Block-Based Living Walls of Filtrexx v.1

An overview of the SmartSlope and EnviroBloxx Living Retaining Wall Systems of Filtrexx International. Both systems are block type wall systems for building structural walls that are designed to be planted within each facing block in order to completely grow over the finished wall with healthy plants for greening, reduction of urban heat island, LEED points, habitat creation, carbon sequestration and runoff water detention/treatment. View all of our information at http://www.filtrexx.com/livingwalls/
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  • 1. 1 A Closer Look at Our “EnviroBloxx and SmartSlope” Living Wall Systems. Evolution of Filtrexx Living Walls Evolution of Filtrexx Living Walls
  • 2. Our Foundation is Compost Socks Recycling and Low Impact Development Movement LOCAL RECYCLED MATERIALS Create CERTIFIED MEDIA Contain with MESH Superior Results Filtration & Growing
  • 3. Take Advantage of the Vertical Space! Our Mission is Hardscape vs. Landscape Solid Walls have two outcomes: (1) Great structure for holding back the grade change (2) Great at contributing to Urban Heat Island Maximum Environmental Service from Living Walls: Great Structure for holding back the grade change + Green-space, Habitat, Urban Cooling, Rainwater retention and treatment
  • 4. Nice shot from a competitors website and this sort of project is everywhere. Lots of opportunity to use Living Walls as an alternate that offers so much more environmental service for a comparable price.
  • 5. “Vertical Parking Lots” Should Be a Thing of the Past 10/28/2015 Turn this wall on its side and park cars on either plane. Great wall but not great environmental service. Our planet needs more environmental service from typical structures!
  • 6. Creating Structural Facing Systems That Support Healthy Plants is What We Do Across Our Entire Product Line
  • 7. Why Filtrexx® LivingWalls™ • Committed to the entire life cycle of these plant-based building systems • MSE and non-MSE applications • Solutions for 90° to 25° of inclination
  • 8. Why EnviroBloxx and SmartSlope Living Walls? Structure - Living Retaining Walls provide the underlying structure needed to permanently stabilize grade changes. Design Flexibility – Filtrexx Systems can be installed where many other systems cannot. Locations such as creek banks where excavation is not possible or desired. Environmental Benefits - Living walls minimize stormwater runoff, cool the environment, and provide habitat for native creatures. Plant based living systems have been shown to benefit buildings, owners, occupants, and the environment.
  • 9. A familiar shot from our website that shows all of our “Living Wall” products. Each tile leads to product focused pages, packed with system information. The focus of this presentation.
  • 10. More icons from our website that will lead you to complete information on each type of wall system. The Focus of Todays Presentation
  • 11. Filtrexx – Block-Based Living Walls
  • 12. SmartSlope Evolutionary Firsts • Wet-pour Concrete Performance in a small modular size • Simple Mechanical Connection to Reinforcement Straps • 100% Recycled polymer Liner Bonded to the Inside of Each Module • Available Worldwide as a Locally Manufactured Pre-Cast Product • Highest Coverage to Weight Ratio for Reduction in Trucking, Fuel and Portland Cement • Largest Plantable Fill Volume of Any Concrete Modular Wall • Innovative, Highly Portable Forming System Made of 100% Re-Cycled Polymer • All components Designed to Be Re-Cycled at End of Lifecycle • Designed for Maximum Contribution to LEED Points • Polymer Liner Allows: Precise Attachment of Accessories, Strap Connection Slot, Internal Reinforcement Bars if Needed, Drip Irrigation Tubing, Increased Available Moisture for Plant Growth, Separation of Heat and pH Levels Inside the Trough
  • 13. SmartSlope Advantage Over Other Plantable Systems “State of The Art” Modules • Largest infill capacity per sf area • Mechanical connection to strap • Polymer liner improves moisture retention • Full bottom and no rear wall • Face fill is secure and open to backfill • Wet-cast concrete for durability All Inclusive Material Package • Wall design and well integrated components on every project • Site specific blended infill media and plants • Planting and maintenance to maturity Emphasis on Grow-out • Proper plant selection assistance • Easily ad drip irrigation to the walls • We only sell vegetated systems • Our brand is fully grown-in walls and slopes. We stay involved till they are
  • 14. Precision Molded Accessories Add Value and Functionality to Standard Inventory Blocks. Each block has receptors built right in.
  • 15. Variety of Cross Sections to Suit a Range of Site-Specific Needs
  • 16. Wet Cast Concrete with a Polymer liner bonded to the Inside • Durability • Freeze Thaw Performance • Accurate Dimensions • Efficient Use of Concrete • Higher coverage Rate per Module Ease of placement reduces labor
  • 17. Low Carbon Footprint • Local production • Large coverage rate • Thinner profile • Highest coverage to weight ratio • Reduced fossil fuel use in handling and transport • High post-consumer content Wall integrated with Rain Garden
  • 18. Large Planting Pocket Creates the Best Growth Conditions 15” 14” Even one gallon junipers are possible.
  • 19. Dry-cast plantable systems that look similar to ours have pocket holding approx. .55 cf of plantable fill compared to the SmartSlope infill capacity of 1.33 cf per module. Both figures include the pocket and the overburden between the upper two modules. 8” 12” high Fill volume determines plant health, grow-in speed and long-term survivability. 8” Wide Competitors Planting Pockets Do Not Measure Up to SmartSlope Dry-cast competition fill area
  • 20. Range of Batter 50° slope 70° slope 60° Slope
  • 21. Commercial Site Development Diversity and Flexability
  • 22. Transportation Cost Savings and Reduced Project Impact This wall will always be seen. This structure will disappear into the landscape.
  • 23. Simple Mechanical Connection to Strip Reinforcement
  • 24. SmartSlope creates a vertical planting bed --- green-space, at an angle of inclination not possible otherwise Planting wall – May 2010 Same wall September of 2010
  • 25. Same wall Early May 2011 Same wall in July 2011
  • 26. Large Commercial Wall During Construction – May 2011 Strap Connections Every Third Course - Typical
  • 27. Water-Based Stain is Applied to the Finished Wall Face
  • 28. Completed Wall – Stained and Planted, Ready for Grow-out Well on its way to full plant coverage - September 2011
  • 29. 314-394-8715 | info@thelivingwallco.com We Utilize Well-Matched Components to Reliably Create Living Retaining Walls Components
  • 30. EarthBloxx Modular Growth Media The Living Wall Company | info@thelivingwallco.com | 314-394-8715 • Maximize media volume (1.33 cf) • Locally sourced media • Palletized for convenience • Reduce waste during construction • Perfect for erosion control
  • 31. Accessory Components for Water Applications The Living Wall Company | info@thelivingwallco.com | 314-394-8715
  • 32. Rigid and Flexible SmartShields Protect Backfill in the Most Demanding Locations
  • 33. Add the GrowSoxx or SmartShields where they are needed. Plant culture is maintained and unit fill is protected from high flow.
  • 34. Tools for Storm Water Management and Filtration The Living Wall Company | info@thelivingwallco.com | 314-394-8715
  • 35. Boschert Greenway Project November 2011 Feb. 2012 May 2nd, 2012 The Living Wall Company | info@thelivingwallco.com | 314-394-8715 This wall was seeded for temporary winter growth and root structure Feb. 2012 May 2012
  • 36. Native perennial plugs replaced the winter cover crop this Spring August 2012 Jun 15, 2012 The Living Wall Company| info@thelivingwallco.com | 314-394-8715
  • 37. SmartSlope with Native Grasses and Drip Irrigation - Utilized in D.C. Development for Stormwater Management! October 2012 June 2013
  • 38. June 2013 D.C. Development at less than 1 year since planting
  • 39. Retaining walls are evolving and the next generation is - Living! Our SmartSlope Concrete Modular System has had great success in commercial walls but handling and placement is not easy due to the weight of concrete. A light weight version is needed in the landscape and DIY markets.
  • 40. Polymer Living Wall System: Landscape and Residential •The radically unique EnviroBloxx are light weight due to being cast hollow from injection molded plastic, while maintaining structure. •They are able to nest for transport efficiency and cost savings. •The system and all of its parts are made of 100% recycled plastic and when backfilled with compost, create a 100% post consumer content wall and can easily be drip irrigated. •Once installed they will look just like traditional concrete plantable modules but at 1sf coverage and only 2.5 lbs unfilled, they handle and place with ease and enable the construction of walls up to 5’ tall with little to no equipment or special tools. •Finished walls will be almost entirely plantable fill material allowing moisture / roots / nutrients to have unblocked movement. This allows plant roots to stitch together the completed structure better than any previous block system. • EnviroBloxx rely on technology from Filtrexx GardenSoxx for plant growth and light modular media placement or with “Side Rail” accessory can accept loose media and/or smaller soxx. •When additional reinforcement is required, they have built in receptors for the same mechanical strap connection as the commercial EarthBloxx Systems. •The Strap hole also doubles as a handle during construction.
  • 41. EnviroBloxx Advantage Over Other Plantable Systems “State of The Art” Modules • Largest infill capacity per sf area • Mechanical connection to strap • Polymer construction improves moisture retention • Rigid bottom and no rear wall • Face fill is secure and open to backfill • UV treated for long-term durability All Inclusive Material Package • Wall design and well integrated components on every project • Site specific blended infill media and plants • Soxx, reinforcement strap, irrigation tubing Emphasis on Grow-out • Proper plant selection assistance • Easily ad drip irrigation to the walls • We only sell vegetated systems • Our brand is fully grown-in walls and slopes. We stay involved till they are
  • 42. Low Carbon Footprint • Centralized production • Large coverage rate per block • Thinner profile in the wall • Highest coverage to weight ratio ever • Reduced fossil fuel use in handling and transport • High post-consumer content in the block and the infill media • High density inventory storage and local delivery Wall integrated with Rain Garden
  • 43. The Anatomy of an EnviroBloxx Wall System
  • 44. Finished Wall Systems with the Look and Performance of Concrete Finished Rain Garden No Side Rail for Use with Soxx With Side Rail for Use with Loose Media Nested for Easy Transport
  • 45. EnviroBloxx can be installed in a straight line and with slight curves by using the block alone with (1) 2’ x 8” GardenSoxx filled with local compost. If the side rail accessory is added, then tight radii can be accomplished, or it can be backfilled with loose growing media without soxx. Lots of versatility!
  • 46. Easily Deliver and Build Where Equipment Cannot Go
  • 47. With Garden Soxx is Even Easier
  • 48. GardenSoxx or GroSoxx from Pallets or DIY Mesh Filling Kits Our 8” diameter x 2’ long Soxx filled with Certified Growing Media are designed to be installed at one Sock per block and Drip irrigation is easily and economically added for excellent plant growth.
  • 49. DIY or Landscaper Diversity and Flexibility The system will accept GardenSoxx, loose media or site soil October 2014 July 2015 October 2014 July 2015
  • 50. Rigid and Stackable for High Density Storage and Handling Standard concrete block take valuable space One Standard Pallet Holds 450 EnviroBloxx @ 1 sf coverage each! Light Weight makes them easy to carry, deliver and install.
  • 51. Manufacturing and Storage Extreme High Density Stacking and Storage – in 3 Popular Colors with Custom Color Easily Available
  • 52. Specs and Details Available on Our Website
  • 53. We Can Even Box Them for Retail and Shipment What’s in the Box?? Complete parts and accessories for 16 sf of wall!
  • 54. The Most Cost Effective Solution • Two Styles to suit any project for the best fit. • Both versions offer 100% Filtrexx Certified Growing Media at the face for reliable plant growth and its all nationally available through our extensive distribution network. • Excellent documentation, engineering and construction assistance to ensure success. • Built-in erosion control with excellent shear resistance in high flow conditions. • Complete, well matched material packages down to the last detail. • Guaranteed volume, placement, quality and containment of “true” growing media that is locally sources compost based. • Maximum environmental service, green-space, habitat, urban cooling, runoff water retention and treatment, carbon sequestration and the incredible aesthetic appeal of healthy plants covering and minimizing the structure. • Ask your local representative about pricing for your project or call us to discuss price ranges and get your project started now.
  • 55. Thank you for attending our presentation! www.filtrexx.com
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