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  Router Exploitation Felix ‚FX‘Lindner BlackHatBriefings USA2009   Introduction & Motivation  Vulnerabilities in routers  Architectural considerations  The Return Address Dilemma  Shellcode for Routers  Protecting Routers AgendaAgenda 󰁅󰁄󰁃󰁂󰁁󰀹󰀸󰀷󰀶󰀵󰀴󰀳󰀲󰀱󰀰 Watch theBlackHat-O-Meter!  Introduction  Exploitation of router vulnerabilities has been shown independently before  Primary focus on Cisco IOS  Notable incidents in the wild have not been registered within the security community  Successful but unnoticed attacks are unlikely, due to the fragile nature of the target (more on this later)  All publicized incidents were based on:  Configuration issues  Insider attacks  Trivially exploitable functional vulnerabilities  The limited data from Recurity Labs CIR Online supports that observation 󰁅󰁄󰁃󰁂󰁁󰀹󰀸󰀷󰀶󰀵󰀴󰀳󰀲󰀱󰀰  Motivation  Everything handling even remotely remote data gets exploited all the time  It has been established that control over infrastructure equipment is desirable for an attacker  Therefore, unique obstacles obviously prevent wide-scale & high quality exploitation of routers  Knowing these obstacles is the way to notice developments in which the same are overcome  These developments will herald a new age 󰁅󰁄󰁃󰁂󰁁󰀹󰀸󰀷󰀶󰀵󰀴󰀳󰀲󰀱󰀰
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