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  Bench:  A Kabir, C Joseph IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIACRIMINAL APPELLATE JURISDICTIONCRIMINAL APPEAL No. 8! OF "##!$Arisi%& o'( o) SLP*Cr+. No.-# o) "##8/0HUSHAN KUMAR MEEN ... Appe++a%(*s 1ers'sMANSI MEEN 2 HARPREET KAUR ... Respo%3e%(*s 4ITHSLP*Cr+.No.!"5 o) "##8ORDER Lea6e is &ra%(e3 i% SLP*C No.-# o) "##8.This appea+ is 3ire7(e3 a&ai%s( (he '3&9e%( a%3 or3er 3a(e3 : s( J'+;, "##8, passe3 b; (he P'%ab < Har;a%a Hi&h Co'r( i% Cr+.Mis7.No.:5!=M o) "##8, >hereb; (he appe++a%(?s app+i7a(io% '%3er Se7(io% 58" o) (he Co3e o) Cri9i%a+ Pro7e3're )or @'ashi%& (he or3ers 3a(e3 "-(h J'+;, "## a%3 (h No6e9ber, "## passe3 b; (he 7o'r(s be+o> &ra%(i%& Rs.:#,###B= per 9o%(h, as i%(eri9 9ai%(e%a%7e (o (he respo%3e%(=>i)e, >as 3is9isse3.Tai%& i%(o 7o%si3era(io% (he e6i3e%7e a33'7e3, (he +ear%e3 A33i(io%a+ Chie) J'3i7ia+ Ma&is(ra(e, Pa(ia+a,  be)ore >ho9 (he pro7ee3i%&s '%3er Se7(io% :"- o) (he Cri9i%a+ Pro7e3're Co3e, )i+e3 b; (he respo%3e%(=>i)e is pe%3i%&, 3ire7(e3 (he appe++a%(=h'sba%3 (o pa; (he sai3 s'9 o) Rs.:#,###B= b; >a; o) i%(eri9 9ai%(e%a%7e (o (he respo%3e%(=>i)e 3'ri%& (he pe%3e%7; o) (he pro7ee3i%&. The sai3 or3er >as "a))ir9e3 bo(h b; (he Sessio%s Co'r( as >e++ as (he Hi&h Co'r(. 0e)ore 's, (he appe++a%(=h'sba%3, >ho is appeari%& i% perso%, has sho>% (ha( his sa+ar; 7er(i)i7a(e ha3 bee% pro3'7e3 be)ore (he Ma&is(ra(e, )ro9 >hi7h i( appears (ha( he >as 3ra>i%& approi9a(e+; Rs.5,!##B= per 9o%(h (o>ar3s his sa+ar;, o'( o) >hi7h 6ario's 3e3'7(io%s >ere bei%& 9a3e, i%7+'3i%& a 3e3'7(io% o) Rs.":,"!B= (o>ar3s (he ho9e +oa% >hi7h he ha3 ob(ai%e3, +ea6i%& i% his ha%3 as (aea>a; sa+ar; a s'9 o) abo'( Rs.!###B=.The appe++a%( has s'b9i((e3 (ha( i% (ha( 6ie> o) (he 9a((er, (he a9o'%( as a>ar3e3 b; (he Ma&is(ra(e (o (he respo%3e%(=>i)e >as %o( 's(i)iab+e. The appe++a%(=h'sba%3 has a+so (ae% a%o(her poi%( re&ar3i%& (he  9ai%(ai%abi+i(; o) (he app+i7a(io% '%3er Se7(io% :"- Cr.P.C. o% a77o'%( o) (he abi+i(; o) (he respo%3e%(=>i)e (o 9ai%(ai% herse+).O% beha+) o) (he respo%3e%(=>i)e, i( has bee% 'r&e3 (ha( ha6i%& re&ar3 (o (he %e( sa+ar;, >hi7h (he appe++a%( is e%(i(+e3 (o (ae ho9e, (he a9o'%( as assesse3 b; >a; o) i%(eri9 9ai%(e%a%7e b; (he Ma&is(ra(e a%3 as 'phe+3 b; (he Sessio%s J'3&e as >e++ as (he Hi&h Co'r(, 7o'+3 %o( be sai3 (o be e7essi6e a%3 (ha( (he )a7( (ha( (he appe++a%( ha3 (ae% (he ho9e +oa% >hi7h has bee% a3's(e3 a&ai%s( (he sa+ar;, is %o 7o%si3era(io% )or a+(eri%& (he sai3 a9o'%(, as ha3 bee% &ra%(e3 b; (he +ear%e3 Sessio%s J'3&e.As )ar as (he se7o%3 poi%( (ae% b; (he appe++a%( is 7o%7er%e3, i( >as s'b9i((e3 (ha( (he sa9e re@'ire3 e6i3e%7e a%3 ha3 (o be (o '+(i9a(e+; 3e7i3e3 b; (he Ma&is(ra(e >hi+e 3e7i3i%& (he app+i7a(io% '%3er Se7(io% :"- Cr.P.C.. Ha6i%& hear3 +ear%e3 7o'%se+ )or (he respe7(i6e par(ies, a%3 7o%si3eri%& (he rea+i(; o) (he si('a(io% (o (he e))e7( (ha( (he appe++a%( is re7ei6i%& a s'9 o) abo'( Rs.!###B= i% ha%3 a)(er 3e3'7(io% o) 6ario's a9o'%(s, i%7+'3i%& (he i%s(a+9e%(s (o>ar3s repa;9e%( o) (he ho9e +oa%, >e are o) (he 6ie> (ha( (he a9o'%( as a>ar3e3 b; >a; o) i%(eri9 9ai%(e%a%7e is o% (he hi&h si3e. A( (he sa9e (i9e, >e 7a%%o( a+so sh'( o'r e;es (o (he )a7( (ha( a( prese%( (he respo%3e%(=>i)e is %o( e9p+o;e3 or a( +eas( (here is %o(hi%& o% re7or3 (o i%3i7a(e she is e9p+o;e3 i% a%; &ai%)'+ >or. Ho>e6er, ha6i%& re&ar3 (o (he @'a+i)i7a(io%s (ha( she possesses, (here is %o reaso% >h; she o'&h( %o( (o be i% a posi(io% (o a+so 9ai%(ai% herse+) i% (he )'('re. A77or3i%&+;, >e 9o3i); (he or3er passe3  b; (he +ear%e3 Ma&is(ra(e, &ra%(i%& Rs.:#,###B= per 9o%(h (o (he respo%3e%(=>i)e b; >a; o) i%(eri9 9ai%(e%a%7e a%3 3ire7( (ha( (he appe++a%(=h'sba%3 sha++ pa; (o (he respo%3e%(=>i)e a s'9 o) Rs.-###B= per 9o%(h, i%s(ea3 o) Rs.:#,###B=, a%3 a++ o(her (er9s a%3 7o%3i(io%s, as i%3i7a(e3 b; (he +ear%e3 Ma&is(ra(e, >i++ 7o%(i%'e (o opera(e.4e are i%)or9e3 (ha( (here are h'&e arrears, >hi7h are ;e( (o be pai3 b; (he appe++a%(=h'sba%3 (o (he respo%3e%(=>i)e. The +ear%e3 Ma&is(ra(e sha++ re7a+7'+a(e (he a9o'%( o) arrears o% (he basis o) (he or3er  passe3 (o3a; a%3 (he appe++a%(= h'sba%3 sha++ >i(hi% (hree 9o%(hs o) (he re=assess9e%( o) (he a9o'%(, pa; (he s'9 (o (he respo%3e%(=>i)e, i) %e7essar;, i% (hree i%s(a++9e%(s, (o be 3e7i3e3 b; (he +ear%e3 Ma&is(ra(e.4e 9ae i( 7+ear (ha( >e ha6e %o( &o%e i%(o (he @'es(io% as (o >ha( >o'+3 be (he a9o'%( pa;ab+e b; >a; o) 9ai%(e%a%7e per 9o%(h (o (he respo%3e%(=>i)e a%3 (his is o%+; a% i%(eri9 arra%&e9e%( (i++ (he 9a((er is )i%a++; 3ispose3 o) b; (he +ear%e3 Ma&is(ra(e. 4e a+so eep ope% (he se7o%3 @'es(io% raise3 b; (he h'sba%3=>i)e re&ar3i%& (he app+i7abi+i(; o) Se7(io% :"- Cr.P.C. as )ar as (he respo%3e%(=>i)e is 7o%7er%e3.Si%7e (he 9a((er has bee% pe%3i%& )or a +o%& (i9e a%3 e6i3e%7e has bee% re7or3e3 (o so9e e(e%(, >e 3ire7( (he +ear%e3 Ma&is(ra(e (o 3ispose o) (he pe%3i%& 5   pro7ee3i%&s >i(hi% si 9o%(hs )ro9 (he 3a(e o) 7o99'%i7a(io% o) (his or3er. The o(her Spe7ia+ Lea6e Pe(i(io%, bei%& No.!"5 o) "##8, be 3e+i%e3 )ro9 (he appea+ arisi%& o'( o) SLP*CNo.-# o) "##8, bei%& 3ispose3 o) b; (his or3er, a%3 be +is(e3 separa(e+; )or )i%a+ 3isposa+ a)(er (he s'99er 6a7a(io%. The or3er o) a((a7h9e%( o) (he sa+ar; o) (he appe++a%(, >hi7h ha3 bee% s(a;e3 i% (hese pro7ee3i%&s, sha++ 7o%(i%'e (i++ (he )i%a+ 3isposa+ o) (he 9a((er b; (he +ear%e3 Ma&is(ra(e. I% (he e6e%(, (he appe++a%( 3e)a'+(s i% 9ai%& (he  pa;9e%( i% (er9s o) (his or3er, (he Ma&is(ra(e >i++ be a( +iber(; (o re=i9pose (he or3er o) a((a7h9e%(. ...................J.*ALTAMAS KA0IR...................J.*CRIAC JOSEPH Ne> De+hi,Apri+ "8, "##!.
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