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Big Data in healthcare - Rx Case

1. Big Data in healthcare: Case study 2. The customer’s request In order to support the reimbursement file of a new product in Belgium, our customer was looking to…
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  • 1. Big Data in healthcare: Case study
  • 2. The customer’s request In order to support the reimbursement file of a new product in Belgium, our customer was looking to collect data related to a specific treatment in Belgium, such as: • Epidemiologic data: number of patients, number of treated patients; • Data on treatment schedule and treatment adherence of current therapies; • Data on adverse events and related costs: admission in ICU, … IM Associates has setup a concrete approach to collect and process the insights which will support the reimbursement file. At the same time, IM Associates’ proposed approach aimed at engaging the specialists (and their association) as main prescribers in the support of reimbursement. © 2016 IM Associates2
  • 3. An observational study based on Posomind data (amongst others) with an active involvement of specialists. 3 Observational study Adherence current treatment Adverse events Market data Government Specialists Association © 2016 IM Associates
  • 4. A Posomind as data collecting and compliance improving device © 2016 IM Associates4 Posomind: a user-friendly device to remind patients on medication intake (patients confirm intake using one button) • Programmed and follow-up by the pharmacist. • All medication in database Functionalities: • Sound and vibrating alarm; • Name and drug posology; • Pack shot & drug picture; • Indication of the next upcoming alarm; • Prescription or buying renewal alarm; • Possibility to add specific drug related comments; • Possibility to add non-drug related alarms; • Data captured in data warehouse with patient consent.
  • 5. Data collected • Type of clinical event • Date • Length of stay • Classification (APR-DRG) • Lab values (t.b.d.) Survey • Panel data of 200 patients • 10 participating centers • Collection process to be validated Data collected • Nr of patients in panel • Different medications taken • Treatment schedule - planned • Treatment schedule – followed • Intakes Survey • Panel data of 200 patients • 10 participating centers • Synchronization Posomind at each visit to the sepcialists 3 types of data sources 5 Adherence current treatment Adverse events Data collected • Nr of centers (# SPs; pats (example: diabetes patients; events;…) • Population Survey • Desk research Market data Mapping & anonymization © 2016 IM Associates
  • 6. Primary endpoints of the study © 2016 IM Associates6 Endpoints 1. Overview of current treated patients • Treatment schemes, poly-medications • % compliance • Adverse events (on Posomind patients / non Posomind patients) • Number • Per type (APR – DRG) • Laboratory values related to disease (on Posomind patients / non Posomind patients) 2. Epidemiologic data (Extrapolation out of panel): • Total patients • Prevalence / incidence (only diagnosed) • Treated / not treated • Adverse events 3. Cost study: • Correlation adherence & number of adverse events • Total costs of adverse events
  • 7. Our customer is committed to provide a complete value proposition to its stakeholders © 2016 IM Associates7 Observational study The government The patients • Recognition of the specificity of their condition • Less stress of missing the treatment scheme • Improved knowledge & control on the treatment (education) The Health Care Professionals • Improved knowledge on treatment & related costs • Reputation & involvement in solution for the disease, taking into account economical aspects. • Support in the register project • Improved knowledge on epidemiology, current treatments & adherence • Involvement in solution for patient adherence and education • Stronger relationship with patients Patient support
  • 8. IM Associates offering Powering the mobile health data
  • 9. Today, hundreds of health-related apps, devices and wearables are being used by individuals or organizations. Adidas MiCoach Heart Rate Monitor Calorie Counter by Fat Secret Fifty50 Glucose Meter 2.0** Fitbit Charge Garmin Forerunner 205 iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Withings Smart Body Analyzer MapMyWalk Insights are flowing from these devices. Health Apps Wearables Medical devices What is the potential value for your organization ? 9
  • 10. Getting high-value insights Engaging your customers Creating beyond-the-pill value for patient Mobile health data can bring high value in many area’s. 10 Engaging pharmacists - Reinforce their role in treatment adherence - Improve patient loyalty Engaging prescribers & hospitals - Create awareness through monitoring - Support patient journey - Provide statistics Supporting management of chronic diseases - Diabetes, hypertension, BPCO,… Scanning market potential - Extrapolate patient statistics - Support forecasts Analyzing patients dynamics - Initiation - Switches & substitution - Treatment adherence Managing studies - Monitoring disease evolution - Collect treatment data Engaging payers - Support health-economic files - Build up cases through observational study Increasing treatment adherence - For complex treatment schedules Powering the mobile health data Creating awareness - Encourage better lifestyle - Monitor evolution © 2016 IM Associates
  • 11. The right expertise IM Associates has the unique blend of expertise to help you design the right projects and create business value. © 2016 IM Associates Patient flow modelling OTC & the pharmacist’s environment Specialty care & hospital environment Sociodemographic data Focus on implementation Why IM Associates ? Mobile reporting solution Geo-marketing tool Healthcare business analytics 11
  • 12. The right partners IM Associates has the unique blend of expertise to help you design the right projects and create business value. © 2016 IM Associates 12 Professional associations Specialized statistician team Why IM Associates ?
  • 13. What can we do for you ? © 2016 IM Associates13 1. Proof of concept 2. Implementation 3. Insight generation Sourcing - Preselection solutions & vendors - Budget tendering Supervision & monitoring of implementation (3rd party vendor) Insight generation - Patient flow study - Impact study Proof of concept - Solution; Value Proposition; Objective; Roll-out plan. Tactical plan - Set-up tactical plan to make the most of investment
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