Big Data in Env. Sc. In Australia

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  It’s not just about big data for the Earth and Environmental Sciences: it’s now about High Performance Data (HPD) Lesley Wyborn – Geoscience Australia New Petascale Raijin Computer at NCI  Outline of the ‘Big Data’ Problem in Earth and Environmental Sciences ã   We know we have a ‘Big Data’ problem ã   But have we nailed what the ‘Big Data’ problem is? ã   Until we do, we could waste a lot of resources ã   This presentation is about trying to nail what the ‘Big Data’ problem is for the Earth and Environmental Sciences ã    And showing exemplars of how we are addressing it UTAS “Big Data” Workshop, Hobart, September 2013  My take is that ‘Big Data’ is not just about the “V’s” 1.   Volume: data at rest 2.   Velocity: data in motion (streaming) 3.   Variety: many types, forms and structures or no structures 4.   Veracity: trustworthiness, provenance, lineage, quality 5.   Validity: data that is correct 6.   Visualization: data in patterns 7.   Vulnerability: data at risk 8.   Value: data that is meaningful 9.   V????? 10.   V????? UTAS “Big Data” Workshop, Hobart, September 2013  ‘Big data’ affects all stages of the Earth and Environmental Scientific Workflow !   Acquire Store & Manage Deliver Integrate 2/3/4D Model, Simulate & Analyse 2/3/4D Slide courtesy of Bruce Kilgour   Geoscience Australia UTAS “Big Data” Workshop, Hobart, September 2013
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