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Biology Form 4 Chapter 4.6

Chemical Composition of The Cells 4.6 The Importance of Chemical Composition of The Cells Chemical Components and Consequences of Deficiency
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  Biology Chapter 4 : Chemical Composition of the Cell   4.6 The Importance of Chemical Composition in Cells        The chemical composition in cells are vital to the survival of the cells.  Deficiency in any one of it will affect the function of the cells.  Chemical Component Consequences of Deficiency Carbohydrates -Respiration cannot occur. ( No Glucose ) -No Storage of food in starch or glycogen form. -Plant cells irregular in shape. ( No Cellulose ) Proteins -Plasma membrane not properly formed. -No carrier and pore protein to transport substance across the plasma membrane. -No new cells and tissue are formed. ( Inhibit body growth ) Lipids -No cholesterol to stabilise the plasma membrane. -Biochemical reaction will proceed to slowly to sustain life. Enzymes -No chemical reactions in the cells. -All living processes stop functioning. Nucleic Acids -No DNA and RNA in the cells. -Synthesis of proteins stop.  Water -No chemical reactions occur. -Cells die.

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Jul 29, 2017


Jul 29, 2017
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