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  • 2. Things You Learn About BPS ?
  • 3. The BPS Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist (BCOP) program is a credential for pharmacists who have met the eligibility criteria below and who in their unique practice, Dumpsbook involving an increasing number and complexity of drug therapies for treating and preventing cancer, manage cancer-related and drug-related adverse events or clinical situations not encountered in other disease states. What is BPS ?
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  • 6. Here Are Some Questions
  • 7. Question No 1: What does Cytotoxic chemotherapy do? Kills rapidly growing cells Not cancer cells specifically
  • 8. Question No 2: What healthy tissues are affected by Cytotoxic chemotherapy 1. Bone marrow, 2. GI tract, 3. epithelium
  • 9. Question No 3: Toxicity of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy (ADRS) 1. Alopecia—not all drugs cause this 2. Mucositis 3. Diarrhea 4. Fatigue 5. Peripheral neuropathy 6. Bone marrow suppression
  • 10. Question No 4: What is the only thing the RBC count on a CBC is good for Thalacemia
  • 11. Question No 5: Radiation therapy side effects 1. Alopecia 2. superficial burning (Desquamation) like sunburning 3. peeling, pain, skin cracking 4. Skin changes—fibrosis, discoloration, dryness 5. TIREDNESS 6. N/V/D 7. bladder irritation 8. mucositis 9. xerostomia 10.Hoarseness 11.Cardiomyopathy 12.pericardial fibrosis 13.Sterility 14.Menopause 15.Fractures 16.Pulmonary Fibrosis 17.Increased 2nd cancer risk later in life
  • 12. Question No 6: What side effects are universal to all radiation treatments? 1. superficial burning (Desquamation) like sunburning 2. peeling, pain, skin cracking 3. Skin changes—fibrosis, discoloration, dryness 4. TIREDNESS
  • 13. Question No 7: Two types of Targeted Therapies 1. Monoclonal antibodies (end in -ab) 2. Tyrosine kinase inhibitors (end in -ib)
  • 14. Question No 8: Side effects of Targeted Therapy 1. Rashes-frequently acne type 2. Nausea 3. Diarrhea 4. Fluid retention 5. Abnormal LFTs 6. Hypertension 7. Drug interactions 8. TKIs and prolonged QT interval
  • 15. Question No 9: GI tract Side Effects of Chemo/Radiation 1. Vulnerable mucosal stem cells 2. Nausea and vomiting 3. Mucositis 4. Diarrhea 5. Constipation 6. Colitis 7. Intestinal perforation
  • 16. Question No 10: 3 types of Nausea and vomiting with Chemo Therapy 1. Acute—within 2 hours of treatment 2. Delayed -- > 24 hours 3. Anticipatory—prior to tx following sensitization
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