Big Data Essentials - Anil Maheshwari

lo basico de big data
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  Big Data Essentials Copyright © 2016 by Anil K. Maheshwari, Ph.D. By purchasing this book, you agree not to copy or distribute thebook by any means, mechanical or electronic.No part of this book may be copied or transmitted without writtenpermission. Other books by the same author:Data Analytics Made Accessible the #1 Bestseller in Data MiningMoksha: Liberation Through TranscendenceTransformational Leadership: Spirit in Action    Preface Big Data is a new, and inclusive, natural phenomenon, as big and messy asnature itself. It requires a new kind of Consciousness to fathom its scale andscope, and its many opportunities and challenges. Understanding theessentials of Big Data requires suspending many conventional expectationsand assumptions about data ... such as completeness, clarity, consistency, andconciseness. Fathoming and taming the multi-layered Big Data is a dreamthat is slowly becoming a reality. It is a rapidly evolving field that isgrowing exponentially in value and capabilities. There are a growing number of books being written on Big Data. They fallmostly in two categories. There are those that focus on business aspects, anddiscuss the strategic internal shifts required for reaping the business benefitsfrom the many opportunities offered by Big Data. Then there are those thatfocus on particular technology platforms, such as Hadoop or Spark. Thisbook aims to bring together the business context and  the technologies in aseamless way.This book was written to meet the needs for an introductory Big Datacourse. It is meant for students, as well as executives, who wish to takeadvantage of emerging opportunities in Big Data. It provides an intuition ofthe wholeness of the field in a simple language, free from jargon and code.Simple and inclusive frameworks help relate Big Data to all that is knownbefore. All the essential Big Data technology tools and platforms such asHadoop, MapReduce, Spark, and NoSql are includes in the this framework,and are discussed in depth. Most of the relevant programming details havebeen moved to Primers and Appendices to ensure readability of the book. Theshort chapters make it easy to quickly understand the key concepts. Acomplete case study of developing a Big Data application is included.Thanks to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for creating a wonderful university whoseconsciousness-based environment made writing this evolutionary bookpossible. Thanks to many current and former students for contributing to thisbook. Dheeraj Pandey assisted with the Weblog analyzer application and itsdetails. Suraj Thapalia assisted with the Hadoop installation guide. EnkhTseeleesuren helped write the Spark tutorial. Thanks to my family for  supporting me in this process. My daughters Ankita and Nupur reviewed thebook and made helpful comments. My father Mr. RL Maheshwari andbrother Dr. Sunil Maheshwari also read the book and enthusiasticallyapproved it. My colleague Dr. Edi Shivaji too reviewed the book.May the Big Data Force be with you!Dr. Anil MaheshwariNovember 2016, Fairfield, IA
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