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   _ BLOCK B _    Release Date  April 14, 2011 Genre Kpop, Hip Hop U-Kwon   (Kim Yu Kwon 김유권 ) Role : Vocal, Dancer, visual Real Name : Kim Yookwon ( 김유권 ) Birthday : 9 April 1992 (19) Birthplace : Suwon, Gyeonggi Height : 176cm Weight : 63kg Blood type : A Nicknames : Kitty-Kwon, Mother-Kwon (Why? Because in one of their shows he was impersonating a cat and in their MV shoot he played with cat. He is like the mother figure in Block B.) Fans club (Unofficial): Kitten OTP : B-Bomb (U-Bomb) and Taeil (CatFish) About : Is the second visual after Jaehyo, mostly known for his squinty eyes and wide smile. His hobby is reading, jokingly denied by the other members. And even some rare passion for instruments. Kyung   (Park Kyung 박경 ) Role : Rapper Real Name : Park Kyung ( 박경 ) Birthday : 8 July 1992 (18) Birthplace : Seoul Height : 176cm Weight : 56kg Blood type : B  Nicknames : Cucumber, Kyungcumber (Why? Because he has a long face which Jaehyo said he looked like a cucumber.) Fans club (Unofficial) : Pickle OTP : ZiKyung (Zico) and Park Pi (P.O) Facts: - Studied in New Zealand. - He was childhood friends with ZICO. About : Kyung is one of the three Block B rappers. As told in Zico's description, he has participated in many of Zico's mixtapes. And has known him since their early years in elementary school. Unfortunately and luckily he is the only member who copes with fluent English after studying in New Zealand. Taeil   (Lee Tae Il ( 이태일 )) Role : Main vocal Real Name : Lee Taeil ( 이태일 ) Birthday : 24 September 1990 (20) Birthplace : Seoul Height : 167cm Weight : 57kg Blood type : AB Nickname : Shark (Why? Because he was trolled by Kyung saying that Sharks(in Korean) in english is Jaws and Shark in english means male 'Jaws'.) Fans club (Unofficial) : Shark bait OTP : TaePyo (P.O), CatFish (U-Kwon) Facts : - He was in MBC's A Birth of a Great Star . About : He is the main vocalist of Block B. He was formerly a participant on the audition program held by MBC “ 위대한   탄생 ” . Often told that he resembles a  shark, because of his face features. Small eyes and wide jaw. It's even said that he got his “Shark” image from no other then fellow member Kyung. And his weakest point lays in dancing. P.O (Pyo Ji Hun 표지훈 ) Role : Rapper, Maknae Real Name : Pyo Jihoon ( 표지훈 ) Birthday : 2 February 1993 (18) Height : 181cm Weight : 64kg Blood type : B Nicknames : Whale, P.Oglet/Piglet (Why? Because he said that he looked like Piglet without glasses on.) Fans club : Pearl OTP : TaePyo (Taeil), 2Ji (Zico/Jihoon) and Park Pi (Kyung) Facts : - Admires Dara of 2NE1 and Sulli of F(x). About : Little is said about this little troll. More information is to come. ZICO Real Name : Woo Ji Ho ( 우지호 ) Position : Leader & Rapper Birthdate : September 14, 1992 Birthplace : Mapo, Seoul Height : 182CM Weight : 65KG Blood Type : O Religion : Catholic Family : Parents, Older Brother (Co-Ed School's Taewoon)  Nicknames : Jamaican Beggar-co, Ziraffe, Hello Kitty (Why? He once had dreads and MTV Match Up referred to him as Jamaican Beggar-co. He impersonated a Giraffe in MTV Match Up. He collects/loves Hello Kitty) Fans club (Official) : Zicova (From his name) Facts : - Released a mixtape in 2010 titled ZICO on the Block which contains 19 tracks feat. other hip hop artists; Park Kyung [Block B], Andup, 최음제 , Han Hae, Mino, Uglyduck, and Gganmo. - He was childhood friends with Kyung. - Former SM Trainee, Suppose to be part of SHINee. About : Zico has a long story under the music industry, being able to produce music at such young age; he has released several mixtapes along with his fellow band mate such as, Kyung. An other trainee, HanHae, As for their former member Mino, who left the group due to personal reasons and who now has debuted under the group named “BoM”. His experience is the reason that lead him to be the leader of the group chosen by Cho PD himself. He also is the younger brother of CO-Ed's lead rapper Taewoon. He has also studied Arts in Japan. Jaehyo   (Ahn Jae Hyo 안재효 ) Role : leadVocal, visual Real Name : Ahn Jaehyo ( 안재효 ) Birthday : 23 December 1990 (20) Height : 181cm Weight : 58kg Blood type : A School : Youngdong High School Hobby : Watching movies Nickname : Derp/Derphyo (Derp - to describe a retarded looking face. Why? because BBCs found a lot of photos of him with a Derp face, this started from their Tell Them MV.) Fans club (Unofficial) : Herp (Because he is a derp) Facts :
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