BP&SM Assignment 1

Air University Spring 2011 – BBA 8 Business Policy and Strategic Management Assignment 1 – Submission 31 January 2011 Hierarchy of Strategic Direction Corporation 1 (Public) Attock Petroleum Vision Limited To become a world class, professionally managed, fully integrated, customer focused, Oil Marketing Company, offering value added quality and environment friendly ã ã Corporation 2 (Private) Shifa International Hospital Shifa International Hospitals Ltd has been established to provide the highe
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  Air UniversitySpring 2011 – BBA 8Business Policy and Strategic Management Assignment 1 – Submission 31 January 2011Hierarchy of StrategicDirectionCorporation 1(Public)Corporation 2(Private)Corporation 3(Public)Corporation 4(Private)Analyses andConclusionAttockPetroleumLimitedShifa InternationalHospitalGwadar PortDeepakPerwaniVision To become aworld class,professionallymanaged, fullyintegrated,customer focused, OilMarketingCompany,offering valueadded qualityandenvironmentfriendlyShifa InternationalHospitals Ltd has beenestablished to providethe highest quality of medical care to thepeople of Pakistan.Achieving a high levelof quality is the resultof many factors: ã MedicalExpertise ã ClinicalExcellence ã State of the ArtTo seeGwadar Portdevelop as aRegional Hubfor both transitandtranshipmenttrade and beequated withother professionallyrun ports in theregion.To be themostrespected andsuccessfulenterprise,delightingcustomerswith a widerange of products andsolutions inthe fashionindustry withthe bestThe public corporationsare not focusing ondeveloping a proper &aligned vision ascompared to theprivate corporations.The private firm’spresent a detailedvision; which is closelyrelated to firm’s corebusiness activities,objectives & goals.Therefore the privatecorporations createGhulam Mustafa (070718) BBA-8-A.  products andservices to itscustomers inPakistan andbeyond.Technology ã Caring People ã PreventiveMedicinepeople andthe bestdesigning.more dedicated visionstatements then thepublic corporations. MissionStatement Tocontinuouslyprovide qualityandenvironmentfriendlypetroleumproducts andrelatedservices toindustrial,commercialand retailconsumers,and exceedingtheir expectationsthroughTo provide the highestquality medical care toall patients in a caringand compassionatemanner by anoutstanding team of healthcareprofessionals in anatmosphere conduciveto the practice of goodmedicine.To ensure thatGwadar Portresponds tothe needs of its customersin an efficient,professionalandtransparentmanner byproviding areliable andacceptablelevel of servicewhich wouldultimatelybenefit theorganization.To provide outlookingdressing.Developingvarious newdesigns fromtheperspective of stylish anddiversifyingdress codes.The privatecorporations haveshaped their missionstatement after analyzing their corebusiness activities.Their missionstatements are simple& easy to denote.The public corporationsare only focusing ongeneralized keyperspectives of business activitieswhile creating their mission statements.Ghulam Mustafa (070718) BBA-8-A.  reliability,economy andquality of products andservices. StrategicObjectives(Financial) Increasingrevenue by110 %.Investment of over Rs3.3 billion in thecountry and utilize it toprovide best medicaltreatment, unmatchedcustomer services inhealth service.Capitalize onopportunitiesfor trade withlandlockedCentral AsianStates andAfghanistan.Investment upto Rs. 2,579(million) in thefashionindustry of Pakistan.Private firms provide adetailed view of their strategic financialobjectives as in thecase of Mobilink. Thepublic sector organizations do notfocus on giving a clear outline about their financial objectives.Detailed objectives arevital.StrategicObjectives(Non-financial)Increase inproviding oil by94 % in fiveyears,maintainingsafety ã Continuouslyimprovecustomer satisfaction. ã Continuouslyimprove theServe as aRegional Hubfor major tradeandcommercialactivities.Manufacturehigh Qualitydress designs,GenerateCustomer Satisfaction,The public sector corporations are tryingto focus on increasingtheir revenue volumeswhereas private sector corporations haveGhulam Mustafa (070718) BBA-8-A.  standards.quality of services andsystems. ã Continuouslyimprove theHospital’sfinancialperformanceand sustainlong-termviability. ã Continuouslyimprove theHospital’scompetitiveposition. ã Continuouslyimprove theHospital’sorganizationand workenvironment.ProvideService to theSociety &MaintainMarketLeadership.linked all the factorsconcerning businessactivities & relatedstrategies.Ghulam Mustafa (070718) BBA-8-A.


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