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  III-1電気設備⼯事 Electrical Works 1Power incoming system 1 式-  2Sub-station system 1 式-  -Proudction:350Kva + Spare: 150Kva3Generator system 1 式-  Not include 4Main fedder system For general system 1 式-  5Main fedder system For Production 1 式-  Not include 6Power supply to mechanical equipment 1 式-  7Lighting fixture and socket system 1 式-  8Telephone & lan system 1 式-  9Public address system 1 式-  10Fire alarm system 1 式-  11External lighting system 1 式-  12Lightning protection system 1 式-  13CCTV piping 1 式-  Not include 14Security system 1 式-  Not include 15Secondary works for production 1 式-  Not include III-1 計 - (仮称)Phuc SonTechnology ベトナム⼯場新築⼯事 No.内訳項⽬数量単位VND単価⾦額備考 1 / 2  III-2機械設備⼯事 Mechanical Works 1Air conditioner system 1 式 - -Location install: Office area + Factory area  - Not include 2Ventilation fan system 1 式 - 3Water supply system 1 式 - 4Drainage and vent system 1 式 - 5Sanitary fixtures 1 式 - 6Fire hydrant system 1 式 - 7Sprinkler system 1 式 - 8Kitchen equipment 1 式 - 9LPG supply system 1 式 - 10Air compressor equipment 1 式 - Not include 11Air compressor piping system 1 式 - 12Domestic waste water treatment syste  100 Persons 1 式 - 13Water Cooling System 1 式 - Not include14 Smoke Exhaust System 1 式 - Not include III-2計 - (仮称)Phuc SonTechnology ベトナム⼯場新築⼯事 No.内訳項⽬数量単位VND単価⾦額備考 2 / 2
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