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  File System Overview DataManagement:FileManagement 2010-12-10  Apple Inc.© 2003, 2010 Apple Inc.All rights reserved.Nopartofthispublicationmaybereproduced,stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, inany form or by any means, mechanical,electronic, photocopying, recording, orotherwise, without prior written permission of Apple Inc., with the following exceptions: Anyperson is hereby authorized to storedocumentation on a single computer forpersonal use only and to print copies of documentation for personal use provided thatthedocumentationcontainsApple’scopyrightnotice.The Apple logo is a trademark of Apple Inc.No licenses, express or implied, are grantedwithrespecttoanyofthetechnologydescribedin this document. Apple retains all intellectualpropertyrightsassociatedwiththetechnologydescribed in this document. This document isintended to assist application developers todevelop applications only for Apple-labeledcomputers.Apple Inc.1 Infinite LoopCupertino, CA 95014408-996-1010.Mac is a registered service mark of Apple Inc.iDisk is a registered service mark of Apple Inc.Apple,theApplelogo,AppleScript,AppleShare,Aqua, Carbon, Cocoa, ColorSync, Finder, Mac,Mac OS, Macintosh, QuickTime, Sherlock,Xcode, and Xsan are trademarks of Apple Inc.,registered in the United States and othercountries.JavaisaregisteredtrademarkofOracleand/orits affiliates.UNIX is a registered trademark of The OpenGroup EventhoughApplehasreviewedthisdocument,APPLEMAKESNOWARRANTYORREPRESENTATION,EITHEREXPRESSORIMPLIED,WITHRESPECTTOTHISDOCUMENT,ITSQUALITY,ACCURACY,MERCHANTABILITY,ORFITNESSFORAPARTICULARPURPOSE.ASARESULT,THISDOCUMENTISPROVIDED“ASIS,”ANDYOU,THEREADER,AREASSUMINGTHEENTIRERISKASTOITSQUALITYANDACCURACY.INNOEVENTWILLAPPLEBELIABLEFORDIRECT,INDIRECT,SPECIAL,INCIDENTAL,ORCONSEQUENTIALDAMAGESRESULTINGFROMANYDEFECTORINACCURACYINTHISDOCUMENT,evenifadvisedofthepossibilityofsuchdamages.THEWARRANTYANDREMEDIESSETFORTHABOVEAREEXCLUSIVEANDINLIEUOFALLOTHERS,ORALORWRITTEN,EXPRESSORIMPLIED.NoAppledealer,agent,oremployeeisauthorizedtomakeanymodification,extension,oradditiontothiswarranty.Somestatesdonotallowtheexclusionorlimitationofimpliedwarrantiesorliabilityforincidentalorconsequentialdamages,sotheabovelimitationorexclusionmaynotapplytoyou.Thiswarrantygivesyouspecificlegalrights,andyoumayalsohaveotherrightswhichvaryfromstatetostate.  Contents IntroductiontotheFileSystemOverview7 Organization of This Document7 File-SystemDomains9 The User Domain10The Local Domain11The Network Domain11The System Domain12Searching Within the File-System Domains12 TheLibraryDirectory15TheDeveloperDirectory19WheretoPutApplicationFiles21 Support Files21Plug-Ins22Temporary Files22Cache Files23Don’t Pollute User Space23 FilesandtheFinder25 Copy and Move Operations25Management of Aliases and Symbolic Links25File and Folder Presentation26Choosing an Icon26Getting the Display Name26Launch Services and the Finder27 SortingRules29FileSystemGuidelines31 Guidelines for Saving Files31Use Display Names31Assume Case Sensitivity32Get Only What You Need32 3 2010-12-10 | © 2003, 2010 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.  Consider the Type of the Destination Volume32Line Ending Guidelines33 FilenameExtensions35 Hiding Filename Extensions35Supporting Filename Extensions35Save Dialog Scenarios36Type Codes and Filename Extensions37 DisplayNames39 Display Name Usage Guidelines39Getting Display Names in Your Code40Specifying a Localized Application Name40Specifying Localized Directory Names41 BSDPermissionsandOwnership43 Overview of BSD Permissions43Viewing File Permissions43Changing File Permissions44Permissions for Applications and Documents45Administrative and Root Accounts45Root and Superuser Access46Administrative Accounts46Enabling the Root User46 AccessControlLists49FileSystemComparisons51AliasesandSymbolicLinks53 Alias Semantics53Symbolic Link Semantics53Avoiding Broken Aliases53 DocumentRevisionHistory55 4 2010-12-10 | © 2003, 2010 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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