ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT MODEL BILLS OF QUANTITIES FOR BUILDING WORKS The Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Architectural Services Department Quantity Surveying Branch Queensway Government Offices 66 Queensway Hong Kong 2007 EDITION CONTENTS Demolitions and Alterations Piling and Caissons Diaphragm Walling Excavation Underpinning Concrete Works Brickwork and Blockwork Drainage (including Underground Pipe Ducts) Waterproofing Stone Works Roof Tiling Wood Wor
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   ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES DEPARTMENTMODEL BILLSOFQUANTITIESFORBUILDING WORKS The Government of The Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionArchitectural Services DepartmentQuantity Surveying BranchQueensway Government Offices66 QueenswayHong Kong 2007 EDITION  CONTENTS Demolitions and Alterations MODBQ.1/1 - 7Piling and Caissons MODBQ.2/1 - 23Diaphragm Walling MODBQ.3/1 - 3Excavation MODBQ.4/1 - 8Underpinning MODBQ.5/1 - 5Concrete Works MODBQ.6/1 - 19Brickwork and Blockwork MODBQ.7/1 - 7Drainage (including Underground Pipe Ducts) MODBQ.8/1 - 13Waterproofing MODBQ.9/1 - 10Stone Works MODBQ.10/1 - 8Roof Tiling MODBQ.11/1 - 3Wood Works MODBQ.12/1 - 25Ironmongery MODBQ.13/1 - 9Steel and Metal Works MODBQ.14/1 - 27Plastering and Paving MODBQ.15/1 - 33Plumbing and Water Supply Systems MODBQ.16/1 - 21Glazing MODBQ.17/1 - 5Painting MODBQ.18/1 - 11Landscaping MODBQ.19/1 - 7External Works MODBQ.20/1 - 23Electrical Installation MODBQ.21/1 - 30Air Conditioning Installation MODBQ.22/1 - 62Fire Service Installation MODBQ.23/1 - 32Low Voltage Cubicle Switchboards Installation MODBQ.24/1 - 10Diesel Generating Sets Installation MODBQ.25/1 - 5Uninterruptible Power Supply System MODBQ.26/1 - 4Broadcast Reception Installation MODBQ.27/1 - 11Compressed Air System MODBQ.28/1 - 7Steam Boiler System MODBQ.29/1 - 10Liquefied Petroleum Gas Installation MODBQ.30/1 - 9Fuel Supply System MODBQ.31/1 - 8Swimming Pool Water Treatment Installation MODBQ.32/1 - 16    Bill Nr. MODBQ.1DEMOLITIONS AND ALTERATIONSDEMOLITIONSDemolishing or taking down toground levelIndividual structuresA * x * x * high to parapet ; *storeys ; reinforced concreteframed building ; asdelineated on drawing nr. * ;shoring and scaffoldingitemB * x * x * high to ridge ; *storeys ; steel framedbuilding ; located at * ;materials remaining theproperty of Employer ; settingaside and storing materials onsite ; protecting ; shoringand scaffoldingitemAll structuresC * x * x * high ; * storeys ;reinforced concrete framedbuilding ; shoring andscaffoldingitemMODEL BILL OF DESCRIPTIONSASD STANDARD BILLS MODBQ.1/1To Collection $      DEMOLITIONS AND ALTERATIONSREMOVAL OF ASBESTOS-CONTAININGMATERIALSDesign, provision, installation,inspection, testing, supervision,monitoring, sampling,maintenance, cleaning up andsubsequent removal of the specialprecautionary measures ; asspecified in Appendix * for thecontrolled removal and disposalof asbestos-containing materials; as identified in drawing nr. *Decontamination facilitiesincluding three-chamber air lock,negative air pressure ventilationand air filtration system, airmonitoring and sampling andcomplete sealing of floor, walland ceilingA */FitemTemporary barriers and hoardingscompleted with warning signsB */FitemWaste disposal facilitiesincluding temporary containmentbarriersC */FitemRespirators and protectiveclothingD */FitemRemoval and disposal ofasbestos-containing materials ;as identified in drawing nr. *Corrugated cement sheetsE */F ; * m2itemHollow cement pipesF */F ; * m2itemMODEL BILL OF DESCRIPTIONSASD STANDARD BILLS MODBQ.1/2To Collection $  
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