Bombas WilliamsV Series IOM 30956_3-2014

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  S ERIESOF M ETERING P UMPS DUAL SEAL PLUNGER  V  INSTALLATION, OPERATION, ANDMAINTENANCE MANUAL  P125V125P250V225P250V300P500V225P500V300P500V400 (1) P750V400 (1) P1000V400 (1) P1000V600 (1) P1000V800 (1) NOTE: (1) The 400, 600 and 800 motor cylinders are only available with the CR (controller-relay) or SR (solenoid-relay) control methods. CR P1000V800 A PE C : Controller CR :Controller - Relay S : Solenoid Valve SR :Solenoid Valve - Relay ControlMethodBasicModel (2) A : 17-4 ph B : 316 SS CR : Ceramic PlungerMaterialPE :Polyethylene (UHMW) TC : Teflon ® Composite TG : Teflon ® Graphite V : Viton ® BR : Buna N K  : Kalrez ® EPR : Ethylene Propylene SealMaterial PARTNUMBER DESIGNATION S ERIESOF M ETERING P UMPS DUAL SEAL PLUNGER  V    TABLE OF CONTENTS SectionDescriptionPage 1.0FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION 1 1.1 Physical Description 1 1.2 Capabilities 3 1.3 General Operating Sequence 9 2.0INSTALLATION OF PUMP AND CONTROLLER 10 2.1 General 10 2.2 Pump Assembly  10 2.3 Typical Installation 11 2.4 Supply Reservoir  11 2.5 Relief Valve 11 3.0START UP, OPERATION & SHUTDOWN 11 3.1 General 11 3.2 Startup 11 3.3 Operation 12 3.4 Shutdown and Storage 12 4.0MAINTENANCE 12 4.1 General 12 4.2 Disassembly and Assembly  13 4.3 Preventive Maintenance 23 4.4 Troubleshooting 23 5.0PARTS LIST AND REPAIR KIT ORDERING REFERENCE 26 5.1 Controller Part Lists and Repair Kits 26 5.2 Relay Part Lists and Repair Kits 26  SECTION 1.0: FUNCTIONALDESCRIPTION 1.1 PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION The letters CP at the beginning of a pumpassembly model number mean that themodel consists of a controller (C) andpump (P) For example: CP125V125,CP250V225, CP250V300, CP500V225, and ControlMethodsFor ThePump  1 1.1.1 Controller  The controller, consisting of an upper andlower chamber separated by a slidingspool, uses a capillary tube with a needlevalve to transfer the supply air/gas fromthe lower to the upper chamber. When thesliding spool is in its highest position, apilot plug closes a vent and moves thesupply air/gas to the pump or relay. In thespools lowest position, the reverse is true;the pilot plug prevents supply air/gas fromCP500V300. The letters CRP mean that themodel also has a relay (R). For example: CRP500V400, CRP750V400, CRP1000V400,CRP1000V600, and CRP1000V800.Some pumps use different relay sizes:ã CRP500V400, CRP750V400,CRP1000V400, and CRP1000V600pumps use the PO3-6S relay.ã CRP1000V800 pump uses the PO4-6Srelay.The PNEUMATIC RELAY is a pilot operated valve designed to provide the higherair or gas flow rates necessary for PNEUMATIC DRIVE CYLINDERdiameters greater than 3 inches. The PNEUMATIC RELAY is actuated by the pulses produced bythe CONTROLLER. A single acting PNEUMATIC RELAY is used with pumps that have return springs as illustrated to the left.The air or gas pressure is required to return the PISTON-PLUNGER ASSEMBLY on the CRP1000V800. Therefore a doubleacting PNEUMATIC RELAY is required, illustrated to the right. The MK XIIA Controller operates on the same operating principal as the MK X Controller.The MK XIIA has the same upper and lower chambers, but are separated with flexiblediaphragms rather than sliding seals. A capillary tube, controlled by a needle valve,transfers the air/gas supply to the pump from the lower to the upper chamber.When the spool is in the highest position, a pilot plug closes a vent and opens thesupply air/gas to the pump. When the spool is in its lowest position, the pilot plugprevents the supply air/gas from entering the pump, and opens the air/gas vent to let itexhaust the pump. The spool then returns to its highest position to repeat the process. 1. Oscillamatic ® Controller  STROKE RATECONTROLKNOBNEEDLEVALVECONTROLSPOOL AIR/GASSUPPLYTOCONTROLLERSUPPLYTOPUMP1/4” NPTEXHAUST VALVEOPTIONAL3-15CONTROLPORT(MK XIIB) 1/8” NPTCONTROL AIR PASSAGEUPPER DIAPHRAGMMIDDLE DIAPHRAGMLOWER DIAPHRAGMSUPPLY VALVEEXHAUSTFROMPUMP1/4” NPT 3. Solenoid Valves  The pumps can be automated by replacing theCONTROLLER with a 3-way electro-pneumaticSOLENOID VALVE. The SOLENOID VALVE can becycled in order to achieve the desired pump output.Flow tracking can be accomplished by having aFLOWMETER or PH METER signal interpreted by ourWPC9001 or a PLC. The typical arrangement for aWPC-9001 installation is shown at right. CONTROLLERPO3-6S RELAY CONTROLLERP04-6S RELAY PILOT PULSES FROMCONTROLLEREXHAUST SINGLE ACTINGPO3-6SDOUBLE ACTINGPO4-6S PUMPSUPPLYPRESSURE(REAR)SUPPLY PRESSUREEXHAUST NO. 1PUMP POWERSTROKE NO. 1PUMP RETURNSTROKE NO. 2EXHAUST NO. 2 PUMP INSTALLATIONCRP500V400,CRP750V400CRP1000V400CRP1000V600PUMP INSTALLATIONCRP1000V800 PILOT PULSESFROM CONTROLLER 2. Controller-Pneumatic Relay Combination 
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