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  SHIPPER (PRINCIPAL) OR SELLER - LICENSEE AND ADDRESSBOOKING NBR.B/L NUMBER Productos F!os d" A#$%"& S.A. d" C.'.COSCO-MO-*+,COSCO-MO-EP-*+, A%. E0$!o $1$t$ No. +2+, SHIPPER EPOR3 REFERENCES L$ P"4t$I!%oc" PFA-+5+-*C.P. 2*+,5& Ar$!d$s& 6$0scoB$tc7 Nu8"r +*/+5/*P7o!" N8r.9 (:5-;2,) ;+*-25+ CONSIGNED 3OSHIPPER<S AGEN3 (NAME AND ADDRESS - REFERENCES) =or0d<s S1rts $!d B"%"r$#"s Ho!# Ko!#& Ltd.B$> G0o8$0& S.A. d" C.'.I!t"r!$to!$0 3r$d" Corrdor No. +5+R?o O8 No. +,5& Co0. A0$o I!dustr$0Fr"" 3r$d" o!" No. @C.P. 22,@& Gu$d$0$$r$& 6$0.Ho!# Ko!#& C7!$  ACCEP3ANCE POIN3 AND COUN3R OF ORIGIN P7o!" N8r.9 (,:5) 5:@-@+5Ar$!d$s& 6$0sco / M>co NO3IF PAR3/IN3ERMEDIA3E CONSIGNEE (NAME AND ADDRESS)DES3INA3ION DELI'ER AGEN3 (NAME AND ADDRESS) UPS Su110 C7$! G0o8$0 So0uto!sSc7"!"r I!t"r!$to!$0 HK& Ltd.Su!s7!" Ko0oo! B$ C$r#o C"!tr" :@;:/F S0!" 3o"r 3$ 1 Str""t& Ko0oo! B$;@ =$!# Ko!# Ro$dKo0oo!& Ho!# Ko!#& C7!$Ko0oo! B$P7o!" N8r.9 (,:5) 5*;:-;:;:Ko0oo!& Ho!# Ko!#& C7!$ PLACE OF RECEIP3 B PRE-CARRIERPOR3 OF LOADING P7o!"9 (,:5) 5;*@-@5, Ar$!d$s& 6$0scoM$!$!00o& Co0$ 'ESSEL 'OAGEPOR3 OF 3RANSHIPMEN3REFERENCES M$"rs D$!%00" '-5;= POR3 OF DISCHARGEPLACE OF DES3INA3ION PO9 ME-++Ho!# Ko!#& C7!$Ho!# Ko!#& C7!$  MARKS AND NUMBERSNO. OF PKGS DESCRIP3ION OF PACKAGES AND GOODSGROSS =EIGH3MEASUREMEN3 GAU-,@5+-+*5S3C *5 8o>"s o + t"Ju0$ ro++&:5 #s5+.: ;S"$0 +5;+$#$%" $00 ! +>5< S3DFCL/LCLGAU-,,@2-:+2*S3C +2* 8o>"s o + t"Ju0$ ro5;&:5 #s25.@, ;S"$0 +5;5$#$%" $00 ! +>2< S3DLCL / FCLI!%oc" tot$0 USD ,*&S$d to co!t$! As 1"r s711"r<s 0o$d& sto $!d cou!tC0"$! o! 8o$rd  FREIGH3 RA3ES& CHARGES&PREPAIDCOLLEC3 =EIGH3 AND/OR MEASUREMEN3S(3"rs o t7s 800 o 0$d!# co!t!u"d o! r"%"rs" sd" 7"r"o) Oc"$! Fr"#7t;&. IN =I3NESS =HEREOF t7" C$rr"r 8 ts $#"!t 7$s s#!"d BAF;. B00s o 0$!d!#& $00 o t7s t"!or $!d d$t"& o!" o c7 8"!# $cco10s7"d& CAF+, t7" ot7"rs to st$!d %od. Doc. F""5:. D$t" $t D"c"8"r +*t7 53HC+.Coord!$to!:.   37s s SHIPPED o! BOARD B00 o L$d!# 7"! 3ot$02&;+:US Curr"!c  '$0d$t"d D"c"8"r +5t7 5 B/L NO. COSCO-MO- EO-*+, B 6or#" Ru"0$s  Jorge Ruelas Tirado +/+;/5+: Fernanda Gurrola Alcaraz
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