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Role play of Hipertension
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  Role Play of Hypertension Group 2 Abdul Holik Sanjaya as Ns. Holik Afrida Sari as Ns. Afrida Aisyan Nurlany as dr. Aisyah Muhammad Derianto as Mr. Deri (Patient 2) Muhammad Handeriana as Mr. Hande (Patient 1) Muri Gustiana as Ns. Muri In the morning at the hospital Samarinda area, a nurse named is Holik, Muri and Afrida will to assess patient named Mr. Handeri to ask the body health problem that his have a  problem with his headache and chest pain.  Ns. Afrida Mr. Hande  Ns. Afrida Mr. Hande  Ns. Afrida Mr. Hande  Ns. Afrida Mr. Hande  Ns. Afrida Mr. Hande  Ns. Afrida Mr. Hande  Ns. Afrida Mr. Hande  Ns. Afrida Mr. Hande  Ns. Afrida Mr. Hande : Good morning Mr. (gereted with a friendly) : Good morning nurse. : My name is Afrida and this is Holik and Deri, well Mr, we need to collect your personal data. I’m going to ask you some question.  : Certainly, nurse. : Ok Mr, what is your name? : My name is Handeriana. : How old are you Mr. Hande? : I’m 40 years old. : Where do you live? : I live in Sempaja : Are you married? : Yes , I’m married, nurse. : Do you have any health Insurance? : No, I have not. : What is your occupation? : I’m a teacher : Do you have a doctor’s referral?   : No, I don’t have. Because I’v  never sick nurse, if I have pain usually I just eat vitamins.   Ns. Afrida Mr. Hande : Ok, first we going to check your vital sign Mr. Hande. And nurse Holik will do it : Ok nurse    Ns. Holik took the equipment and immediately examined the patient.  Ns. Holik Mr. Hande  Ns. Holik Mr. Hande  Ns. Holik Mr. Hande  Ns. Holik Mr. Hande  Ns. Holik Mr. Hande  Ns. Holik Mr. Hande  Ns. Holik : Okay Mr. Hande, this morning I will checking vital sign to check your pulse, temperature and measuring your blood pressure. : Surely nurse, I’m ready, Please check it.  : Firstly, I will check the temperature and pulse of you, Mrs. (put a thermometer in the axilla patient while checking the pulse). : How about the result, nurse? : The result is your temperature 36ºC and your pulse 110x/minute. And I will checking your blood pressure, Mrs. (Measuring the blood pressure) your blood  pressure is 140/90 mmHg. You got a problem with your blood pressure cause is too high range and i will report this to a doctor. : Seriously nurse? : Sorry Mr. Handeri, can you tell me about the problems of your condition? : There is something wrong with me, i have a problem with headache and chest  pain. : Did you sleep well last night, Mr? : Not really cause i still got a problem with my headache. : Oke Mr. we have finish to asses your personal data and assesment your vital signs. Now, I will consultation with the doctor about your condition. : T hank’s you very much nurse . : Y ou’re welcome  Mr.  Ns. Holik go to the doctor, then in the room is left nurse Afrida, nurse Muri and patient. Mr. Deri  Ns. Muri Mr. Deri  Ns. Muri : What is it the danger, nurse? : Sure, if you permit the blood pressure high range and that risk a complication like a heart failure, renal failure and stroke. : What is steps may recommend to lower my high blood pressure, nurse? : You need a rest a little bit. Moreover, you have to avoid the high fat foods that are high in saturated fat, cholesterol and also limit sodium, sweets,   Mr. Deri  Ns. Muri Mr. Deri  Ns. Muri Mr. Deri  Ns. Deri sugary drinks, and red meats. I suggest you to eat more fruits, vegetables, low fat diary. You can lower your blood pressure and keep it down. : Okay Mrs , thank you for your information. I’ll change to my lifestyle.  : Your welcome and after that you should take your medicine, dr. Aisyah come to you soon and you can consultation about your medication, Mr. Please, wait the moment. : Okay nurse, I’ll wait.  : I need to go now to check other patient, Mr. Enjoy your rest later, I Hope you will better soon. : Okay, thanks nurse. : You’re welcome.  After a few moments later, Ns. Holik come back and tell to the patient to go to meet dr. Aisyah. Mr. Deri confuse because don’t know  where the location of dr. Aisyah is room, so he ask nurses in there to showing the dr. Aisyah room.  Ns. Holik Mr. Deri  Ns. Holik Mr. Deri  Ns. Holik : Excuse me Mr, doctor Aisyah want to meet you now to talk about the next step to you treatment Mr. : Where the docto is room? I’am very confused in here because this hospital is very big. Could you tell me where the location of dr. Aisyah room? : Oke sir, don’t confuse. You can go along this way until you find the reception, then you turn left until you find the laboratory, and dr. Aisyah room there are in beside left laboratory. : Oke nurse, thank you nurse I will go now. : Oke Mr. After searching the dr. Aisyah room then Mr. Deri found the location and immediately went to see the doctor to ask the body health problem to dr. Aisyah …  dr. Aisyah Mr. Deri dr. Aisyah : Good Morning Mr. Deri , I’m dr. Aisyah nice to meet you. : Good morning doc, nice to meet you too. : I’m already accepted your vital sign. And I will repeat the result if you temperature is 36ºC, pulse 110 x/minute and blood pressure 140/90 mmHg. I will give you some information if you have a problem with a primer hypertension. And you should take your amlodipine medicine three times   Mr. Deri dr. Aisyah Mr. Deri dr. Aisyah Mr. Deri dr. Aisyah Mr. Deri dr. Aisyah Mr. Deri dr. Aisyah regularly. : Okay, I undestand it, and I will do it doc. But what is purpose if I consumed amlodipine medicine? : Amlodipine is used to treat high blood pressure or chest pain, amlodipine  belongs to class of drugs known as calcium channel blocker, It may help to increase your ability to exercise and decrease the frequency of angina attack. : Oh, okay doc. I understand with your explanation. I will do it to consumed amlodipine regularly. : (Write a amlodipine medicine recipe for three times regularly). This is your medicine recipe, Mr. But, you will take a pharmacy after this. : Can you show me the way to pharmacy if I got this medicine after this medication? : Start from this clinic you turn right and there is a Lembuswana you go along and at the first building Mulawarman street you can find pharmacy. : Oh great. I need to say a lot of thanks for you doc. : Your welcome, hope your blood pressure will do it normal range, Mr. : Thank you doc. : Your welcome, Mr. The end…  
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