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  No.Judul BukuNama Pengarang James Douglas4th EditionISBN: 978-1-4051-9761-8Michael E. Kalinski2nd EditionISBN-13: 978-0470556832Zongjin Li1st EditionISBN: 978-0-470-43743-8Darko Beg, Ulrike Kuhlmann, Laurence Davaine, Benjamin BraunISBN: 978-3-433-02980-0Sepani Senaratne, Martin SextonISBN: 978-1-4443-3515-6Brian CookeISBN: 978-1-4443-3668-9Marty D. Matlock, Robert A. MorganISBN: 978-0-470-34514-6Jerald L. Rounds, Robert O. Segner ISBN: 978-0-470-61496-9J. L. Meriam, L. G. Kraige7th EditionISBN : 978-0-470-61473-0Roy R. Craig, Andrew J. Kurdila2nd EditionISBN: 978-0-471-43044-5Ferdinand Beer, E. Russell Johnston, John T. Dewolf, David Mazurek ISBN-13: 978-0073380155Juan de Dios Ortuzar, Luis G. Willumsen4th EditionISBN: 978-0-470-76039-0Yves Mouton (Editor)ISBN: 978-1-84821-224-4Alan Hayward, Frank Weare, A. C. Oakhill2nd Edition14Steel Detailers' Manual, 2nd Edition13Organic Materials for Sustainable Civil Engineering12Modelling Transport, 4th Edition11Statics and Mechanics of Materials10Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics9Engineering Mechanics - Statics, 7th Edition8Construction Supervision7Ecological Engineering Design: Restoring and Conserving Ecosystem Services6Construction PracticeManaging Change in Construction Projects: A Knowledge-Based Approach4Design of Plated Structures: Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures, Part 1-5: Design of Plated Structures2 Soil Mechanics Lab Manual 1. Teknik Sipil 1 Building Surveys and Reports 3 Advanced Concrete Technology 5  ISBN: 978-1-4051-8000-9Klaus Idelberger, Linda Wilharm (Translator)ISBN: 978-3-433-02943-5Ovidiu Cretu, Robert B. Stewart, Terry BerendsISBN: 978-0-470-63538-4Hubert Bachmann, Alfred SteinleISBN: 978-3-433-02960-2Daniel W. Halpin, Bolivar A. Se4th EditionISBN : 978-0-470-50593-9Larry W. MaysISBN : 978-0-470-16987-2Ahmed Loukili (Editor)ISBN: 978-1-84821-290-9Emil Simiu2nd EditionISBN: 978-0-470-46492-2David J. Dowrick 2nd EditionISBN: 978-0-470-77815-9Donald F. Elger, Barbara C. Williams, Clayton T. Crowe, John A. Roberson10th EditionISBN: 978-1-118-31875-1C.A. Thoresen2nd EditionISBN: 9780727740861 Norman J. Ashford, Saleh Mumayiz, Paul H. WrightISBN: 978-1-118-00547-7Erwin Kreyszig10th EditionISBN : 978-0-470-64613-7Victor N. KaliakinISBN 9780824706791Mohamed A. El-ReedyISBN 9780123854759J. Zhao, J.N. Shirlaw, Krishnan R.ISBN 9789058091710Edited by Robert J.F. Goodfellow30Concrete for Underground Structures29Tunnels and Underground Structures: Proceedings Tunnels & Underground Structures, Singapore 200028Offshore Structures Design, Construction and Maintenance 27Introduction to Approximate Solution Techniques, Numerical Modeling, and Finite Element Methods26Advanced Engineering Mathematics, International Student Version25Airport Engineering: Planning, Design and Development of 21st Century Airports, 4th Edition24Port Designer's Handbook, 2nd edition23Engineering Fluid Mechanics, SI Version22Earthquake Resistant Design and Risk Reduction, 2nd Edition21Design of Buildings for Wind: A Guide for ASCE 7-10 Standard Users and Designers of Special Structures, 2nd Edition20Self Compacting Concrete19Ground and Surface Water Hydrology18Construction Management, International Student Version, 4th Edition17Precast Concrete Structures16Risk Management for Design and Construction15The World of Footbridges: From the Utilitarian to the Spectacular    Published by Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration - 2011Ben C. Gerwick Jr 3rd EditionISBN-13: 978-0849330520Braja M. Das (Author) 7th EditionISBN-13: 978-0495668107Munoz-Hernandez, German Ardul, Mansoor, Sa'ad Petrous, Jones, Dewi IeuanISBN 978-1-4471-2291-3Dominic Reeve, Andrew Chadwick, Christopher Fleming Publisher: CRC Press; 2 editionISBN-13: 978-0415583534W.M.C. McKenzie (Author) Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan; 2nd edition editionISBN-13: 978-0230217713Roger Greeno, Mr R. Chudley, Mr Mike Hurst, Mr Simon Topliss Publisher: Heinemann; 1 editionISBN-13: 978-04350468351Introduction To Aircraft Aeroelasticity And LoadsWright2Introduction To Uav Systems 4eFahlstrom3Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Testing, 3rd EditionBarlow4Understanding Aerodynamics - Arguing From The Real PhysicsMclean5Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Uavs Design, Development And DeploymentAustin6Car Suspension And Handling 4eBastow7Gears And Gear DrivesJelaska8Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Principles And Applications With Practical PerspectivesMi9Kinematic Geometry Of Gearing 2eDooner 10Suspension Geometry And ComputationDixon11The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systems And ProcessesOmar 12Vehicle Powertrain SystemMashadi13Beam Structures - Classical And Advanced TheoriesCarrera14Finite Element Methods For Flow ProblemsDonea15Hydrodynamics Of Free Surface Flows - Modelling With The Finite Element MethodHervouet36Advanced Construction Technology [Paperback] 35Design of Structural Elements [Paperback] 34Coastal Engineering: Processes, Theory and Design Practice [Paperback] 33Modelling and Controlling Hydropower Plants32Principles of Foundation Engineering [Hardcover]31Construction of Marine and Offshore Structures, Third Edition [Hardcover]  2. Teknik Mesin  16Multiscale Analysis Of Deformation And Failure Of MaterialsFan17Plates And Shells For Smart Structures - Classical And Advanced Theories For Modeling And AnalysisCarrera18The Tribology Of Internal Combustion EnginesPep19Theory And Design For Mechanical Measurements, Fifth Edition International Student VersionFigliola20Materials Under Extreme Loadings: Application To Penetration And ImpactBuzaud21Fundamentals Of TurbomachineryPeng22Incompressible Flow Third EditionPanton23A Guide To Writing As An Engineer 3eBeer 24Advanced Composites ManufacturingGutowski25Dynamics: Engineering Mechanics Second Edition Si VersionTongue26Introduction To Engineering, Modeling And Problem SolvingBrockman27Biomechanics And Motor Control Of Human Movement, Fourth EditionWinter 28Engineering Design Methods - Strategies For Product Design 4eCross Jumlah 110 Jalan Sukses Akbar Zainudin 2Akuntansi BiayaOny Widilestariningtyas; Dony Waluya Firdaus3Akuntansi Manajemen LingkunganArfan Ikhsan4Akuntansi Manajemen Perusahaan JasaArfan Ikhsan5Akuntansi Perusahaan Manufaktur Sigit Hermawan 6Algoritma Genetik Fadlisyah7Algoritma Optimasi Suyanto 8Aljabar Linear Setiadji9Aljabar Linear, Vektor dan Eksplorasinya dengan Maple Edisi 2 Kartono10Analisis dan Desain Berorientasi Servis Untuk Aplikasi Manajemen Proyek Riyanarto Sarno 11Analisis dan Desain Sistem InformasiAl-Bahra bin Ladjamudin12Analisis dan Desain Sistem Informasi: Pendekatan Terstruktur Teori dan Praktek Aplikasi Bisnis Jogiyanto H.M. 13Analisis dan Perancangan Fondasi 2Hary Christady Hardiyatmo14Analisis Ekonomi Teknik Robert J. Kodoatie 15Analisis Kelayakan Pabrik M. Sayuti 16Analisis Laporan Keuangan Toto Prihadi 17Analisis Statistika Deskriptif Menggunakan MATLABDeddy Barnabas Lasfeto, Oky Dwi Nurhayati18Anatomi & Fisiologi ManusiaSetiadi19Aplikasi Inventory Multi store Plus Management dengan JAVA Miftakhul Huda20Aplikasi Logika Fuzzy untuk Pendukung Keputusan Edisi 2Sri Kusumadewi, Hari Purnomo21Aplikasi Statistik Praktis dengan SPSS 10 for Windows (+CD)Syahri Alhusin22Aplikasi Statistika & Hitung Peluang Richard Lungan 3. Teknik Industri

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