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  NAME OF THE JOB.PREAMBLE TO BILL OF QUANTITIES 1.Rates for mobilization to the site includes mobilization all and every equipment, ancillaries and everything required for these works unless provided for elsewhere and including distance traveled and allowance for difficulties of access all and everything.2.Setting up at location includes provision of stable working platform or otherwise to suit the type of test this item applies to.Rate for boring and drilling includes provision of clean water or clean water with additives as approved by the S! and usage of compatible rods, core barrels and drill and core bits to suit the ground conditions and delivery of rock cores including core bo es.#.Rates for sampling includes proper packing, storage and delivery of samples$.Rates for undisturbed samples includes usage of proprietary sample tubes without burrs or seams and used without adapters, sealing, storage and safe delivery%.Standard &enetration test includes usage of proper rods, split spoon as per 'S((( , sample description in accordance with 'S((( and packing, storing and transporting.).Rate for vane test includes type of vane and equipment used to provide reliable test results.*.Setting up of +& or &iezeocone over soft ground or water includes for provision of suitable stable platform for the purpose  1  NAME OF THE JOB.   BILL OF QUANTITIES NO. 1 : PRELIMINARIESITEMDESCRIPTIONUNITQTYRATEAMOUNT(RM)(RM)1.0Prelii! rie# 1.1-llow for compliance with specifications and conditions of the contract.umpsum 1.2-llow for compliance with all other requirements under the contract.umpsum 1.-llow for provision of full time professional attendance on site for the duration of the site operations.umpsum 1.#-llow for provision of two /20 number copies of nterim actual Report.umpsum 1.$-llow for provision of si /%0 number copies of complete inal actual Report, one compiled and bound set of all raw field and aboratory sheets and one copy of factual Report in electronics format.umpsum1.%-llow for icensed Surveyor for setting up of all test locations and taking of levels.umpsum 1.)-llow for provision of photographs in electronic format as per this specifications.umpSum1.*&rovide additional copies of final factual report.3o.Rate !nly4 C rrie$ %& #' r 2  NAME OF THE JOB.BILL OF QUANTITIES NO.  : BORIN* AND CORIN*ITEMDESCRIPTIONUNITQTYRATEAMOUNT(RM)(RM).0B&ri!+ !$ C&ri!+  2.1'obilisation of 5oring &lants and all and every required ancillaries to complete works under this contract to the site including erecting the plants at the Fir#%  borehole location if necessary, staging on barges or any other means of supporting and stabilizing the boring plant above water level, erecting, dismantling and demobilization from the site after completion of works.ump Sum 2.1.1 6 tra over above for -ir7oam 8rilling &lant and -ncillaries.2.1.2 'oving the plant from each position to the ne t including, if necessary, dismantling and re4erecting on ground or on supports in tem 2.1 above, including the provision of any staging if necessary for test location on land.3o. 2.1.4 ditto 9 but for test location over water on very soft grounds requiring special staging. 2.1.#6 tra over for -ir7oam 8rilling &lant and -ncillaries .   B&ri!+ i! S&il  2.2.1 +arry out borings in soils as per Specification whether cased or uncased including the provision of :disturbed samples:, delivery to the testing laboratory, and as directed by S.!.;4 2.2.28epth from natural ground or water bed level not e ceeding 1<m.m 2.2.4 ditto 4 e ceeding 1< and not e ceeding 2<mm 2.2.#4 ditto 4 e ceeding 2<m and not e ceeding <mm 2.2.$4 ditto 4 e ceeding <m and not e ceeding #<mm 2.2.%4 ditto 4 e ceeding #<m m 2.2.) 6 tra over item 2..1 to 2..$ for where air foam is usedm+arried orward 3  NAME OF THE JOB.BILL OF QUANTITIES NO.  : BORIN* AND CORIN* (C&!%i!'e$)ITEMDESCRIPTIONUNITQTYRATEAMOUNT(RM)(RM) 5rought orward .,Drilli!+ i! R&-  2..1+arrying out coring to core size $2mm nominal diameter in rock including e traction of complete cores, core bo and delivery to the testing laboratory or to location specified by S.!. as per Specification;42..28epth from natural ground or water bed level not e ceeding 1<m.m 2..4 ditto 4 e ceeding 1< and not e ceeding 2<mm2..#4 ditto 4 e ceeding 2<m and not e ceeding <mm 2..$4 ditto 4 e ceeding <m and not e ceeding #<mm 2..%4 ditto 4 e ceeding #<m m2..)6 tra over item 2.%.1 to 2.%.$ where air foam is usedm ./Te#%Tri l Pi% 2.#.16 cavate trial7test pit in soil to depth not e ceeding 2m below ground level. Rate to include necessary timbering dewatering, and backfilling after e cavation. 8etail geological logging of pit face and base including provisionfor photograph3o. 2.#.24 ditto 9 but 2m and not e ceeding #m.3o. .H !$ A'+eri!+ 2.$.1 +arry out hand auger including the provision of collecting disturbed samples, depth from ground level to not e ceeding /n.e.0 .$mm2.$.2 4 ditto 9 but .$m to and not e ceeding )mm C rrie$ %& #' r 4
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