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YOUR ONLY INTERNATIONAL BORDER CITY PUBLICATION Windsor Airport Cargo HubSlow In Developing So You Want To Be A Rock Star?Don’t Miss What The Legendary Mark…
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YOUR ONLY INTERNATIONAL BORDER CITY PUBLICATION Windsor Airport Cargo HubSlow In Developing So You Want To Be A Rock Star?Don’t Miss What The Legendary Mark Farner Has To Say About That!October 2017$3.50WWW.BIZXMAGAZINE.COM Eat, Drink & Be Merry At “Wines Of The World”; The “Culinary Guild Of Windsor/ORHMA Gala Evening Of Excellence” & “Artilicious”“Cheers To Small Businesses!”During “Small Business Month” we give thanks to all the small businesses in our region. North 42 Degrees Estate Winery in Colchester, represented by Martin Gorski, Suzanne Dajczak and Steve Meehan, is just one of many local success stories profiled in this edition. — PAGE 18 B IZ X M A G A Z IN E • O C T O B E R 2 0 1 71FOR BUSINESSES AND PEOPLE IN WINDSOR, ESSEX COUNT Y AND METRO DETROIT2B IZ X M A G A Z IN E • O C T O B E R 2 0 1 7table of contents October 2017 volume 20 • issue 9WWW.BIZXMAGAZINE.COM4 6 38 YOUR ONLY INTERNATIONAL BORDER CITY PUBLICATIONWindsor Airport Cargo Hub Slow In DevelopingSo You Want To Be A Rock Star? Don’t Miss Reading What The Legendary Mark Farner Has To Say October 2017$3.50WWW.BIZXMAGAZINE.COMEat, Drink & Be Merry At “Wines Of The World”; The “Culinary Guild Of Windsor/ORHMA Gala Evening of Excellence” & “Artilicious”ON THE COVER — “Cheers To Small Businesses!” — 18More than 28,000 small businesses provide employment for as many as 100,000 people in Windsor Essex. And many of those small local businesses are flourishing like a green bay tree (or vineyard in this case!). Take, for example, North 42 Degrees Estate Winery, which has completed a major expansion to add a full-service restaurant and an expanded tasting room to their property on County Road 50 East in Colchester. From wineries like North 42 to breweries, clothing stores to gift shops and more, small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. Let’s get to know a few of them a little better now in honour of “Small Business Month” in Canada.“Cheers To Small Businesses!”During “Small Business Month” we give thanks to all the small businesses in our region. North 42 Degrees Estate Winery in Colchester, represented by Martin Gorski, Suzanne Dajczak and Steve Meehan, is just one of many local success stories profiled in this edition. — PAGE 18 BIZ X MAGAZINE • OCTOBER 20174 Funny Stuff For many years we have been publishing pictures of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters — any type of pet or critter that you send us. Keep ’em coming! This photo feature makes everyone smile during a stressful day. After all, who does not love a cute pet pic? Take the top photo for example from the owner of a downtown Windsor pub who knows who’s boss in his house: Rayvn! 5 From The Publisher: Windsor Essex In The Top 10 Best Locations In Canada For Investment 6 Editorial Viewpoint: Windsor Airport Cargo Hub — What’s Up With That? Many troubling questions remain unanswered on how the previously much-hyped development of Windsor International Airport as an international Cargo Hub, funded by taxpayers, is unfolding. And what role does the Institute for Border Logistics and Security (middle photo of sign by Alan Halberstadt) play in all this? 8 Front Lines 11 Heard On The Street 12 Biz X Was There 14 Newsflash 16 Dates To Remember 24 Corporate Spotlight: The Need To Tap Into Detroit’s Energy And Innovation 26 Generation YKNOT: We Have The Technology! “Tech Week YQG” 27 Portfolio Corner 29 Ask The Experts: Keeping Your Basement High And Dry With Northstar Plumbing 30 Boost Your Business 31 XX Files: Sheryl Davies, The Wedding Guide Windsor/Essex County 32 Making A Sound Living: An Interview With Mark Farner, Formerly Of Grand Funk Railroad 35 Guest Column: Inefficiencies Of The Litigation Process 36 Food For Thought: On A Roll Sushi & Sliders, Downtown Windsor 37 Event Profile: The 22nd “Wines Of The World” 38 Have A Cup Of Joe With Joe: A Night Of Culinary Excellence The Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) and the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCF) join up in October to organize the “Culinary Guild of Windsor/ORHMA Gala Evening of Excellence.” Need to know more? Grab your copy of Biz X and a cup of Joe, flip to this column and let Joe tell you all about it. Photo below by Joe McParland shows Frank Moceri, President of Windsor Chapter of ORHMA with Chef Adelina Sisti-DeBlasis, President of the CCF Culinary Guild of Windsor. 40 Event Profile: The 4th Annual “Artilicious ” 41 Take The Lead: Jumping Into The Political Arena NEW! 42 Guest Column: Eating Disorders Affecting Women Of All Ages 43 From The Bookshelf 45 The Way It Was 46 Biz Of The Month: Southwest Investigative Solutions1FOR BUSINESSES AND PEOPLE IN WINDSOR, ESSEX COUNT Y AND METRO DETROITPeople: Owners Martin Gorski (left) and his wife Suzanne Dajczak and Steve Meehan, General Manager and Executive Chef for North 42 Bistro are pictured on the 42nd parallel in the vineyard of North 42 Degrees Estate Winery. Photographer: Rod Denis ( B IZ X M A G A Z IN E • O C T O B E R 2 0 1 73BROUGHT TO YOU BYLike us on FacebookFUNNY STUFF!Follow us on Twitter“The Bark Side Of Howl-a-ween!” Have a laugh or two with our funny pet pictures. Send your photos to and it may be included here in an upcoming issue. Make sure it gives our readers a chuckle! Birthdays are so much fun, thinks four year old Gem.Boo! Ah, Bella Dori and Aurora are just too cute to scare anyone this Halloween.WWW.BIZXMAGAZINE.COM “Striving to provide our readers with a“Striving qualitytotomagazine contains “Striving provide readers with provide our ourthat readers with the aaaccurate quality magazine contains quality information magazine that thatabout contains businesses information and people thatabout shape our accurate the accurate information about the border cities; thatthat challenges us businesses and people shape our businesses andand people that shape our to appreciate, explore and contribute border cities; and that challenges us to border cities; and that challenges us appreciate, explore andand contribute to to appreciate, our communities.” to explore contribute our communities.” to Xour communities.” BIZ IS DELIVERED FREE OF CHARGE TO EVERY REGISTEREDBUSINESS IN WINDSOR AS BIZ X IS DELIVERED FREE & OF ESSEX CHARGE COUNTY TO EVERY(10,000) REGISTERED DETERMINED BY CANADA POST. (NUMBER 03524213) BUSINESS IN WINDSOR & ESSEX COUNTY (10,000) AS REGISTERED DETERMINED BIZ X IS DELIVERED FREE OF CHARGE TO EVERY ADDITIONAL COPIES (4,000)&03524213) ARE DISTRIBUTED NO CHARGE BY CANADA IN POST. (NUMBER AS WELL,AT(10,000) 3,000 COPIES BUSINESS WINDSOR ESSEX COUNTY AS TO 450USED LOCATIONS INCANADA METRO DETROIT &(NUMBER REGION. AS 03524213) WELL 1,000 ARE FORBY SUBSCRIPTIONS, CLIENTS, NEWSSTANDS AND DETERMINED POST. COPIES USED FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS, DISPLAY DISPLAYARE RACKS IN WINDSOR ESSEX, CHATHAM,CLIENTS, TILBURY & SARNIA. ADDITIONAL COPIES (4,000) ARE DISTRIBUTED AT NO CHARGE RACKS & NEWSSTAND S. FOR A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION ON ADDITIONAL COPIESIN(3,000) OFDETROIT CERTAIN AREASDISTRIBUTED TO 450 LOCATIONS METRO &ISSUES REGION. WELL 1,000 OUR CIRCULATION VISIT WWW.BIZXMAGAZINE.COM AT NO CHARGE TO 450 LOCATIONS IN METRO DETROIT & REGION OR COPIES ARE USED FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS, CLIENTS, DISPLAY DISTRIBUTED AT WINDSOR SHOWS/EVENTS (NUMBER RACKS & NEWSSTAND S. ESSEX FOR ATRADE COMPLETE DESCRIPTION ON MAY CIRCULATION INCREASE AT TIMES). FOR A COMPLETE DESCRIPTION ON OUR OUR VISIT WWW.BIZXMAGAZINE.COM CIRCULATION VISIT: WWW.BIZXMAGAZINE.COM.PRESIDENT Deborah JonesMowgli’s owner takes matters into her own hands to get her pup looking like a movie star.Please don’t burst Shade’s bubble.CORPORATE I COMMUNITYCHRISTMAS PARTY ATF R I D AY DECEMBER 8TH2017 2016VICE-PRESIDENT Colin Jones OFFICE ADMINISTRATION & SALES Della Jones-Goulet, Assistant to the Publisher Kathleen Jones BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Jack Rosenberg WRITERS / PHOTOJOURNALISTS Lori Baldassi Arthur Barbut Sherrilynn Colley-Vegh David Clark Chelsea Girard Andrea Grimes Alan Halberstadt Dave Hall Dave Halliday Marlene Markham-Gay Steven Mayo Erika Muscat Joe McParland Yvonne Pilon Andrea Pontoni Richard Rosenthal Luciana Rosu-Sieza Jenn Sadai Rebecca Wright PHOTOGRAPHERS Rodney L. Denis Photography Lori Deschaine Steve Vermeiren PRODUCTION DESIGN Rae Marie MAILING & DELIVERY ADDRESS FOR BIZ X ONLYThis season, give your employeesthe Christmas Party they deserve. Doors Open: 6:00 p.m. Countrystyle Dinner: 7:00 p.m. Dancing: Following dinner until 1:00 a.m.Festive Decor! DJ for Music & Dancing! Reserve your table today! Tickets: $42 tax inc. 3745 North Talbot Rd. I 737-6153 WWW.CIOCIAROCLUB.COM4B IZ X M A G A Z IN E • O C T O B E R 2 0 1 7MAILING & DELIVERY ADDRESS FOR BIZ X ONLY P.O. Box 27035, 7720 Tecumseh Road East, P.O. Box 27035, Tecumseh Road East, Windsor,7720 Ontario, N8T 3N5 Windsor, Ontario, N8T 3N5 e-mail: MAILINGe-mail: & DELIVERY ADDRESS FOR BIZ X ONLY P.O. Box 27035, 7720 Tecumseh Road East, Windsor, Ontario, 3N5 CALL 519-977-2199 NOW TON8T BOOK AD! YOURAD! BOOKYOUR TOENTER NOW 519-977-2199 CALL e-mail: VISIT BIZXMAGAZINE.COM AND YOUR EMAILYOUR ENTER ANDBAR BIZXMAGAZINE.COM VISIT “SUBSCRIBE” UNDER INNOW THE TO TOP TO RECEIVE AD! YOUR BOOK 519-977-2199 CALL AOF RECEIVE TO ON OUR HOMEPAGE A EMAIL COMPLIMENTARY DIGITAL AND SUBSCRIPTION YOUR ENTER BIZXMAGAZINE.COM VISIT OF SUBSCRIPTION DIGITAL TO COMPLIMENTARY EACH ISSUE DELIVERED YOUR INBOX. EMAIL ON OUR HOMEPAGE TO RECEIVE A EACH ISSUE DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX.OF IS SUBSCRIPTION DIGITAL BIZCOMPLIMENTARY X MAGAZINE IS OWNED BY 1277025 ONTARIO LTD. AND BIZ X MAGAZINE IS OWNED BY 1277025 ONTARIOINBOX. LTD. AND IS PUBLISHED EACH MONTH WITH EXCEPTION OF DOUBLE YOUR TO DELIVERED ISSUE EACH EACH PUBLISHED MONTH WITH THE THE EXCEPTION OF DOUBLE ISSUES ISSUES IN THE SUMMER AND NOV/DEC. THE MAGAZINE IS ONLY IN THE SUMMER AND NOV/DEC. THE MAGAZINE IS ONLY SOLD ON BIZ ON X MAGAZINE IS OWNED BY 1277025 ONTARIO LTD. AND IS SOLD NEWSSTANDS IN FOR ONTARIO FOR PER PLUS NEWSSTANDS IN MONTH ONTARIO $3.50 PER $3.50 COPY PLUSCOPY HST AND PUBLISHED EACH WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ISSUES HST AND PERSONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS MAY FOR BEDOUBLE ORDERED FOR PERSONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS MAY BE ORDERED $35 PLUS HST IN PLUS THE SUMMER AND NOV/DEC. THE MAGAZINE ISACCEPTANCE ONLY SOLD ON $40 HST FOR 10 ISSUES IN CANADA. THE FOR 10 ISSUESININ ONTARIO CANADA. THE OF ADVERTISEMENTS NEWSSTANDS FOR ACCEPTANCE $3.50 PER COPY PLUS HST ANDOF ADVERTISEMENTS DOESANNOT AN DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ENDORSEMENT OF FOR THEENDORSEMENT PRODUCTS OR PERSONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS MAYCONSTITUTE BE ORDERED $35 PLUS HST SERVICES ADVERTISED. THE PUBLISHER DOES NOTPUBLISHER ASSUME OFFOR THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES ADVERTISED. THE 10 ISSUES IN CANADA. 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MAYOUR NOTPRINT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT PERMISSION. TIMELY AS OF DEADLINE.MAY BIZ X BE MAGAZINE IS A ONTARIO LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NOT REPRODUCED CONTENTS COPYRIGHT BY 1277025 ONTARIO LTD. RIGHTS REGISTERED NAME OF© 2012 1277025 ONTARIO LTD. ALL WITHOUT PERMISSION. RESERVED. MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT PERMISSION. CONTENTS COPYRIGHT ©2017 BY 1277025 ONTARIO CONTENTS COPYRIGHT © 2012 BY 1277025 ONTARIO LTD. LTD.from the publisherYahoo! Windsor Essex Makes Top 10 List By Deborah JonesThis entire issue is dedicated to small businesses and the people who run them, just in time for “Small Business Month” in October. And I can’t think of a better way to kick start our tribute to small business than with a bit of good news! In early September, Site Selection magazine recognized Windsor Essex in the “Top 10 for Best Locations in Canada for Investment.” The region was joined by: Calgary Economic Development; City of Mississauga Economic Development; Montreal International; Invest Ottawa; Quebec International; Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority; Toronto Global; Vancouver Economic Commission and Waterloo Economic Development Corporation. The Canada’s Best Award was received by the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation (WE EDC) on behalf of the Windsor Essex region. “It’s an honour to receive this award on behalf of the Windsor Essex region,”says Stephen MacKenzie, CEO of WE EDC. “To be recognized among the Best Places in Canada to invest is an outstanding achievement and speaks volumes about our region’s exceptional position for economic growth and business development. It’s also a privilege to be recognized as one of Canada’s Best Locations for Investment by a third party such as Site Selection magazine, who is known as a trusted advisor to corporations, government, investment and economic development agencies around the world.” Significant projects in the September article referenced Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing Ltd., Canadian Salt and Stratus Plastics. Site Selection magazine is an international publication that is recognized as the leading publication in corporate real estate, facility planning, location analysis and foreign direct investment. You can read the 2017 Canada’s Best Location report posted on the website here: 2011, 2014 and 2015 Site Selection’s Annual Canadian Ranking recognized the Windsor Essex region with awards within the categories of Top 10 Canadian Economic Development Groups and Canada’s Best Locations for Investment. Visit: to see other notable past recognition the area has received. With so many challenges in business these days, coming from things out of our control like flooding disasters, high energy costs and sky-rocketing expenses on gas or even from your suppliers, we all must prepare to do battle to fight another day and stretch those dollars as much as possible. Whereas there are a few industries profiting from work due to the flood (the most recent setback), most of us are in the same boat of making sure all the bills are paid and holding onto all the customers we have. So when encouraging news happens, we can hopefully see the bigger picture. Being in the “Top 10 for Best Locations in Canada for Investment” points entrepreneurs (past and new) in the right direction to help the Windsor Essex business community survive well into the future. So this Thanksgiving, we need to be thankful for all that we have. And everything our region can and will be — a great place to invest, work and live.LOVE LOCAL. SHOP LOCAL. Experience one of the region’s largest shop local events – the SmallBiz Expo. Oct 18, 2017 | 5 – 9 p.m. Giovanni Caboto ClubFor details visit: IZ X M A G A Z IN E • O C T O B E R 2 0 1 75editorial viewpointWindsor “Air Cargo City” So Far A Lot Of Hot Air By Alan Halberstadt If you would like to comment on this topic, please post it under my column in the CITY section of taxpayers should wonder what is becoming of the grandiose plan to transform Windsor into an international cargo handling centre of excellence. That was the vision, as far back as March of 2009, more than eight years ago, when the Windsor Star ran a front page photo of a beaming Mayor Eddie Francis standing alongside a newly built runway at Windsor International Airport. At 9,000 feet long and 200 feet wide, the mega tarmac can accommodate the Russian built Antonov, the world’s largest cargo plane. Leveraging senior government stimulus money, tens of millions of dollars have been spent on airport improvements such as the monster runway and taxiways. Francis convinced the majority of Windsor City Council (when I was a skeptical member) and the provincial government to fund $530,000 for two feasibility studies by Lufthansa Consulting of Frankfurt, Germany. In early 2010, the compliant consultants concluded, not surprisingly, that we should go for it. In the midst of a punishing economic downturn, the Cargo Hub was held up as the carrot to develop a new economy for Windsor that one day could be known as “Air Cargo City” as Francis coined it. The Mayor ramped up the hype by touting the establishment of a pre-clearance handling centre for perishable goods providing optimum storage areas for all needs of airlines, forwarders, importers and exporters while concentrating all inspections and border process under one roof including U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the United States Department of Agriculture. At a press conference in August of 2010, Francis and then Airport President Federica Nazzani predicted Windsor could become home to a multi-modal freight logistics hub that, by 2012, could employ 350 full-time workers on site and 100 additional workers offsite. Fast forward to late 2013, when a press conference attended by gushing dignitaries — Canada’s Minister of State Gary Goodyear, University of Windsor President, Alan Wildeman and Francis — revealed the federal government and the City of Windsor were investing some $24 million to create cargo handling and research facilities at the University of Windsor and the airport.6The city parlayed $12.6 million from the Southwestern Ontario Economic Development Agency (FedDev Ontario) to construct three state-of-the-art buildings inside the northwest edge of airport lands. The university also pried an additional $7.3 million loose from FedDev to establish the Institute for Border Logistics and Security (IBLS), which included a 10,000 square foot building at 3475 Wheelton Drive, to serve as a headquarters and house researchers to work with importers and exporters on real-world project testing. In November of 2013, City Council agreed to waive property taxes for 10 years on the 35,000 square foot anchor building across the street from IBLS. That cinched the deal to build an extravagant loading and staging structure to be leased to FedEx Express for 30 years, starting at a measly $4 per square foot. FedEx, which relocated from a 32,000 square foot building less than a mile away on Rhodes Drive, was also enticed by getting use of 3.6 acres of airport land for $1 a year. The third building, next to the IBLS headquarters, is 27,000 square feet and was erected with the hope that FedEx’s world-wide profile would attract a cluster of logistics firms and create hundreds, perhaps thousands of jobs to offset those lost in the manufacturing industry. So here we are in the fall of 2017, and it’s time to take stock. A good indicator of how successful the cargo hub has been so far can be gleaned by how many photo op press conferences have been called lately about these projects. The answer is none, not since Wildeman announced the appointment of heralded logistics expert Laurie Tannous as CEO of IBLS in January of 2015. FedEx moved into its new digs some time in 2016 without fanfare. It transferred 51 jobs from the old building. Try to ask any of the principles (at this writing they hadn’t returned my phone calls) how things are going since then and you hear “nothing but crickets.” That includes Airport CE
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