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  1.Pay membership fee2.Countries vote on law3.Citizen of member = citizen of EU -> live, work, retired in any EU countries *Iceland, Norway, Liechenstein not EU but EEA (European Economic Area:people move freely)*Switz: not EU but Schengen Area (no strict border control)*UK, Denmark,Sweden,...: is EU but not Eurozone(use Euro currency) What is EU, EEA, Schengen, Eurozone  1.World War II end: Exhausted and people want peace esp Germany and France2.1951: Established ECSC: Free trade of Coal, Steel, Iron (6 countries: Germany, France, Holland, Italy..)3.1957: Going well -> Established EEC (prevent war, strengthen economic bonds [travel-live-work, other goods other than coal and steel]a.1970-1980: More countries joined, 1973: UK joins the EU, Norway applied but withdrew after ‘NO’ referendumb.1986: UK stronger bond, but not everyone happy cause EU meddling too much UK affair 4.1993: Established EU (by Maastricht treaty: more cooperation ex defence and justice, closer economy); works like USAa.2002: Euro was born (12 EU countries except UK, Denmark, Sweden) b.2004: More countries joined esp Ex of Soviet Union (still debates within countries between plus or minus)c.2008: Financial crisis, ECB fail, wealthy countries (like UK worried that they have to bail out poor countries)d.2014: in UK, foreigners number have doubled since 1994 (from 2004 new poor countries and 2008 crisis countries)e.2015: in UK, immigration/race issue is the main 5.2016: UK leave EU History of EU (Econ-Political Union of 28 countries) What if each country had the same rules? What if all the barriers came down? Goal: Efficiency, boost trades, create jobs and lower prices Critics say it generates too many petty regulations and robs members of control over their own affairs.Mass migration from poorer to richer countries has also raised questions about the free movement rule Leave:Britain was being held back by EU (too many rules)High membership fee  with little returnFull control of border Bad idea of United States of EuropeRemain:We can change termsHigh return of economic boostImmigrants are young thus can fuels economic growthWeaker Britain negotiating power   when aloneBad for business owner
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