Brexit 2016

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  Brexit and fall out of European Union (EU). – Tropical analysis  The purpose of this article is two fold. Firstly to do a post-mortem analysisof the Britain’s exit and secondly what are the future events likelyfollowing the Brexit. Background of EU.  The EU formerly known as the European Economic !ommunity or!ommon arket is the largest and richest trading #loc in the history of theworld and current intentions are that it should slowly mature into apolitical federation. $t already ranks as a political confederation in whicheach mem#er has surrendered its sovereignty over certain importantaspects of policy. The EE! itself came into #eing as a result of the Treatyof %ome which was signed at &.'( pm on arch )* +,* in %ome. TheEE! came into existence at ((.(( hours on anuary + +,*/. The ma0ormove towards political union took place under the terms of the 1rst ma0orrenegotiation of the Treaty of %ome resulting in the Treaty of aastricht. The treaty was agreed at a#out +.(( am on 2ecem#er ++ +,,+ in aastricht and signed at a#out *.'( pm 3 T Fe#ruary  +,,). The Treaty was rati1ed 4a few minutes after three o’clock5 in the afternoon on6ugust ) +,,' came into e7ect under the terms of the 8ingle European6ct at ((.(( hours on anuary + +,,' 9++.(( pm 3 T 2ecem#er '++,,): Brussels. The chart for the EU is set for the formal an constitutionalinauguration of the Union ((.(( hours ;ovem#er + +,,' BruxellsBelgium. The mem#ers of the EE!<EU and the dates when they 0oined are=Belgium France $taly >uxem#ourg ;etherlands ?est 3ermany all on anuary + +,*/= 2enmark Eire United @ingdom on anuary + +,'=3reece on anuary + +,/+= Aortugal 8pain on anuary + +,/&= East3ermany on cto#er ' +,,(= and 6ustria Finland and 8weden on anuary+ +,,*. The most su#stantial enlargement in the EU took place on ay +)((C. The following countries 0oined like !yprus the !Dech %epu#licEstonia ungary >atvia >ithuania alta Aoland 8lovakia and 8lovenia. The cele#rations were held at each capital city at midnight. The singleocial ceremony took place in 2u#lin. The EU% the single currencyassumed a legal existence at ((.(+ hours on anuary + +,,,. The following is the tropical chart for EU.   Gou all are aware of the developments on une )' )(+& where there was areferendum #y the U@ whether Britain should exit EU or not. The pollingwas conducted across '/) location in U@ at .(( am and ended at +(.((pm. The counting #egan at .(( on une )C )(+& and results were  announced that the polling was in favour of Britain’s Exit from the EU. Thisevent shook all the markets around the world. The exit of Britain $ wouldis 0ust a #eginning of #reak-up of EU. There are many corporates in theworld which has tremendous exposure in Euros and these companies arevery vulnera#le in the future. >et us see what are the future rami1cationsof Britain’s exit from EU. From astrological point of view the main houses that gets impacted insuch an event. These are the ascendant ascendant lord planets in theascendant +( th  house 9meridian cusp: +( th  lord and planets in the +( th house. The +( th  house is the governing #ody and ascendant is the EUitself. Further in any chart oon should #e free from aHiction #y male1c. $n the chart given the ascendant rising is + deg ) of >eo. oon is in the+( th  house 9at )C deg )( Taurus: under multiple aHiction from ars 9)Cdeg ( 8corpio: in opposition 8Iuare to 8aturn 9at )' deg ', 6Iuarius:from the  th  house 9of allies in this case Britain or any other mem#er: andopposition to Aluto 9at )C deg C& 8corpio: in 8corpio.  The ascendant at + deg ) at >eo is under severe aHiction from ;eptune9+/ deg ', !apricorn: in Juincuncx and erschel 9at +/ deg C'!apricorn: also in Juincuncx. The ascendant lord 8un 9/ deg ') 8corpio:is in opposition to +( th  house cusp at () deg (+ Taurus. This oppositionmeans the mem#ers 9represented #y the ascendant: will oppose thegoverning #ody 9+( th  cusp:. The +( th  house at () deg (+ of Taurus whose lord is Kenus is also undersevere aHiction #y erschel 9at +/ deg C' !apricorn: is sIuare ;eptune9at +/ deg ', !apricorn: is also sIuare and %ahu<;orth node 9at C deg )(8agittarius: is semi-sIuare.  The a#ove are the promises that are depicted in the formation chart of EU.;ow that Iuestion is when will the a#ove male1c con1gurations come intoe7ect. The male1c con1gurations are !on0unction with male1c 8emi-sIuare 9C* deg: 8Iuare 9,( deg: 8esIuiIuadrate 9+'* deg: Juincunx9+*( deg: and pposition 9+/( deg:. !on1gurations are geometricaldistance in degrees #etween any two planets. $t could #e #etween natal tonatal progressed to natal or transit to natal. The answer is this will comeinto e7ect when the progressed planets 9$ don’t want to explain what isprogression here as you are supposed to know and if you do not knowplease get to know it: forms similar male1c con1gurations to natalpositions 9like ascendant ascendant lord planets in the ascendant +( th house +( th  lord and planets in the +( th  house:. 8imultaneously the transit  planets 9i.eL as on une )' )(+&: also form male1c con1gurations to natalpositions 9like ascendant ascendant lord planets in the ascendant +( th house +( th  lord and planets in the +( th  house:. The following is the aspects formed by progressed planets tonatal planets.
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