BPV-BPLHS Vertical Multi-Stage OIM

Manual Index INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL BPV Pumps Series: BPV, BPV85, BPLHS IMPORTANT! Read all instructions in this manual before operating pump. As a result of Crane Pumps & Systems, Inc., constant product improvement program, product changes may occur. As such Crane Pumps & Systems reserves the right to change product without prior written notification. A Crane Co. Company 420 Third Street Piqua, Ohio 45356 Phone: (937) 778-8947 Fax: (937) 773-7157 83 West Driv
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  A Crane Co. Company  INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL 420 Third Street 83 West Drive, BramtonPiqua, Ohio 45356 Ontario, Canada L6T 2J6Phone: (937) 778-8947 Phone: (905) 457-6223Fax: (937) 773-7157 Fax: (905) 457-2650www.cranepumps.comForm No. 127906-Rev. C BPV PumpsSeries: BPV, BPV85, BPLHS IMPORTANT! Read all instructions in this manual before operating pump.As a result of Crane Pumps & Systems, Inc., constant product improvement program,product changes may occur. As such Crane Pumps & Systems reserves the right to change product without prior written noti  fi  cation. Manual Index  2 Other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. ®Burks is a registered trademark of Crane Pumps & Systems, Inc.1998, 2001, 2003, 1/2006, 9/06 Alteration Rights ReservedPlease Read This Before Installing Or Operating Pump. Thisinformation is provided for SAFETY and to PREVENT EQUIPMENTPROBLEMS. To help recognize this information, observe thefollowing symbols: IMPORTANT! Warning about hazards that can resultin personal injury orIndicates factors concerned withassembly, installation, operation, or maintenance whichcould result in damage to the machine or equipment ifignored. CAUTION! Warning about hazards that can or will cause minor  personal injury or property damage if ignored. Used with symbolsbelow. WARNING! Warns about hazards that can or will cause seriouspersonal injury, death, or major property damage if ignored. Usedwith symbols below.Only quali fi ed personnel should install, operate and repairpump. Any wiring of pumps should be performed by a quali fi edelectrician. WARNING ! To reduce risk of electrical shock, pumps andcontrol panels must be properly grounded in accordancewith the National Electric Code (NEC) or the CanadianElectrical Code (CEC) and all applicable state, province,local codes and ordinances. Improper grounding voidswarranty. WARNING! To reduce risk of electrical shock, alwaysdisconnect the pump from the power source beforehandling or servicing. Lock out power and tag. WARNING! Operation against a closeddischarge valve will cause premature bearingand seal failure on any pump, and on endsuction and self priming pump the heat buildmay cause the generation of steam with resulting dangerouspressures. It is recommended that a high case temperatureswitch or pressure relief valve be installed on the pump body. CAUTION ! Never operate a pump with a plug-in typepower cord without a ground fault circuit interrupter.  CAUTION ! Pumps build up heat and pressureduring operation-allow time for pumps to coolbefore handling or servicing.  WARNING ! Do not pump hazardous materials( fl ammable, caustic, etc.) unless the pump is speci fi callydesigned and designated to handle them.  CAUTION !   Do not block or restrict discharge hose, asdischarge hose may whip under pressure.  WARNING ! Do not wear loose clothing that maybecome entangled in moving parts.  WARNING ! Keep clear of suction and dischargeopenings. DO NOT insert fi ngers in pump with powerconnected.Always wear eye protection when working on pumps.Make sure lifting handles are securely fastened eachtime before lifting. DO NOT operate pump without safetydevices in place. Always replace safety devices thathave been removed during service or repair. Secure thepump in its operating position so it can not tip over, fallor slide.  DO NOT exceed manufacturers recommendation formaximum performance, as this could cause the motorto overheat.  DO NOT remove cord and strain relief. DO NOT connectconduit to pump.  WARNING ! Cable should be protected at all times toavoid punctures, cut, bruises and abrasions. Inspectfrequently. Never handle connected power cords withwet hands.  WARNING ! To reduce risk of electrical shock, all wiringand junction connections should be made per the NECor CEC and applicable state or province and localcodes. Requirements may vary depending on usageand location.  WARNING! Pumps are not approved for use inswimming pools, recreational water installationsdecorative fountains or any installation where humancontact with the pumped fl uid is common.  WARNING! Products returned must be cleaned,sanitized, or decontaminated as necessary priorto shipment, to insure that employees will not beexposed to health hazards in handling said material. AllApplicable Laws And Regulations Shall Apply.Bronze/brass and bronze/brass fi tted pumps maycontain lead levels higher than considered safe forpotable water systems. Lead is known to cause cancerand birth defects or other reproductive harm. Variousgovernment agencies have determined that leadedcopper alloys should not be used in potable waterapplications. For non-leaded copper alloy materials ofconstruction, please contact factory.Crane Pumps & Systems is not responsible for losses,injury, or death resulting from a failure to observethese safety precautions, misuse or abuse of pumps orequipment. SAFETY FIRST! Hazardous  fl  uids can cause  fi  re or explo- sions, burnes or death could result.Extremely hot - Severe burns can occur on contact.Biohazard can cause serious personal injury.Hazardous  fl  uids under pres- sure, eruptions or explosions could cause personal injury or property damage.Rotating machinery Amputation or severe laceration can result.Hazardous voltage can shock, burn or cause death.  3 SECTION: A - Manual IntroductionA-1) Preface: This manual contains important information for reliableproper and ef fi cient operation. Compliance with theoperating instructions is of vital importance to ensurereliability and a long service life of the product and to avoidany risks.The fi rst chapters contain information about this manualand safety in general. The following chapters provideinformation about normal use, installation, maintenanceand repairs of the product. The annexes contain thetechnical data, the parts drawings and the declaration(s) ofconformity.Make yourself familiar with the content.ãAccurately follow the directions and instructions.ãNever change the sequence of the operations to beãcarried out.Keep this manual or a copy of it together with theãlogbook in a fi xed place near the product which can beaccessed by all personnel. A-2) Icons and symbols: In this manual and in all accompanying documentation thefollowing icons and symbols are used.  WARNINGDanger of electric Voltage. Safety signaccording to IEC 417 - 5036.IMPORTANTOperations or procedures, if carried outwithout caution, may cause personal injuryor damage to the product. General hazardsign according to ISO 7000-0434.   ATTENTIONIs used to introduce safety instructionswhose non-observance may lead to damageto the product and its functions.ENVIRONMENTAL INSTRUCTIONRemarks with respect to the environment  4 SECTION: B - Identi fi cation, service and technicalsupportB-1) Preface: The name plate indicates the type series / size, mainoperating data and identi fi cation number. Please quote thisinformation ( fi rst two lines*) in all queries, repeat ordersand particularly when ordering spare parts. If you need anyadditional information or instructions exceeding the scopeof this manual or in case of damage please contact BP-Pumps’s nearest customer service center.The following address data are available for service andtechnical support: Crane Pumps & Systems Tel: +1 937 7732442service department Fax: +1 800 3287573420 Third Street Internet: www.cranepumps.comPiqua, Ohio 45356 B-2) Nominal current: The maximum allowable current of the motor is mentionedas I.max. on the motor plate. This maximum allowablecurrent shows the maximum working range of the motorand can be used to protect the motor. IMPORTANTBe careful in using it this way, because, notonly the motor, but also the pump has to beprotected in its application. On the pump plate (sleeve sticker) this “pump current at400 Volts” will be mentioned as I nom, and can be usedto pre-set the motor protection switch to protect the pump/ motor combination.This current value can also be used to determine theproper electrical equipment such as variable frequencydrive, main switch, wiring diameter etc. B-3) Supplementary documentation: Apart from the manual, the documentation given below isalso available. IndicationMeaning BPV4-40Pump type *Seq. NrSequence number *Ca / Sic / EPDMCaRotating part mechanical seal (Carbon) *SicStationary part mechanical seal (Silicon-carbide) *EPDMStatic sealing, O-Rings (EPDM) *PN10Pressure class ( fl ange) connection *QGPMNominal capacity (see Q/H curve above)HPSINominal head (see Q/H curve above)n 1  /minNominal rotation speed


Dec 23, 2017
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