Bhutan refugees

Jaibelys: Good afternoon everyone, this is my team: Leah, Kengo, Julia and Jaibelys. Our LCCC Student Senate Officers wanted to volunteer one project in this spring…
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Jaibelys: Good afternoon everyone, this is my team: Leah, Kengo, Julia and Jaibelys. Our LCCC Student Senate Officers wanted to volunteer one project in this spring break, so we had to choose between: first, helping to clear trails in hocking hills, second teaching English to child refugees from Bhutan in downtown Cleveland, third painting houses for the elderly in Lorain County, and lastly but not least helping homeless men and women in a soup kitchen. We chose teaching Bhutan child refugees. Now I’ll be giving you guys a little background about Bhutan child refugees, they are kids who have been discriminated including in access to education and health care. They have been denied to return to their own country. They’ve also been denied the right of ethnic or linguistic minorities to enjoy their own culture and use their own language. So we will be teaching Bhutanese children in downtown Cleveland, from March 13 to 17, 2017. We will use the school van from transportation. Now Leah will give you more reasons on why we chose to teach Bhutanese child refugees.LeahAs we know teaching English for child from Bhutan will bring us a lot of benefits. And college students here who are surveyed by our groups also agree with us about that. So right now , I will list the most two benefits . At first, we can help the Bhutanese children to overcome their first difficult time in the US, which means they are able to communicate basically with their friends, or people around them. And we also can create the meaningful time for ourselves with activities outside in the Spring break without sticking with smartphone or laptop. Moreover, what we are doing is not only helping, but also making new happiness for life. Our group know you guys will ask us why we choose this project in Spring break, 2017. First of all, we considered to choose between two options: helping homeless in a soup kitchen, or teaching English to child refugees from Bhutan in downtown Cleveland. However, after doing research, we find out there are a lot of projects are doing cooking soup in the kitchen for homeless, and less for the second options. Finally, we decide to teach English for refugees because it’s really necessary for them, and also like “a fresh project” for Cleveland. On the other hand, it’s surprised to know the number of college students misunderstand , or not know what “ refugee” or “ immigrant “ mean are more than 70%. That’s why we believe this project can help them recognize the differences between “ refugee: a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster”, and “ immigrant: a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country”. Sadly, we need to know that Refugees can’ t come back their countries, which is really painful.All of what I said are two benefits for teaching English to child refugees: helping them overcome the first difficulty time, and creating meaningful times for ourselves, also for life. In addition, two first reasons lead us to choose this project, not other ones are necessity, also educating for college students about the differences between “ refugee” and “ immigrant”. To explore more why we decide this interesting project, my teammate, Ken, will let you know more. Ken:
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