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Bisphenol A+Epichlorohydrin reaction

Bisphenol A+Epichlorohydrin reaction
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   Reaction of  BISPHENOL A with  EPICHLOROHYDRIN  1. Step: NaOH reacts with the bisphenol A, to give the bisphenol A sodium salt: he salt has an o! gen with three pairs of electrons that it isn#t sharing with an one $ carbon atom on a nearb epichloroh drin could use some electrons. hat atom is the carbon atom right ne!t to the chlorine. %. Step: O! gen, donates a pair of its electrons to the carbon. &arbon can onl share four pairs of electrons at once, so one pair has to go if it wants to ta'e the o! gen#s pair ( it)s a electron pair with chlorine.  On the end we have a molecule similar to bisphenol A, onl with an epo! group on it. And wealso get Na&l. hese prepol mers come in different molecular weights. How big or small the prepol mer getsdepends on the ratio of epichloroh drin to bisphenol A in the reaction mi!ture. *ith a ratio at two molecules of epichloroh drin for ever molecule of bisphenol A: Result is an epo! group on the other side, too. he reaction then stops, as there are no more bisphenol A salt groups left to react.   +f there are less than two molecules of epichloroh drin for ever isphenol A molecule, not all of the bisphenol A salt groups can react with epichloroh drin. -et#s sa our ratio now is three molecules of epichloroh drin for ever two molecules of bisphenol A. *hen all the epichloroh drin molecules have reacted we#re left with a /:/ mi!ture of these two molecules: hese two molecules then can react together to get this molecule:    *e#re left now with a dimer 0sodium salt. *hen a water molecule comes along 0 we made a water molecules when we made the sodium salt of bisphenol A a pair of electrons from the o! gen will attac' one of the water#s h drogens, stealing it from the water. he smaller molar ratio of epichloroh drin to bisphenol A gives epo! resin of higher molecular weight. 2olar ratio epichloroh drine3bisphenol A of 1.4 gives 2w of 5//g3mol, while 1.%% gives 16//g3mol.
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