Brexit and Immigration solutions by Pericles and Socrates

If you don't know what the Socratic-Aristotelian-Platonic organ is, you can't rectify Greek or Latin. If you can't rectify Greek, you can't fall moonstruck by the Socratic definition of «refugees». Nor moonstruck by the Pericles
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    Brexit and Immigration solutions by Pericles and Socrates  Who judges if referendums are part of democracy? Pericles  . Who arbitrates refugees? Socratesby philosopher Demotheo, in faceboo Demosthenis !heotistu   "bstractIf you don#t no$ $hat the Socratic%"ristotelian%Platonic organ is, you can#t rectify &ree or 'atin. If you can#t rectify &ree, you can#t fall moonstruc by the Socratic definition of ( refugees ) . *or moonstruc by the Pericles definition of ( democracy ) . If you o+erloo $hat Pericles says on people%po$er- ( democracy )  in &ree, $ho says people#s po$er includes referendums? or an exhausting ans$er, introducing the unno$n to &ree 'atin humanities, method of top secret encryption, go to the full article Relearn Ancient Greek Zero. The Cybernetics of extraordinary bibliography. With the Trojan Horse . /r see the last01 page of that article no$ direct. !o Brexit and immigration problems ans$er instantly.    elearn   3 !hucydides4 Brexit  5  !he 'ea+e%campaign from 67, at pre%referendum stage, promised Brexit di+orce. 2elyingon a politics habit. 2outine. In pre%election campaigns8 Prettify. 6+ery ballot result sur+i+esindisputable in spite of pre%election prettified promises. rom candidates competing for go+ernment only. 9andidates, $ith of course, a body. !racable. By the #people# ( demo ) . "s far bac as the body#s 9: birth certificate. By Brexit referendum, $as any body electedby the people to go+ern? *o body. /nly spirit. Does #people%po$er# ( demo%cracy )  includethe right of people to elect spirits? !heresa ;ay <=%>0%<>0= taes yes for granted. !hathonouring the +ote of our fello$ citiens and complete the democratic process@ includesreferendums. Stay $ith one I no$ that I no$ nothing. Benefits British parliament#s bestintentions. !o in+ite dead spirits. Sa+iours, of dear 6uropean +alues.    Auestion8 ocus on $hich democracy the majority is capable to # +ote for# (called)C   *ame eternal   into fe$ people#s works 0  in the majority to appropriate the familiar  democracy 3+ote forE4 called  3E+ote for4... works honoured self-evident goodsF Pericles 2 Italics means ℛ ectified. 6xhausting oursel+es to substantiate more trojan horses is no more the essence. Wherethe Pope cannot judge &alileo, Ging Da+id can. Where ;ay cannot, Pericles can. 1     /rgan of line 0 is ,works,  !his $ord o+erlaps left into fe$ people#s works  for the majorityF as $ell. Ho$ to read the organ of line <a ,called,  +ote forC !his $ord o+erlaps left the majority appropriate the familiar democracy ,vote for, .. works honored! right   also /rgan of line <b is honoured self-evident    o+erlaps left < $ors honoured self-evident   goods > right 2  6pitaph BJ KLMNO Q R NTUVN RXV R QTRUNM NUYRUM, Z[ONYX\U YRYT[\U,... "#$% %&'()%*+,   V]^  < /n the ℛ ectified      6pitaph BJ definition   of democracy. • /n the first hand the fe$ +ote #*ame eternal-       in the spirit of "ristotle for the ( sal+ationof eleentary truth and tax    familiarity annul failiargranted    )  footnote in 2elearn    magis*e$ton ratioC  /n the other hand the amicus majority, tongue ties to eat ratio to eatfamiliar goods. " referendum seeing for the majority to trac an honoured self%e+ident spirit, is lie the prime minister asing from a hungry _ames Bond to arrestthe bodyless specter. " < nd  ` rd  ..0< th  referendum may narro$ closer to relearn Pericles • Why 67 2emainers campaigned on money, omitting security. !o$ard #the trouble#? "s is called in 7G the I2"#s unspoen 9:. With birth certificate centuries%old blood%bathed. " trouble out of 7G after became member of 67. !he crucial accusationagainst beautifying Brexit today turns out only this 9: 'eft unspoen. Sin. :enialfor the Brexiteer or 2emainer alie. Bullied ungymed `  hades fears to #Gno$ !hyself#.Worse for philosophers $ho disrespect the founders of their ci+ilisations •  " *apolitano isn#t offended if carabinieri from ;ilan impose justice by shootingmafiosos off to pre+ent bloodshed in *aples and in Sicily. Why 'ondoners and*.Irish be offended by 6uropean 9ourt of _ustice imposing justice to pre+ent I2"bloodshed in 'ondon in *. and in S.Ireland?9onclusion for any referendum. or its deadloc. !he only responsible is ignorance of democracy. or its fashion. It, lie any fashion, $ill $ear out. 2eplaced by reason. 2allies,$eb signatures and regular elections. !heresa ;ay#s other Brexit reuest besides #end to 6uropean 9ourt of _ustice#. Is #an end to free mo+ement# across 67. 0 million out of < million refugees from "sia to 67immigrated after open in+itation from "ngela ;erel.   #"sed about more than <>> arsonattacs against homes for asylum%seeers seen in &ermany this year, ;erel said on 0 "ugust <>0 that the actions $ere un$orthy of our country@  . !his statement iced%off the6uropean far right. With ;erel slaughtered. Pre+entable, $ith Socratic arbitrationbet$een &ermany ill 6ngland and 6ngland ill &ermany. !o support Da+id 9ameron#smoderate early protest. "gainst the unno$n enemy xE#more and more# refugees.    elearn Socrates refugees  5     D.9ameron   < Sept <>0 !he &uardian C   trouble I don#t thin there is an ans$er that can beachie+ed simply by taing   more and more refugees@  " meaning unused becomes negati+ely charged  refugees  5    › I don#t thin there is an ans$ taing more and more thrifty $ith  Greece hardwork!   ℛ ectified   x › co    ›  thrifty $ith  Greece hardwork more and more   /0123405678   # 099:8 ;6535  <    x   moonstruc:ary8 thrifty $ith Gerany    hard work more and more moonstruc. Harder $ith =ritain  and >taly  , harder $ith Hngary   etc. 6urope#s no$n enemy trouble shot. Where ;erel9ameron cannot, Socrates can. 3 E #un%naed# from &ree #naed# (gymn) "ll school gymnasiumC ids must be trained in public naed. !o strip darness of human complexes. Both body and soul learningC Same as adult athletes. *aed participate in +arious games Pythian, /lympic etc. 4 https8<> 5 /ut of un r ectified   co  #them $ith each other#  Lk #  horse fast food   Plato ?haedo  Ja 6 !his far left%right catch$ord $as gifted to "thenians by Socrates in jail. e$ days before his death. `==B9. !hree years after the end of a `> years $ar. 6nding $ith "thens occupied by the in+incible for centuries 'eonidas case not countedC Spartan army. "nybody $ould expect Sparta no$ to culminate. 9ontrary to de+astated "thens in+aded further by refugees. !he re+erse too place. History#s first and last succession of mighty philosophers Socrates Plato "ristotle "lexander the &reat, had just da$ned
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