newtonslaws of motion are called as ____1.The wavelength of the visible spectrum is_____ (June - 09, 05, 04, March 01)2.The electromagnetic radiations that areused to take photographs of objects indarkness _____ (March - 2009)3.____ rays are emitted in radioactivity.(June - 2008)4.The velocity of electromagnetic waves is_____ (March 2008)5.Electromagnetic radiations with shortestwavelength are _____ (March 2008)6.Rays used in RADAR _____(April 08, June 07) (March 2001)7.We are protected from ultravioletradiations of the sun because _____ inour atmosphere absorbs UVraysstrongly. (June 2007, April -2008)8.The radiations used in physio - therapy is_____ (March 2007)9.Velocity of light in vaccume _____(June - 2006)10.Electromagnetic waves are _____ type of waves. (March 2006)11.1A°= _____ (Oct - 1999)12.Frequency range in radio broadcasting_____ (March - 2006)13.RADAR means _____ (Oct - 99)14.Microwaves are generated in a electricalcircuit on account of _____ (June - 01)15.On account of change in the rotation orvibrations of molecules of a substance_____ rays are emitted.16.The waves useful in Telemetry ____17.____ rays cause skin cancer if body isexposed for moretime of the same.18.____ waves are generated on account of the vibrations of low frequencyelectromagnetic radiations.19.The wavelength range of Radio waves.20. Infrared rays are located through ____21.The process of using soft X-rays inmedical diagnosis is called as ____22.____ waves are used in Micro Oven.23.____ cause damage to ozone layer.24.The wavelength range of Infrared rays isfrom _____ to ____.25.Mapping of the radio emissions fromextra terrestrial sources in known as ____1.If the distance between a node andthe next antinode in a stationary wave is10 cms, then the wavelength is _____(June 09)2.Velocity of sound in air 'V' = _____(March-09, April-08) (June-06) (March03, 01)3.In a stationary wave, the point at whichthe maximum displacement is _____(June, 2008)4.Periodic vibrations of decreasingamplitude are called _____ (June, 2007)5.The vibrations that take place under theinfluence of an external periodic force arecalled _____ (June, 2007)6.Amedium transmits a sound wavethrough it, by virtue of its _____(March 2007)7.The distance between successive nodeand antinode is _____ (March - 2006)8.In a resonance experiment if the firstresonance air column length is 10cm, thesecond length of resonance air column isat ____9.The distance between two successiveparticles which are in the same phase iscalled as ____10.____ waves are developed in theresonance of air columns.11.If particles in the wave vibrateperpendicular to the propagation of wave,then it is called as ____12.By keeping the length of a pendulumconstant, the vibration range is increasedby energy then frequency ____13.____ is the reason for the collapse of abridge if march fast is done on it.14.____ are the stationary points of particlesof media in stationary waves.15.The distance between two successiveantinodes in a stationary wave is ____16.The wavelength of a sound wave wherethe velocity is 300m/sec and frequency is10,000Hz is ____17.Waves containing compressions andrarefractions are ____18.Units for the frequency ____19.The velocity of sound waves havefrequencies 200 Hz and 500 Hz is ____20.Frequency possessed by each system iscalled as ____21.If frequency is ''  ν '' and wavelength is '' λ ''then the velocity of sound v = ____22.The phenomenon in which if one of thetwo bodies of the same natural frequencyis set into vibrations, the other body alsovibrates under the influence of the firstbody is called ____23.When two waves of equal frequency andamplitude travel in opposite direction_____ are formed.24.Velocity of sound in vaccume is ____25.Velocity of sound in air is determinedwith ____1.Unit for the intensity of light _____(June 2009, March 2007)2.Expand ''LASER'' _____(June 2009, April 2008)3.____ is the change in the phase of a wavewhen it is reflected (June - 2008)4.For a constructive super position of waves, the phase difference between thewaves should be equal to _____(June - 2008)5.The unit of solid angle ( Ω ) is _____ Physical Science LIGHTSOUND ELECTRO MAGNETICSPECTRUM   SOUND Answers: 1. 0.4 µ m - 0.7 µ m2. Infrared rays3. Gama4. 3 × 10 8 m/s5. GAMA6. Micro waves7. Ultra violet rays8. Infrared rays9. 3×10 8 m/s10. Transverse waves11. 10 –8 cm12.300 KHz to MHz13. Radio detection and Ranging14.Oscillatinos of high frequencyelectromagnetic waves15.Infrared16. Microwaves17. Ultra violet18. Radio waves19. 1m - 100 km20. Thermofile21. Radiography22. MICRO23.Spray of gaseous solutions24.0.7 µ m - 100 µ m25. Radio Astronomy Answers: 1. Abrasion between Car tyres and road2. Displacement3. Centrifuge4. Centripetal force5. Inertial frame of reference6. Rotation7. Along contact line8. Angular Velocity9. Centripetal Force10.v 2  /rg11. π  /6 radians/hour12.Laundry drier 13. π  /1800 Radians/Sec14.Centrifugal force15. Speed16.V= r ω 17. 57°29 1 18. T= 1/f 19. 2 π 20. m ω r 2 21. v 2  /r22. mv 2  /r23. Increases twice24. Angular displacement25.Radians/sec26. 147 N27.Radian28. Angular Velocity29.36030. Periodic Motion31.Rotation32. ω 33. T34. Centrifuge35.Non - inertial frame of reference Answers: 1. 40cm2.3. Antinode4. Damped Vibrations5. Forced Vibrations 6. Elasticity, Inertia7. λ  /48. 30 cm9. Wavelength10. Stationary Waves 11. Transverse Wave12. No change13. Resonance14.Node15. λ  /216. 3 cm17.Longitudinal waves18. Hertz19.Equal20. Natural frequency21.v =  νλ 22. Resonance23.Stationary waves24. zero25. pv λ=ρ p λρ LIGHT-NATURE OF LIGHTAND SOURCES OF LIGHT Velocity of Electromagnetic Waves?   Ýë„ì S ¿¶æљ蠠l Vý  S$Æý  ‡$ÐéÆý  ‡… 18 í   œ{ºÐ]lÇ, 2010 4 Physical Science CURRENT ELECTRICITYMAGNETISM (March 2008)6.The process of achieving populationinversion is called as ____7.____ proposed wave theory of light(June-2003)8.First scientist explained about the natureof light is ____9.Scientist explained the colours of lightwith the different sizes of light particles is____10.Radiations of quanta is called ____11.As per newton's theory velocity of light is_____ in denser medium.12._____ phenomenon could n't explain byNewtons theory of light.13.Scientist proposed medium of 'Ether' inuniverse is ____14.The imaginary three dimensional surfaceformed by the particles of a mediumwhich are vibrating in the same phase iscalled a ____15.If the velocity of light in vaccume is ''c''and the velocity of light in a medium is''v'', then the refractive index of medium µ = ____16.If angle of incidence is i in rarer mediumand the angle of refraction is ''r'' is densermedium the refractive index of medium µ = ____ 17.Crests of water waves in ripple tank act as____18.The velocity of water wave is _____ asthe depth of the water increases19.For destractive superimposition of waves,the phase difference between the wavesshould be equal to ____20____ is the reason for noticing sounds of one room to another room.21.Refractive index µ = velocity of light invaccume (c) / ____22.____ is used for curing meninzes(March 2005, oct - 99)23.Lumen is unit for _____ (March - 2007)24.The wavelength of ruby laser is _____(June 2004)25.____ proposed law of laser at first in theyear 1954. (June - 2004)26.Modern units for the flux of light ____27.The width of band in a quality laser is____28.The science of measuring the intensity of light of two sources with a special units iscalled as ____29.1 Lumen / Steridian = ____30.Temporal coherence is important in theproduction of ____31.____ is the cause for optical noise inordinary light.32.____ rays posses directionality.33.____ destructs ICBM in air.34.Special three dimentional photographyusing laser is called as ____1.Gadolinium is a ______ magneticsubstance (June 2009)2.Locate Para magnetic substance amongAl, Hg, Co & AU _____ (June - 2008)3.Magnetic field induction on the equatorialline is given by B = _____Newtons/Amphere - Metre (June - 2008)4.Magnetic permeability of space is _____(March 2008, 06, 2000)5.The magnetic moment of a bar magnet of length 5cm with pole strength 2 × 10 –3 ampere - meter is _____ (March - 2008)6.The units of pole strength in SI system is(April - 2008)7.Air, water & Bismuth are the examples of _____ magnetic substances.(April - 2008)8.Substances are those in which theresultant magnetic moment of individualatoms is not zero are called as _____(June 2007)9.Relationship between magnetic fluxdensity (B) and the magnetic field (H) is____ (June - 2007)10.____ is the diamagnetic substance amongBismuth, Iron and Oxygen(March - 2007)11.The unit of magnetic pole strength inMKS system is _____ (June - 2006)12.The value of  µ r for diamagneticsubstances is _____ (March - 2002)13.The relative permeability of diamagneticsubstances is _____ (March - 2002)14.Units for the intensity of magnetisation is_____ (March - 1999)15.Susceptibility of dia-magnetic substanceis _____ (March 2005, June - 2001)16.Relationship between absolute permeabi-lity µ , relative permeability µ r is ____17.SI units for H = ____18.Relationship among φ , Aand B is ____19.1 weber = _____ Ampere - metre20. µ r value for space = ____21.If the length of magnet is (2l) andpolestrength is (m)then magnetic momentM = ____22.B 0 is not considered for a bar magnet at_____ points.23.The point where the B & B 0 nullify eachother forms _____ near by a magnet.24.B 0 value of Andhra Pradesh is ____25.The magnetic moment M of a bar magnetwhen neutral points are on equatorial lineand B = B 0 . Then M = _____ A- m 2 26.The magnetic moment M of a bar magnetwhen neutral points are on axial line andB = B 0 . M = _____ A- m 2 27.Apole which repulses with a force of 10 –7 N of another pole kept at a metre distanceis called as ____.28.Magnetic momentum present in unitvolume of a substance is called as ____1.Rate of electrical work done isdefined as _____ (June 09).2.Atransformer works on the principle of _____ (March 09).3.The value of mechanical equivalent of heat is _____ (March 09).4.The work required to be done to producea quality of heat of 1 calorie is _____ joules (June 08).5.The equivalent resistance when tworesistors of 8 Ω each are connected inparallel _____ (March 08).6.Adevice which converts mechanicalenergy into electrical energy is _____(April 08).7.The instrument used to measure potentialdifference between two points is called_____ (June 07).8.When resistances are connected in _____,the total voltage is divided among them(March 07).9.The symbol of battery is _____ (June 06).10.The conductors which do not obey ohmslaw, are called as _____ (March 06).11.Unit for flow of current is _____(March 99).12.The resultant resistance when R 1 = 100 Ω ,R 2 = 1 Ω are connected in parallel = ____(March 00)13.The resultant resistance when 6 Ω , 12 Ω resistances are connected parallel _____(June 01).14.The resultant resistance of 6 Ω , 12 Ω areconnected in serial is ____ (March 03).15.When 240Vpotential difference ismaintained in a bulb a flow of 3Aisobserved through it. Then the resistanceof bulb is ____ (June 04).16.Potential difference between two points ismeasured with ____ (June 07).17.Electrical current is measured with ____instrument (March 00).18.When 1v, 1.5v, 5v emf batteries areconnected in parallel the resultant emf is-____ (March 02).19.Magnetic induction (B)=____(March 00).20.Electrical motor converts _____ energyinto _____ energy (March 07).21.Volt meter is always connected in ____ inelectrical circuit. (March 00).22.Use of iron core on transformer is ____(March 01).23.Mechanical energy is converted intoelectrical energy by _____ throughelectromagnetic induction (March 02).24.Units for self induction is ____ (June 07).25.Full form of RPM is ____26.If a electrical coil is rotated in thepresence of magnetic field the inducedemf is changed for every revolution of  Lumen is Unit for? Answers: 1. Candle2. Light amplificatoin by stimulationEmission of Radiation3. 180°4. 2 π n5. Steridian6. Pumping7. HUYGENS8. Newton9. Newton10. Photon11. More12. Polarisation13. Huygens14. Wavefront15. C/V16. Sin i /Sin r17. Convex lense18.Increases19. π 20. Diffraction21.Velocity of light in medium22.LASER23. Luminous flux24.6943Å25. Charles H. Towns26.Lumen27. 10 –8 28.LightPhotometry29. LUX 30.Laser31.Non Coherence 32.LASER33.LASER 34.Holography MAGNETISM Answers: 1. Ferromagnetic Substance2. Al3.4. 4 π × 10 –7 Henry/metre5. 10 –4 Ampere - metre 2 6. Ampere - metre7. Dia8. Para magnetic substance9. B = µ 0 H10. Bismuth11. Weber12. µ r ≤ 113. Nearly equal to one14. Ampere - metre15. Very low16. µ = µ 0 µ r 17. Ampere / metre18. φ = AB19. µ 0 Ampere - meter20. 121. 2 ml22. near by23.null points or neutral24.0.39×10 –4 Tesla25. 390d 3 26.195d 3 27. Unit pole strength28.Magnetic Intensity I 03 M4d µπ CURRENT ELECTRICITY


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