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  BackPageFootball style guide This style guide is designed to promote accuracy and consistency in the writing of articles published on We accept submissions either through our Wordpress dashboard or via email (Word document). Please note, if articles do not adhere to this style guide they may be refused. Writing guide   Abbreviations Acronyms: Explain the acronym in the first instance by writing the full name with the acronym in brackets, and then use the acronym. No full stops are to be used after each letter. Exception: At all times please use ‘ Premier League ’  and not ‘ EPL ’  when referring to the English top flight, and ‘ Champions League ’  as opposed to CL. Latin abbreviations: e.g. (for example), i.e. (that is), etc. (et cetera). Always use a comma before using these abbreviations. Plurals: No apostrophe to be used. Alignment Ensure all headings, sentences, lists, etc. are aligned to the left. Do not align any content to the centre. Ampersands Under no circumstances is an ampersand (&) to be used to replace the word ‘and’.   Capitals Use initial capitals when referring to a specific entity, such as names, titles and brand. Use all capitals for acronyms only.   Date Use the format day month year for all dates; 13 August 2012.   Emphasis Do not use bold text, italics or all capitals to emphasise important points. Headings Make headings as descriptive and topic based as possible. Only use capitals at the beginning of the heading and for words which meet the criteria of the initial capitals as previously outlined. Do not use a full stop or colon at the end. Acronyms may be used, but you must explain it in the first sentence. Headlines BackPageFootball uses the ‘ down- style’ for headlines, meaning that only the first word and proper nouns are capitalised, e.g. ‘Trap set to extend stay as Ireland boss’ .    Length Articles should be no shorter than 500 words to allow for subject development.  Numbers Write a number as a numeral for: numbers greater than nine, for units of measure and decimals, and when a sentence contains single and multiple digit numbers. Write a number as a word for: numbers one through nine, when a sentence begins with a number and to separate two numbers next to each other. Punctuation Brackets: Use () to enclose short examples or to set off text from the main sentence if digression is longer. Forward Slash: Leave space before and after /. Hyphen: Use hyphens in compound and complex words only. Spaces: Only use one space after a full stop, colon or semi-colon. Text Font/size: Default if using the dashboard; Calibri size 11 or 12 if using Word. Spacing: Only use one space after a full stop, colon or semi-colon. No double spacing. Quotes Use quote tags if there is a long sentence or concurrent sentences from an individual to make it stand out. Contact us if you have any enquiries email: facebook:  /bpfootball twitter:  @bpfootball  Creating an article using the BackPageFootball dashboard 1. Log in Log in to the BackPageFootball dashboard with your username and password via the website’s home page. 2. Create a new post Create a new post by going to “Posts” and “Add New” on the left hand side as per the screenshot below.     3. Drafting an article Use the appropriate text boxes to insert the headline and body of your article (refer to the writing style section of this document for further information). You save a draft as you along by clicking the button highlighted below. 4. Add an image Click on “Add Media” button below the headline box and search our library for an appropriate picture to accompany to the article. Select your preferred image then click “Insert into post” in the bottom right hand corner. Images should be resized to no greater than 350px wide if landscape and 150px wide if portrait right aligned).
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