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10. End products of electron transport chain are ---what is comman for cyclic and noncyclic a)CO2 and ADP b)CO2 and ATP photophosphorylation? c)H2O and ATP d)GTP 11. which of the following is least a) vRelease of o2 effective in photosynthesis – b) Formation of NADPH2 a)sunlight b)blue light c) Photolysis of water c)Red light d)Green llight d) Formation of ATP 12. Wall of mitochondria is made up of --------2. In case of c4 pathway in the first step a)Lipids b)fats -------------c)Lipids and prote
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  Biology what is comman for cyclic and noncyclic photophosphorylation?a)vRelease of o2 b)Formation of NADPH2c)Photolysis of water d)Formation of ATP 2.In case of c4 pathway in the first step--------------a) co2 combines with PGA b)CO2 combines with PEPc)CO2 combines with RuDPd)CO2combines with RMP3.During photosynthesis when PGA ischanged to PGAL,it is ----------------a)Reduction b)Photolysisc)Hydrolysis d)Oxidation4.Tropical plants like sugarcane showhigh efficiency of CO2 fixation becauseof -----a)Calvin cycle b)EMP pathwayc)HSK pathway d)TCA cycle5.------ is the first event of  photosynthesis.a)Reduction of CO2 b)Production of NADPH2c)Photolysis of water d)Photoexcitation of chlorophyll6.Formation of Acetyl CoA from pyruvicacid is the result of its ------a)Oxidation b)Reductionc)Phosphorylation d)Oxidativedearboxylation7.. Enzymes taking part in EMP pathwayare present in -------a)Mitochondria b)Cytoplasmc)Both ‘a’and ‘b’ d)vacuole8.Phosphoglyceraldehyde and dihydroxyacetone phosphate are -------a)Monomers b)polymersc)Enantiomers d)Isomers9.In anaerobic respiration -------molecules are formed .a)4ATP b)8 ATP c)2ATP d)12ATP10.End products of electron transportchain are ----a)CO2 and ADP b)CO2 and ATPc)H2O and ATP d)GTP11. which of the following is leasteffective in photosynthesis – a)sunlight b)blue lightc)Red light d)Green llight12.Wall of mitochondria is made up of ---------a)Lipids b)fatsc)Lipids and proteins d)proteins13.Oxidation of reduced coenzymes(NADH2 and FADH2) take place in------a)Glycolysis b)Acylationc)Kreb’s cycle d)ETS14. An organic acid which undergoes bothdehydrogenation and decarboxylationduring Kreb’s cycle is -------a)α-ketoglutaric acid b)succinic acidc)Fumaric acid d)Malic acid15.Terminal electron acceptor in ETS isO2 . It acceps electron from ------a)cyta b)cytc c)cyta3 d)cytb16.ATP formation during photosynthesis isknown as ---------a)oxidative phosphorylation b) photophosphorylationd)Dephosphorylationd)substrate level phosphorylation17.chl-a is called a reaction centre because------a)It converts light energy into chemicalenergyb)It absorbs light energyc)It is present in the centre of  photosystemd)none of these18.If 48 molecules of PGAL are formedduring C3 cycle, how much them of areconverted into glucose and RuDPrespectively?a)10&38 b)12& 36 c)8&40 d)1&42  19.During photosynthesis the oxygen inglucose comes from ----a)water b)oxygen in air c)CO2 d)None of these20.which one is a C4 plant ?a)potato b)Sugarcane c)Pea d)Papaya21.Photosynthesis is -----------a)Anabolic process b) catabolic processc)Exothermic d)Endothermic22.Light reaction of photosynthesis occur in ----------a)stroma b)ER c)cytoplasm d)grana23.In cyclic photophosphorylation whichone of the following is formed?a)NADP&ATP b)ATPc)NADPH2 d)NADPH2 &ATP24.common intermediate source of energyin cellular activity is ----a)ATP b)NAD c)RNA d)DNA25.In ETC ,ATP is not formed in which of the followinga)cyta-cyta3 b)cytb-cytcc)cytc-yta d)NADH2-FAD26.The cleavage having incompletedivision of egg is known as ------a)Spiral b)Meridonialc)Meroblastic d)Holoblastic27.How many eggs will be formed from100 primary ooocytes?a)300 b)200 c)400 d)10028.Which of the following animal ishaving longitudinal binary fission?a)Euglena b)Plasmodiumc)PLanaria d)Paramecium29.In which part of the spermatozoamitochondria are formed?a)Neck b)Head c)Tail d)Middle piece30.Brain ,ear and cornea develop from-----a)Ectoderm b)Ecto-mesodermc)Mesoderm d)Endoderm31.In mammals, placenta is formedby— a)Yolk sac b)chlorio allantoisc)Chorion d)Ammmion32.Goitre is due to deficiency of ----a)Thyroxine b)Iacinc)ADH d)Adrenalin33.Growthharmone somatostatin issecreted by— a)Anterior pituitary b)Kidneysc)Liver d)Adrenal cortex34.FSH and LH harmones together arecalled— a)Emergency b)Gonadotropicc)euroharmones d)outstress harmones35.Inadequate production of STH in earlylife leads to— a)Gigantism b)Dwarfismc)Acromegaly d)Cretinism36.Corpus leteum secretes – a)estrogen b)Progesteronec)LH d)FSH37.Harmones reach the target organsthrough---a)Ducts b)Bloodc)Ducts of Bellini d)convoluted tubules38.Target of ICSH is --a)Ovary b)Sertoli cellsc)Leydig cells d)spermatogonial cells39.BMR is controlled by— a)ADH b)Thyroxine c)GH d)ACTH40.Acromegaly is due to secretion of ----a)Increased STH b)Decreased thyrotropinc)Decreased STHd)Increased thyrotropin41.Ovulation in female is under control of  – a)LH b)ADH and LHc)FSH and LH d)LTH and TSH42.Relaxin is released from ----a)Pitutary b)Ovaryc)Adrenal d)Placenta43.Calcitonin is thyroid harmone whicha)elevates potassium level in blood b)lowers calcium level in bloodc)elevates calcium level in bloodd) Has no effect on calcium44.Spermatogenesis in males is induced by----a)FSH b)LH c)ADH d)ACTH  45.Diabetes insipidus is under the controlof ----a)Aldosterone b)ADHc)ACTH d)TSH46.Seminiferous tubules develop centrallumen after ---a)Old age b)Birthc)Menarche d)Puberty47.Fusion of male and female nucleiduring fertilization is called ---a)Synkaryon b)Amphimixisc)Synkaryosis d)Segmentation48.Human egg is ---a)Microlecithal b)Alecithalc)Mesolecithal d)Centrolecithal49.Nervous system is derived from ----a)Endoderm b)Mesodermc)Ectoderm d)None50.The cavity present in graafian follicleis---a)Amniotic cavity b)Antrumc)Archenteron d)Distal sac
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