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  ~s ~c c\o r· Set No.1 Question Booklet No 00042 IlPf245fl (To befilled up by tile candidate by bluelblack ball-point pen) Roll No .... _-L_-L_..J...._..J...._..J...._..J...._- -_...J Roll No. (Write the digits in words) .............ã.......ã...ã...ã...ã...ã................................ããã...........ã........ã... Serial No. of Answer Sheet ............................................. Day and Date .......ã...ã........................................................ ( Signature of Invigilator) INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES (Use only blue/black ball-point pen in the space above and on both sides of the Answer Sheet) 1. Within 10 minutes of the issue of the Question Booklet, check the Question Booklet to ensure that it contains all the pages in correct sequence and that no page/question is missing. In case of faulty Question Booklet bring it to the notice of the SuperintendentfInvigiiators immediately to obtain a fresh Question Booklet. 2. Do not bring any loose paper, written or blank, inside the Examination Hall except theAclmit Card without its envelop.e. 3. A separate An wer Sheet is givell. It hould not be folded or mutilated. A second Answer Sheet shall not be provided. Only the Answer Sheet will he evaluated. 4. Write your Roll Number and Serial Number of he Answer Sheet by pen in the space prvided above. S. On tile front page a/tlte Answe,. Sheet, write by pen your Roll Number in the space provided at the top and by darkening the circles at the hottom. Also, wherever applicable, write the Question Booklet Number and the Set Number in appropriate places. 6. No ol- erwriting is allowed in the entries of Roll No., Question Booklet ItO and Set no. (if any) on OMR sheet and Roll No. atrd OMR sheet no. on the Queston Booklet. 7. Any change in tlte aforesaid entries is to he verified by the invigilator, otherwise it will be taken as unjairmeans. 8. Each question in tltis Booklet is followed by four alternative answers. For each question, you are to record the correct option on the Answer Sheet by darkening the appropriate circle in the corresponding row o/the Answer Sheet, by pen as mentioned in the guidelines given on the first page 0/ tile Answer Sheet. 9. For each question, darken only one circle on the Answer Sheet. If you darken more than one circle or darken a circle partially, the answer will be treated as incorrect. 10 Note that the answer once filled in ink cannot be changed. f you do not wish to attempt a question, leave af[ the circles in the corresponding row blank (such question will be awarded zero marks). 11. For rough work, use the inner back page of the title cover and the blank page at the end of til is Booklet 12. Deposit only OMRAm wer Sheet at the end of the Test. 13. You are not permitted to leave the Examination Hall until the end of the Test. 14. If a candidate attempts \0 use any form of unfair means, he/she shall be liable to such punishment as the University may determine and impose on him/her. Total No. of Printed Pages :48 [mf ro w fP{ if arfWr 3lJ ffUT 'R f I: ~i  llP 245 l No. of Questions: 150 -w.RT'IIT +i &<1 : 150 Time Hours wr<f: Full Marks: 450 9ytfj, : 450 Note: 1) Attempt as many questions as you can. Each question carries 3 Three) marks. One mark w ll be deducted/or each incorrect answer ero mark will be awarded for each unattempted question. 3lf>l'8f'T'n wAr '-lit w 'l>f.\ q;] >I 'rfl 'lit lI'A 3 ( <iR ) 3Tq; q;] WI lrii<h 7T1'I?f '3fff if; 1J Cfi ft;; q m illjj llI 31:\'111:(1 lI'A q;] ~ I C(I i Ii l'l 'I rn I 2) If more than one alternative answers seem to be approximate to the correct answer, choose the closest one. ~ T n 'Ii 01 'Ii -mt 'iI; f.r< ;c: >r<iffi -,iT, <it f.w;(I Y -mt '{I 01 A normal distribution is characterized by .............. . 1) Zero skewness 2) Positive skewness 3) Negative skewness 4) All the above ............. WIIYI ' f<'l(l{ul '-lit f<'l:/lq(ll WI (1) f<'lqY(l1 (2) '1'lIcY'Ii fo qlj (3) 5li ullrY'Ii fo qlj (4) aq>Ji h ~ 02 The kurtosis index of a meeokurtic curve is ............. . 1) Zero (2) 0.263 (3) 0.237 (4) 0.352 1lu 'Ii~~1 <'Ill> q ] Ii~~(li .................. W : (1) (2) 0.263 (3) 0.237 (4) 0.352 3 P.T.O.  llP 245 1 03 What will be median for the given scores? 36 30 40, 24, 46, 58 1 ) 38 (2) 39 (3) 36 (4) 40 'W: wi<8 qi mf '1'li1 0RlT ;j\1j\ ? 36 30 40 24 46 58 1 ) 38 (2) 39 (3) 36 (4) 40 04 Choose the correct formula to compute SD 1) 2) 3) 1 ) 2) 3) 4) 4) )ITx' N JITx N 05 Make a correct choice for the formulae to compute product moment correlation below A and B (1) Both A and B are correct (3) B is correct but A is not 4 l:xy B. J(l:x )(l:y ) 2) A is correct but B is not (4) Both A and B are incorrect l:xy B. J(l:x ) (l:y )  (1) A q B <i8r mit (3) B mit t A 1Jffi t llP 245 l (2) A mit t B 1Jffi i (4) A q B <i8r 1Jffi 06. Mode is a measure of .......... . 07. 08. (1) Variability (3) Correlation §>< I ili . . .. . . .. .. liT l1T 1 t (1) >flRUT (3) \1$\1kV'.f (2) Central tendency (4) Probability (2) ih ,l~ llqr~~r (4) llrr~ili l What is the likely correlation between A and B sets of scores? A: 35 33 31 29 27 25 B 60 58 56 54 52 50 (1 ) Zero (2) 0.50 (3) 1.00 (4 ) 1.00 A 10 i B Bliq \1, \ri'l 1 liT \1$\1kH'f FIT -,iTrn ? A: 35 33 31 29 27 25 B 60 58 56 54 52 50 (1 ) 'II. '< (2) - 0.50 (3) 1.00 (4) 1.00 When tv O variables are true dicholomies which is an appropriate measure of correlation ? (1 ) Bi serial (2) Product moment (3) Phi Coefficient (4) Tetrachoric 5 P.T.O.
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