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    ENGLISH ( DIAGNOSTIC TEST) JANUARY 2018 Time : 30 minutes Name : ………………………………………   School : ……………………………………….   SECTION A Choose the best  answer to complete the sentence. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat berikut. 1. The _________________ is very polite to his customers.  A. shopkeeper B. timekeeper C. zookeeper D. goalkeeper 2. We show our _______________________ when we sing the National Anthem.  A. beauty B. patriotism C. concern D. courage 3. Did you bake the cake __________________?  A. myself B. herself C. yourself D. himself 4. Lee Ann did all the house chores _____________________ her mother assigned.  A. who B. what C. whom D. which  1 5. Hisham and his father always _____________________ at the park.  A. jog B. jogs C. jogged D. jogging Choose the word that has the same meaning  as the underlined word. Pilih perkataan yang mempunyai maksud yang sama  dengan perkataan bergaris. 6. Pulau Pangkor is located  off the shore of Perak.  A. situated B. indicated C. allocated D. completed Questions 7 - 16 Underline the correct answers . 7. ( How, Why ) is her mother angry with her ? 8. Musa is running ( so, because ) a dog is chasing him. 9. ( Who, Which ) animal does not belong to the cat family ? 10. The little girl ( am brushing, is brushing ) her long hair gently. 11. It rained heavily last night, ( so, because ) the rains were flooded. 12. The children are very excited ( so, because ) they will be going for a picnic. 13. My teachers ( is advising, are advising ) the pupils not to play at the roadside. 14. Mei Ling did not buy the blouse ( so, because) she did not have enough money.  2 Study the notice below and use the information to complete the text. Teliti notis di bawah dan gunakan maklumat yang diberi untuk melengkapkan teks. Based on the notice, complete the text below with the correct information. Berdasarkan notis tersebut, lengkapkan teks di bawah dengan maklumat yang betul.  A fund raising sale will be held on the 10 th  of February 2016 at the  ____________________________________ in Lian Gardens. It is organized by the members of the _________________________________________.The event aims to  _________________________________ to upgrade the playground. Activities involved are the sale of __________________________________________________________________  ____________________________.People are welcome to donate in cash or  _____________________________________________________________.  3 Write five sentences about the picture below. Tulis lima ayat berdasarkan gambar dibawah. float swimming tools sandcastle collecting shells  beach brought food tired fun enjoyed 1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT

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Feb 16, 2019


Feb 16, 2019
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