Bio Medical Applications of Nano Technology

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  ANDHRA PRADESH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION:: HYDERABAD NOTIFICATION NO. 20 /2012 DEPARTMENTAL TESTS November 2012 SESSION The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission will conduct the Departmental Tests Examinations (Objective Type) vide Go.Ms.No.602 GA (Ser-C) Department, Dt:01/11/2011 and few Tests are written examinations as mentioned under para 5 (h) at (22) District Head Quarters (except Ranga Reddy District which is clubbed with Hyderabad District) for November,  2012 Session from 07/11/2012 to 12/11/2012  as per the Time-Table shown in accordance with the terms and conditions as laid down in Departmental Tests Rules, 1965 and as amended from time to time. 2. The Commission is inviting the Departmental applications from the candidates for November 2012 Session examinations through ON-LINE only on payment of Rs.50/- for each Test. Application Form, Time-Table and other full details are available in the Commission’s Website Applicants shall apply the Departmental Test for November 2012 Session examinations through ON-LINE ONLY from 24/08/2012 to 26/09/2012    from 24/08/2012 to 22/09/2012 for payment of fees) as the earlier procedure of sale of applications at the Head Post Offices at District Head Quarters and at SALES COUNTER of APPSC Office has been dispensed with by the Commission. The candidate should read the Commission’s Notification and other instructions available in User’s Guide carefully before applying the Test and enter the particulars properly in the  Application through ON-LINE. IMPORTANT:   Hand written/ Typed/ Photostat copies/ Printed Application Form will not be entertained either directly or by Post Office or in person.   A candidate if he/she desires can appear for one or more of the Tests to the extent the Time-table allows. CANDIDATES ARE ADVISED TO SUBMIT THEIR APPLICATIONS THROUGH ON-LINE WELL IN ADVANCE OF THE LAST DATE and TIME i.e., 26   /09/2012 – 5.00 P.M. (22/09/2012 for payment of fee) 3. ELIGIBILITY TO APPEAR FOR THE TEST (S):  (i) ONLY THE EMPLOYEES WORKING IN THE RESPECTIVE DEPARTMENTS ARE ELIGIBLE TO  APPLY FOR THE TESTS MENTIONED BELOW . However, Secretariat employees wherever the rules permit are allowed to appear for any Departmental Test in order to get eligibility for appointment by transfer/ promotion to other Services, on payment of the prescribed fee. a) Commercial Taxes Department: Paper Code No: 6 & 7.  (Written Examination)  b) Treasuries and Accounts Department: Paper Code No: 31,46,64,79,89,100,114 and 129. N.B:- Typists-cum-Assts. working in Finance and Planning (Finance Wing) are also eligible to appear for the Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination. c) Sericulture Department: Paper Code No:32,47,65,80,90,101,115,130 and 143. d) Mines & Geology Department: Paper Code No: 150 only. e) Divisional Test: Paper Code No: 30, 63, 81,113 & 138. f) Works Accounts Service: Paper Code No: 44, 78, 99, and 128. g) Workshop Officers: Paper Code No: 14 & 29. h) A.P. Public Service Commission: Paper Code No: 149. N.B: The respective Service Rules should be referred to by the candidates for deciding the eligibility or otherwise to apply for the Tests. (ii) The following Tests bearing Paper Code numbers are open to all, whether the applicant is in Government Service or not. Paper Code No. 5, 8, 10, 18, 19, 27, 28, 36, 43, 45, 49, 62, 67, 77, 98, 108, 127, 136, 137, 141, 142, 144 to 148 and 155. (iii) Other Tests can be written by any Government Servant, whether working in the same Department or not . (iv) THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY PASSED THE TEST SHOULD NOT APPLY AGAIN. IF ANY SUCH CASE COMES UP TO THE NOTICE OF THE COMMISSION, HE/SHE IS LIABLE FOR SEVERE DISCIPLINARY ACTION BESIDES CANCELLATION OF THE TEST ALREADY PASSED BY HIM/HER .   2 4. REMITTANCE OF FEE:  (i) a) THE FEE PAYABLE FOR EACH PAPER mentioned in the Time-Table of this notification SHALL BE Rs. 50/-  (RUPEES FIFTY ONLY) . However, no fee is prescribed for the Tests in Gujarathi and Marwari Languages. b) The applicant should pay Rs.50/- towards application fee for each Test, for each test and examination fee @ Rs.50/- for each paper payable to the Secretary, A.P. Public Service Commission, Hyderabad through Challan in any branch of State Bank of India    / A.P. ON-LINE Centre  between from 24  /08/2012 to 26/09/2012 (from 24/08/2012 to 22/09/2012 for payment of fees)  After submission of the details in the Online Form, the Challan will be generated in Downloadable/Printable PDF (Portable Document Format). Candidates are required to take printout of the challan. Through Challan Form candidates are required to pay the amount as indicated in the Challan in any branch of State Bank of India  / A.P. ON-LINE Centre. The fee once remitted shall under no circumstances be refunded or adjusted. Failure to pay the examination fee, application fee will entail total rejection of application. (Government removed all fee exemptions vide G.O.Ms.No. 360, General Administration (Services-C) Department, dated: 16/08/2002). The list of Branches of State Bank of India / A.P. ON-LINE Centre is available in Website ii) IPOs / Demand Drafts are not accepted.   5. b) Mode of Payment of Fee:\ How to pay Fees and fill in the Application Form. I Step: - The Candidate has to logon to the WEBSITE ( and enter his/her necessary Details like Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, and papers to be applied II Step:-Immediately on entering the above details the Applicant will get Challan Form to pay the Fee at State Bank of India /AP Online centers. III Step: -The Applicant should pay the prescribed Fee in any one of the State Bank of India /A.P. Online centers and obtain Fee paid challan with Journal Number in the first instance. IV Step:-On the next working day   after payment of Fee the Applicant should again visit WEBSITE and enter the Journal Number details to get the format of  Application. The applicant has to invariably fill all the columns in the  Application and should submit ON-LINE. V   Step: - Those candidates who need assistance of Scribe are requested to apply for the same directly to the Commission on or before 20-10-2012. They should mention the Application ID Number and enclose Copy of the Medical Certificate along with a representation. VI Step: - The  duration of all tests shall be two (2) hours duration (except few tests) VII Step: -  Candidates who are writing written examination in objective Type are advised to hand over the srcinal OMR sheet to the invigilator and can take carbonless OMR sheet copy along with them. Last date for payment of Fee at AP Online/SBI is 22/09/2012. Last date and Time for submission of Application is 26/09/2012 -5.00 P.M. SPECIAL CONDITIONS PRESCRIBED FOR CERTAIN TESTS:   b) Candidate applying for Departmental Test for Mines and Geology should furnish the period of service completed in the Application Form. c) Divisional Test: - Senior Assistants working in the Offices of Director of Accounts in Projects and Accounts Branches of the Divisions of the P.W.D. (R&B), Irrigation Branch, Public Health Engg. Department and Panchayat Raj Engg. Department and Ports Department who have been working as such for a period of three years or more are allowed to appear for this examination. Superintendents working in the above Departments are also allowed to appear for the examination. Senior Assistant/ Superintendents working in the Divisions of P.W. Engineering Departments i.e., State Government Employees are only eligible for appearing Divisional Test. They should download and fill the service certificate which is available in the Commission’s Website showing the service rendered in the Category of Senior Assistant in Engineering Department and get the signature with   3 seal of the Controlling Officer of parent department as per the particulars shown in their Service Register. The Service Certificate duly signed by the Controlling Officer should be scanned and uploaded. Otherwise their applications will be summarily rejected. Local Body Employees may also apply for this Test. But their admission is provisional, subject to their eligibility as per G.O.Ms.No. 86, Finance & Planning (FW.WA-1) Department, dt. 22/05/1998. Commerce graduates who claim exemption from passing Paper-I of Part-I of Divisional Test should furnish information in the Application Form. Failing which, their  Applications are not considered for exemption of Paper-I of Part-I of the Divisional Test. Candidates appearing for Fisheries Department Test-II should furnish the information regarding satisfactory completion of training from the State Fisheries Training Institute, Kakinada in the Application Form. e) Candidates appearing for Criminal Judicial Test with Law Qualification should furnish the information in the Application Form to seek exemption from passing Paper-I & II of the above Test, failing which their Applications will not be considered for exemption from passing Papers I & II of the Test. f) Candidates appearing for Sericulture Department Test, Part-III (Paper Code No. 154-Practical Test) must pass Part - I of the Test consisting 4 papers and that they are required to furnish the information in the Application Form. g )  All paper   of   objective type 2 hours only. h) Language Test paper code No.5,6,7,19,28,37,49,67,36,58,74 and surveys & Settlement 69,87,109,118,110,119,111,120,112,121,116,133,117,134,122,135 (written exam) is in conventional Type . Service Certificate for Candidates (Appearing for Divisional Test/Mines & Geology) This is to certify that--------------------------------------- is working as -------------------------from ------------------ to ----------------------- (Total service rendered ------------------) in the office of --------------------------------------------------------. Station: Signature: Date: Name and Designation of Controlling Officer with office seal (if not signed by the Controlling officer, the application will be rejected.) N.B: 1) Refer under Para-5(c) Departmental Tests Notification No.20/2012 only eligible, other than Department candidates are not eligible. If candidates applied other than Department liable for rejection and also debarment. 2) Certifying officers has to verify the records whether he/she has been completed 3years of minimum service in the category of Sr.Asst. 6. REJECTIONS:   Application will be rejected in the following reasons:- (i) If the Photo/ Signature uploaded is not clear. (ii) If prescribed fee is not paid and/or if fee paid is less. (iii) If fee is not paid towards application. (iv) If the Service Certificate is not filled/ not signed by the Controlling Officer/ without seal of the Controlling Officer/ signed by the candidate himself/herself (self attestation) instead of his/her Controlling Officer/ signed by the Gazetted Officer instead of their Controlling Officer. If not uploaded the Service Certificate. (v) If the filled in Application Form is not in terms of this notification. (vi) If the applicant is not eligible to appear for the Test in terms of Para (3) of the Notification. (vii) If the candidate applies during debarment period.   4 7. EXAMINATION CENTRE  : (i) ALL THE DEPARTMENTAL TESTS, EXCEPT “DEPARTMENTAL TEST FOR THE STAFF OF APPSC, DIVISIONAL TEST & DEPARTMENTAL TEST FOR A.P. WORKS  ACCOUNTS SERVICE” WILL BE HELD AT ALL THE “DISTRICT HEAD QUARTERS” INCLUDING HYDERABAD CITY . THE DEPARTMENTAL TEST FOR THE STAFF OF APPSC, DIVISIONAL TEST & DEPARTMENTAL TEST FOR A.P. WORKS  ACCOUNTS SERVICE WILL BE HELD AT HYDERABAD CENTRE ONLY. (ii) The Departmental Tests examinations will be held at (22) District Head Quarters as mentioned below. The candidates are admitted to the District Centres where the candidate is presently working as mentioned in the application. Code No. District 10 Srikakulam 11 Vizianagaram 12 Visakhapatnam 13 East Godavari 14 West Godavari 15 Krishna 16 Guntur 17 Prakasam 18 P.S.Nellore 19 Chittoor 20 Kadapa 21 Ananthapur 22 Kurnool 23 Adilabad 24 Karimnagar 25 Warangal 26 Khammam 27 Hyderabad & Ranga Reddy 29 Nizamabad 30 Mahboobnagar 31 Medak 32 Nalgonda 8. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES  :- 1) Candidates applying for Translation Test (Paper Code No. 19 and 28) should invariably mention the language for Paper Code No. 28. 2) Second Class Language Test will be held in various Languages, i.e., Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Tamil & Urdu. 3) In the case of Gujarathi and Marwari Language Tests (Paper Code Nos. 6 & 7), the  Application should be forwarded by the Head of the Department as an evidence to claim his/her eligibility as per relevant Rules. 4) Special Language Test for Officers of Education Department of Higher Standard/Lower Standard/and the Translation Test, will be conducted in Telugu/Urdu/Hindi/Tamil/Kannada/ Oriya/Marathi. The Candidate should also opt the language in which he/she desires to appear in addition to English for the Translation Test in the Application Form. Otherwise the  Application will be rejected. 5) Special Language Test for Officers of Education Department (Advanced Standard) will be conducted in Telugu and Urdu only. 6) Staff of the Survey and Land Records Department may answer “Surveyor's Test Higher Grade/ Lower Grade and Survey & Settlement Surveyor's Test Higher Grade/ Lower Grade, in one language only i.e., either in English or Telugu or Urdu. 7) Candidates possessing Law Degree can seek exemption from passing 1st and 2nd papers of Criminal Judicial Test. Such candidates must furnish the information in the  Application Form. (See instruction under Para 5(e) of the Notification). Others should however appear for all the papers at a time for Criminal Judicial Test as per rules. 8) Candidates applying for Deputy Inspectors Test have to appear for all the three papers in their first attempt. In subsequent attempts, however, they can appear for each paper separately. For Papers on Educational Statistics Public Instructions Report for the year 1980-81 is prescribed. The candidates who have applied previously should furnish the information in the Application Form. 9) Candidates should pass all the parts of Second Class/Third Class Language Tests at a time as per the revised scheme of examination in terms of G.O.Ms.No. 190, GA (Ser. C) Department, dt: 18/04/2002. However, candidates appearing for Paper Codes 5, 6 and 7 will be admitted to the Parts B, C & D (Viva-Voce) only, if they pass the Part-A Written Examination. They will be informed of the date and place of the Oral Test separately at appropriate time. 10) The Question Papers for Departmental Tests will generally be in English only. However for (i) Surveyor's Test (Higher Grade/ Lower Grade) (ii) “Survey and Settlement Surveyor’s Test (Higher Grade/ Lower Grade) and (iii) Translation Tests , the question papers will be in the chosen language, besides English. 11) You will not be admitted to the Examination Hall TEN minutes after the commencement. You should not leave the examination hall till the expiry of the full time. 12) While coming to examination hall, please bring your hall ticket, smooth writing pad, ball point pen (Blue/Black).
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