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Block 6 Paper

Block 6 Paper
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  PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING PAPER 1Philosophy of Nursing Paper  NURS 3!  Nursing "heories# Pra$%i$e & Issues 'eannie Nguyen ()*()1!  PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING PAPER * Define and describe your values, beliefs and concepts about person, health, nursing, and environment (metaparadigm).Person I +elie,e %ha% -y pa%ien%s an. %he people I in%era$% /i%h in %he $ourse of -y /or0 possess uniue e2perien$es an. ,alues I +elie,e %ha% %hey ha,e 0no/ an. e2per%ise in ,arious areas of i-pro,ising +e$ause of %ea- synergy 4Fi%5pa%ri$0 & 6a5er# *1*7 Apar% fro- %ha%# I per$ei,e%he- as people /ho- I $an engage /i%h in $on,ersa%ions an. +uil. a %/o8/ay rela%ionship +ase.on -u%ual respe$% 9on%rary %o %he +eliefs of -any people# I $ -y pa%ien%s %o +e $rea%i,e# reasona+le# $apa+le /i%h .yna-i$ un.ers%an.ings on ,arious aspe$%s of life 4:a,ille & Huer%a# *137 "herefore# %hey .eser,e $are# e-pa%hy# an. +es% ser,i$es Also# pa%ien%s a$% as par%ners in %he $oor.ina%ion of $are +e$ause %hey ha,e signifi$an% $on%ri+u%ion in one /ay or %he o%her I /oul. no% +e a nurse if %hey .i. no% e2is% "herefore# I respe$% %he- as su$h# lis%en %o %heir $on$erns an. s%ri,e %o es%a+lish a -eaningful $onne$%ion /hi$h $an resul% %o i-por%an% engage-en%s 4Fa/$e%% & ;esan%o# *137 I re$ogni5e %he i-por%an$e of effi$ien% $o--uni$a%ions As a resul%# I ensure %ha% I es%a+lish $lear an. %ransparen% -eans of $o--uni$a%ion /i%h %he pa%ien%s As a /ay of i-pro,ing pa%ien% sa%isfa$%ion# I ,alue %heir righ% an. free.o- %o $hoose /ha% %hey $ +es% for %heir heal%h an.respe$% %heir opinions 4Fi%5pa%ri$0 & 6a5er# *1*7 Health  No%a+ly# %he heal%h of an in.i,i.ual is .e%er-ine. +y %he .egree of his)her /ellness an. illness I% $o,ers %he .ifferen% spheres of his)her life in$ %he physi$al# -oral an. so$ial real-s I s%ri,e %o pro-o%e holis%i$ heal%h $are %o -y pa%ien%s an. un.ers%an. %he- +ase. on %heir life si%ua%ions I ,ie/ nursing as a pra$%i$e of -orali%y -ean% %o reins%a%e o%hers ra%her %han  PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING PAPER 3 pro-o%e in.i,i.ual gains 4Fa/$e%% & ;esan%o# *137 I% is a -oral a$% +e$ause i% in,ol,es ,ariousle,els of %rus% an. ,ulnera+ili%y A nurse has a -oral responsi+ili%y an. o+liga%ion %o res%ore an. i-pro,e %he life of %he pa%ien% /i%hou% any selfish -o%i,es Nursing pra$%i$e is an in%era$%i,e  pro$ess %ha% e2hi+i%s a $aring $hara$%er# +eha,ior# an. rela%ionship 4:a,ille & Huer%a# *137 I% isa hu-+ling e2perien$e %o +e %he person %rus%e. an. en.orse. /i%h %he responsi+ili%y of loo0ing af%er %he life of ano%her %o a$hie,e posi%i,e ou%$o-es Environment "he en,iron-en% in /hi$h a pa%ien% an. %he nurse opera%e fro- is influen$e. +y a ,arie%y of aspe$%s I% $onsis%s of %i-e# geographi$al lo$a%ion# so$ie%al ,alues an. +eliefs# e2pe$%a%ions# uali%y# spa$e an. .aily life e2perien$es 4Fa/$e%% & ;esan%o# *137 :y -a<or role is %o ensure %ha% %he pa%ien% is pre.ispose. %o -any na%ural fa$%ors as oppose. %o ar%ifi$ial ones 4Fi%5pa%ri$0 & 6a5er# *1*7 I a- a/are of %he %/o -ain $o-posi%ions of %he en,iron-en% as e2%ernal an. in%ernal I s%ri,e %o pu% -y pa%ien%s in en,iron-en%al posi%ions /here %hey are a/ay fro- fur%her /ellness %hrea%s I par%i$ipa%e in lo$al $o--uni%y /ellness groups %o fa$ili%a%e %he pro-o%ion of aheal%hy $o--uni%y an. $rea%e heal%h a/areness Nursing "he In%erna%ional 9oun$il of Nurses .efines nursing as %he in.epen.en% an. <oin% $are of  persons of all ages# $o--uni%ies# groups# /he%her si$0 or /ell in all se%%ings 4Fi%5pa%ri$0 & 6a5er# *1*7 I% re$ogni5es pre,en%ion of illness an. pro-o%ion of heal%h as -a<or roles of nursing "he -ain ai- of nursing pra$%i$e is %o res%ore# -ain%ain or i-pro,e heal%h 4Fi%5pa%ri$0 &6a5er# *1*7 I% also ai-s a% re.u$ing %he i-pa$% of .iseases on in.i,i.uals =i%h %his in -in.# I  pu% e-phasis on nursing as a pra$%i$e %ha% reuires high le,els of $o-pe%en$e# 0no/ resear$h an. s0ills for $lini$al <u.g-en% 4Fa/$e%% & ;esan%o# *137 I +elie,e %ha% a nurse shoul.  PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING PAPER >ha,e a posi%i,e a%%i%u.e# a$%ions# an. fos%er heal%hy rela%ionships %o a$hie,e %he goal of $ul%i,a%inghu-an .igni%y an. /elfare 4:a,ille & Huer%a# *137 Describe how your values, beliefs and concepts about person, health, nursing, andenvironment interrelate. "he four $on$ep%s of %he nursing %heory in%errela%e in -any /ays "he $on$ep% of ?person@ helps nurses %o appre$ia%e an. ,ie/ pa%ien%s as par%ners I% enhan$es %he of %he pa%ien%s an. %he $are gi,en %o %he- I% helps nurses sa%isfy %he pa%ien%s nee. for $are an. $o-for% 4Fi%5pa%ri$0 & 6a5er# *1*7 "he heal%h fa$%or is $on$erne. /i%h pro-o%ing heal%h an. re.u$ing illnesses Nurses s%ri,e %o pro-o%e heal%hy persons in %he $o--uni%y +y $rea%ing a/areness# e-+ra$ing ne/ %e$hnology# s$reening# an. $on%inuous %raining "he en,iron-en% is a $ri%i$al fa$%or in %he nursing pra$%i$e Nurses shoul. +e a/are of %heir geographi$al lo$a%ions# $ul%ural +eliefs an. .ifferen$es /i%hin %heir areas of opera%ion an. %he pa%ien%s %hey are .ealing /i%h A..i%ionally# %hey ha,e %o ensure %he en,iron-en% is $on.u$i,efor effe$%i,e opera%ion 4Fa/$e%% & ;esan%o# *137 "he nursing $on$ep% rela%es %o %he o%her %hree in %he sense %ha% i% a.,o$a%es for 0no/ an. reuire. %o $arry %he .u%ies of $are I% lea.s %o %he a+ili%y %o analy5e an. un.ers%an. $are an. e2perien$e nee.e. %o fos%er %he heal%h an. ensure an ena+ling en,iron-en% Describe how deviations from healthwellness affect the relationship between person,nursing, and environment. =hen %here is a .e,ia%ion in heal%h# %he rela%ionship a-ong %he re-aining aspe$%s is also affe$%e. "he nurse has %he -an.a%e %o $on%rol %he si%ua%ion an. i-pro,e i% 4Fi%5pa%ri$0 & 6a5er# *1*7 "he person or %he hu-an +eing re$ei,ing %he a%%en%ion is %he -ain fo$us in %he $ir$u-s%an$e an. %he $en%er for %he en,iron-en% $rea%e. in %he si%ua%ion "herefore# %he pa%ien% is  PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING PAPER B%he -ain .e%er-inan% of %he 0in. of %he en,iron-en% $rea%e. .uring %he heal%h i-pro,e-en%  pro$ess Also# he)she is %he one re$ei,ing %he %ransi%ion in %he pro$ess "he in%era$%ions %ha% o$$ur  +e%/een %he nurse an. %he pa%ien% .uring %he perio. in$lu.e nursing pro$ess# /hi$h is fa$ili%a%e.  +y %he proper s0ills an. 0no/ %ha% %he pra$%i%ioner possesses Define and describe other ideas concepts you view as important to nursing I +elie,e %ha% $on$ep%s su$h as au%ono-y# in%egri%y# .igni%y# so$ial <us%i$e an. al%ruis- arei-por%an% in pro, nursing $are Al%ruis- is a $on$ep% /here %he nurse is $on$erne. /i%h %he general /ell8+eing popula%ion aroun. hi-)her in$ o%her pro,i.ers On %he o%her han.# au%ono-y is %he a+ili%y %o allo/ pa%ien%s %o e2er$ise free.o- an. righ%s# espe$ially in %he .e$ision$on$erning %heir heal%h 4Fi%5pa%ri$0 & 6a5er# *1*7 Pa%ien%s .eser,e %o +e %rea%e. /i%h .igni%y an. %heir pri,a%e issues han.le. /i%h $onfi.en%iali%y Also# %he $o.e of e%hi$s shoul. +e %o enhan$e in%egri%y "he nurse shoul. pro,i.e ser,i$es /i%hou% .is$ri-ina%ion %o enhan$e so$ial  <us%i$e 4:a,ille & Huer%a# *137 !reate" design andor computer generate a diagram or model that depicts the relationshipamong and between the #etaparadigm concepts you have described. $nclude the graphicdesign as an addendum to your paper, and provide a one paragraph concisedescriptionnarrative e%plaining your model.
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