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  1 SOCAL MEDIA MARKETING BHUSHAN K. WANKHADE HPGD/JL16/1766 SPECIALIZATION: MARKTING WELINGKAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH  Year of Submission: May, 2018  2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all I wish to thank my guide Venkat Iyer, Professor, Welingkar institute of management Development & Research for his exemplary guidance, valuable feedback and constant encouragement throughout the duration of the report. His valuable suggestion were of immense help throughout my project work. His perception criticism kept me working to make this report in a much better way. Working under him was an extremely knowledgeable experience for me. I would also like to give my sincere gratitude to my friends and colleagues who help me in collecting information and preparing this report. DATE  –  25/05/2018 Bhushan K. Wankhade  3 APPENDIX  –  I CERTIFICATE FROM THE GUIDE This is to certify that the Project work titled “Case Study –  Naming the Brand” is a bona fide work carried out by Bhushan K. Wankhade (Roll No. HPGD/JL16/1766), a candidate for the Post Graduate Diploma Examination of the Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research under my guidance and direction. SIGNATURE OF GUIDE NAME :- Venkat Iyer DESIGNATION :- Professor DATE: 25 rd  May 2018. PLACE: Mumbai  4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Introduction: Social media has gained importance and acceptance at a very past pace. It has become an avenue to share one’s personal and professional life. The usage of social media as a marketing tool is already implemented by many businesses. This reports analysed how effectively social media be used as a marketing tool. The comparison of social media versus traditional media for marketing was studied and advantages and disadvantages of both are compiled. This report also analysed how small business start-ups can benefit from the ever growing social media industry. Method: This report used journals, magazine articles, newspaper articles, business reviews, online survey and so on from the. Further official social media pages of various companies on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were analysed to generate statistics. Result: Social media presence is definitely an advantage for all kinds of businesses. Social Media marketing has wider market appeal and is relatively cheaper than traditional advertisements. With a huge number of audiences and high customisability of social media for required content, social media marketing emerges as an exciting and effective tool for marketing.
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